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Paragon Patch Notes 30.2

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Here is a short description of what is going to be changed with rolling out the .30.2 patch for Paragon MOBA. See previous release notes here.

    1. None
  2. AGORA
    1. Death Timer Changes
      - Death timer cap increased from 90 seconds to 105 seconds.
      - Respawn delay increased from 3.8 seconds to 4.1 seconds.
  3. CARDS
    1. New Epic Rare Cards Released
      Lazarus Key Lazarus Key Thunder Cleaver Tele-Blink Blight Bones Blinkshot Pain-Eater Scarab Claws Stab Link
    2. Weekly Card Pack
      Hunter's Drink Armavore Radiant Mantle
  4. HUD & UI

    1. Solo vs. AI no longer shows an AFK warning.

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