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New Map is Coming Soon

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Yes that's correct. Paragon development team has just announced big changes to the battlefield of Agora. The change coming is a response to that pretty well-known issue of an average match length and its unpredictability.

So what's exactly is going to happen

  1. Travel Mode (TM) is goint to be completely removed (as it was announced long ago in the beginning of Jun)
  2. Agora battlefield will become significantly smaller to accommodate to that change. The Jungle will take relatively bigger part of the map.
  3. More buffs will be added
  4. Jungle-to-lane and lane-to-jungle vision will be adjusted making Wards even more important.
  5. Prime Guardian placement will change
  6. There will be a river across Agora

Note those are just work-in-progress details shared by some community members invited to Epic HQ for a short preview. Things may change upon release.

Would you like to know more?

  1. Official announcement @ Paragon Blog.
  2. BeanHead09 and RGSACE videos below.

New Map Preview by BeanHead09

New Map Preview by RGSACE

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