iPhone/Android App Suggestion for Paragon

This just kinda came to my mind but, I think it would be a great idea for them to design a app that links to your profile. You would have the option to look at all your heores, stats, replays, and live battles. This would help players learn the game faster and possibly view it anywhere they have access to internet.

Just a idea,


I think there will be an app created by community for this. Epic said they are going to provide API for the community so I’m already seeing such app coming. In fact I was recently contacted by a person planning to develop an app for Paragon and he was asking about linking that app to this guides website… so more to come.

@George, Great to hear man! I hope this website gets big and many people start contributing. But since I have you here, are there any possible staff openings for this forum? If so let me know. I’m very interested.

@SmokeyJay, we are not announcing any openings yet but we are open to any contribution from community. So I appreciate your interest and would like to ask what areas you feel the most interest in helping with? Our main focus now is content creation (Guides, Heroes descriptions, Tips, Comments handling) and some primary functionality like mostly rely on coding (CMS Drupal, PHP). We also look for good designers for future UI upgrades to make website more readable and cleaner.

@George, Thanks for the quick feedback. I’m more focused on just helping the community. For example, moderating forum posts for spam, etc. I’m currently working on making vids for my new YT channel as well as steaming. So I might be able to get this community more popular over time. In the mean time I’m just focusing on posting more guides and telling my friends 🙂

@SmokeyJay, Sounds good.

Take a look at your Recent Activity page. You should now see a new tab for unapproved comments from not registered users. Feel free to approve when you see new postings there. I would not expect much work here since we have some protection from bots.

More moderation tools will come later.

@George, Awesome bro! Does everyone have this function? Or just certain people? Also, may I suggest a Signature option on the personal profile tabs?

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