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Question on future of the 'Watch' mechanic

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I was just wondering if you intended for the live games in the spectator mode to be behind time. I have tried to use this to watch my friends play live although it seems that it always is at least 4 minutes behind the actual game. Are you going to change this and make it live?

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@McTravisSnipes, I don't know about Epic's plan on this. MY personal opinion that this won't be their top priority thing if ever would be. Watching matches live will result in abuses.

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Very true. My friends and I thought that this could probably be exploited, however, it is a minor annoyance that the delay exists and when you are talking to the people playing...

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Typically, spectators have a delay to stop people from getting their friends to spectate and relay information that would otherwise be inaccessible to them, like the positions of the enemy team.

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