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Paragon Patch Notes 32.1

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Here is a short description of what is going to be changed with rolling out the .32.1 patch for Paragon MOBA. See previous release notes here.


  1. Kwang released
  2. Reduced HP on Tier 2 towers, inhibitors and cores.


No changes


  1. Match Time Improvement Initiative
    • Reduced T2 Tower Health from 3500 to 2500.
    • Reduced Inhibitor Health from 3500 to 2500.
    • Reduced Core Health from 6300 to 4500.


No changes


  1. Amber collection audio should no longer overlap.
  2. Announcer now correctly announces Quadra and Pentakills. (Get the recognition you’ve earned!)


  1. Weekly Card Pack
    Oasis Key Tele-Blink Chrono-vore


  1. Hero ability HUD status effect display icon consistency:
    • Shield icon added to Heroes with shield ability.
    • Movespeed added to Kallari.
    • Health Regen added to Rampage.
    • Attack Speed added to Twinblast.
  2. Surrender Menu
    • Created a surrender menu that has options for the reason why you’re surrendering.
  3. Play Screen Updates:
    • Added a warning for new players.
    • Added a warning for no rewards to due to level.
    • Added a warning for recently abandoned.
    • Game type selection buttons now update a subtitle area if you have boosts active, if you get no rewards or boosts are inactive.
  4. Grammatical fixes for loading tips.
  5. Changed formatting of in-game ability tips to bulleted lists.


  1. Lifesteal numbers now correctly pop for melee heroes.


  1. Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Fixed a bug associated Rampage’s Enraged cooldown.

Feng Mao

  1. Polish & Bug Fixing

Lt. Belica

  1. Polish & Bug Fixing
    • Tooltip Fix.


  1. Shield Slam
    • Yell added to ability.
  2. Polish & Bug Fixing


  1. Added Silver Ghost skin for purchase to in-game store.



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Oh come on guys lowering the health of the towers makes the game suck not faster. There are so many things that needs to be improved; heros aside creeps are way to strong. Some heros such as grux can shred through creeps however many cannot and pushing waves are increcibly slow, not to mention its somewhat brocken that creeps can solo your incubator and core, like that's WAY to strong for simple minions whether they're super or not. Secondly the towers are too weak not to mention you just made them weaker, many heros can solo take towers in seconds. Maybe if they were T1 but not incubators and the core! The core also has to be stronger. whether it be towers around it or not, the pulse attack of the core does virtually nothing, giving the losing team virtually no comeback mechanic which is pretty dumb. However all these things aside there is one thing that you must add no matter what: INGAME VOICECHAT. please for the love of god add this, this isn't a game where you can just stop and type, even doing commands are a distraction. I'm used to playing mobas such as dota where communication like paragon is key and it is so frustrating to not be able to communicate as effectively as possible with my teammates to win.

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I agree with the post above to a degree. In theory, all creepwaves should stagnate against one another or drift towards the midway point when there is no hero adding in extra damage, orb prime is not in play, and there either is an incubator on both ends of the lane or it has been destroyed on both ends of the lane. This is not what happens in Paragon. In Paragon, the creeps can radically push all the way to a tower all on their own and, if you aren't there to help your creeps out, this can be very random. This, coupled with the fact that creeps are ridiculously strong, means that letting 2-3 waves just randomly push straight through your own minions means you lose a tower without the enemy heroes' involvement. I've lost games entirely due to the fact that my incompetent teammates ignored a single creepwave for 30 seconds while they wrecked our core harder than any enemy hero could, while I was handling another lane or dead. Let's be honest; if your opponent is 2 incubators ahead of you, the game starts to play like a zombie survival game and not like a MOBA. You lose most opportunity to focus on anything because you simply can't ignore even one lane anymore - not because the enemy might split push, but because the already overpowered creeps just got stronger and now they could potentially overpower one of your heroes unless you send your physical carry to clear them, which in turn is a huge detriment to the rest of the group. Voice communication is also vital in MOBAs.

However, I do have to disagree on Grux. Some heroes just have more wave-clear than others, just like some heroes have more crowd control, more ganking prowess, etc.

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