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Coming heroes data-minings in .39

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The update .39 rolled out today Apr-04 is not only about adding Morigesh. I took a look at the game files and found a lot of interesting stuff for speculations. First of all it's new Paragon Heroes code-names. And what is more some updates hinting on some coming heroes abilities. Here is the rundown:

  • Patton - has just basic abilities stubs. Nothing interesting.
  • Medic - that is much more interesting. Medic has some information on Primary and Secondary abilities that I treat like a hint on Healing and Buffing Hero. See more.
  • Hydro - has no abilities stubs at all. Just a new code-name.
  • Phase - .39 update added some new tags to the Ultimate. I assume he's going to be a Hero stacking buffs and here is the whole story.
  • Wukong - interesting information about all abilities. Levitation is here :)

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