Gideon Build and Deck Guide

Gideon Build and Deck Guide

This is a community-driven one-for-all Gideon build guide. You are welcome to update it if you see any aspect of his gameplay is missed. All updates are moderated.

Last updated on Jul-02: More details about abilities. Clean-up.

Table of Contents

  1. TL;DR
  2. Overview
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
  3. Abilities Analysis
  4. Deck Considerations
  5. Deck Build #1 (Blink + Divine Shield)
  6. Deck Build #2
  7. Deck Build #3 (CDR + Mana Regen)
  8. Deck Build #4 (Pusher)
  9. Gameplay
    1. Early Game
    2. Mid Game
    3. Late Game
    4. Tips and Tricks
  10. Heroes Synergy
  11. Updates History

TL;DR on Gideon

Gideon is high mobility caster adept in wave clearing and burst damage. Using his abilities, Gideon can control fights and be a dominant threat with or without a team.

Focus on buying cards that increase your Power and Mana.

Cosmic Rift is Gideon's main source of damage. Gideon opens a rift in space and drops a meteor that deals damage in an area.

Burden will slow the enemy down ensuring you land Cosmic Rift.

Gideon's Ultimate, Black Hole, deals large amounts of damage and pulls enemies toward him.

Torn Space will allow you to teleport to get in and position yourself to hit as many enemies as possible. Late game, use Cosmic Rift to aggressively push down lanes. Look for opportunities to gank the enemy team with Torn Space and combo Black Hole with allied abilities for Ultimate destruction.

Lore of Gideon

  • Believes limits are for the meek.
  • On his sixth birthday, witnessed the death of a star. Fell in love.
  • Dekker suspects "Gideon" is not his true name.

Gideon Overview

Gideon's Strengths

  1. Awesome wave clear
  2. High burst potential
  3. Good escape abilities

Gideon's Weaknesses

  1. Vulnerable to CC
  2. Squishy

Gideon's Abilities Analysis

- Portal Blast (Basic Attack)

Gideon Portal Blast guide

Ranged basic attack dealing Basic Damage.

  • Base damage is 53 and increases by 1.6 each Hero level up to 75.4 at level 15.
  • Attack speed remains flat with Hero level.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 30%.

An important note for laning with Gideon (read more about laning): his basic attack has one of the longest wind-up animations in Paragon. It means that there is a noticeable delay between you pressing a button and Gideon hitting his target. You need to consider that when landing your killing blows on minions.

- Burden (Alternate Ability)

Gideon Burden guide

Projectile that creates a tether to an enemy hero dealing Ability Damage in four ticks while applying Slow over 3 seconds, as long as line of sight is maintained.

  • Base damage is 21.25 and increases by 12.5 each ability level up to 58.75 at level 4.
  • Ability duration remains constant 3 seconds at all ability levels.
  • Base slow effect is 150 and increases by 50 each ability level up to 300 at level 4.
  • Base cost is 80 Mana and increases by 10 each ability level up to 110 Mana at level 4.
  • Cooldown remains constant 10 seconds at all ability levels.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 93.75%.

Burden is a cast projectile-based ability with aiming mode. It is a lock-on spell, but it can be used even if there is no enemy in the reticle. It means two things.

  1. Number one, you can miss it.
  2. And number two, you can pre-cast it if you see your opponent is about to become visible to you. Let's say you see them running at you from behind a corner.

Using the ability. Burden does not deal much damage and its purpose is slightly different. The main goal of using Burden is to slow your target down and limit their movements. This will help you to land a perfect Cosmic Rift, prevent your prey from escaping, or get some extra seconds to run away.

Projectile. Since Burden is a projectile you need to aim carefully if your target is moving. The most reliable way is to catch a moment when your opponent is standing still, or moving directly at, or from you. Remember that barriers like Steel's Bulwark, Dekker's Containment Fence, or Yin's Quelling Gale will block Burden.

- Cosmic Rift (Primary Ability)

Gideon Cosmic Rift guide

Gideon opens a Cosmic Rift over the battlefield, dropping a meteor at the target location and dealing Ability Damage in AoE.

  • Base damage is 100 and increases by 60 each ability level up to 280 at level 4.
  • Base cost is 100 Mana and increases by 15 each ability level up to 145 Mana at level 4.
  • Cooldown remains constant 8 seconds at all ability levels.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 125%.

Cosmic Rift is a long-ranged AoE cast ability with a medium wind-up and aiming phase before execution.

Mastery. Cosmic Rift requires execution mastery. Due to a wind-up delay between triggering the ability and applying damage you need to track your target or targets. If timed incorrectly your enemy can simply dodge it. On the other hand in narrow map points or during skirmishes Gideon may have a lot of opportunities to hit more than one enemy multiplying impact of this ability. Use Burden to slow your enemy and ensure landing a perfect Cosmic Rift.

Damage. Damage output is absolutely identical to what Howitzer delivers with his R2000 Missile, what Gadget can do with her Sticky Mine or The Fey with her Untamed Growth. Range is also the same. The only difference is that Cosmic Rift can't be blocked or let's say reflected by Yin with her Backlash.

Using the ability. Cosmic Rift is the main damage dealing ability Gideon has. Good for bursting down enemies and clearing minion waves in a blink of an eye. In addition to that you can force your enemy to re-position by simply pretending to land Cosmic Rift but not actually doing so. This is because when you enter a Cosmic Rift aiming mode it is visible to your enemy. They will have to double their attention and probably pull back.

- Torn Space (Secondary Ability)

Gideon Torn Space guide

Gideon opens a portal, allowing him to quickly teleport away. Friendly heroes can follow him through the portal by jumping into it.

  • Base teleport range is 850 and increases by 50 each ability level up to 1000 at level 4.
  • Cost remains constant 55 Mana at all ability levels.
  • Cooldown remains constant 12 seconds at all ability levels.

Very versatile ability. Obviously it works as an escape ability and can be used as means of chasing someone down as well. In this regard Torn Space is pretty much the same as Feng Mao's Reaping Dash. Torn Space is a great tool for juking especially when used right in the middle of a jump and onto a ledge.

Another usage is to get safe altitude prior to executing the Black Hole.

And lastly "Friendly heroes can follow him through the portal by jumping into it". Again:

Friendly heroes can follow him through the portal by jumping into it.

This feature can be vital for your entire team not only yourself alone. Torn Space is a great counter to Dekker's Containment Fence and enemy Gideon's Black Hole. You can use this ability to get out of enemy range and get your allies with you. You may need to get into range for the sake of saving your teammates.

It appears that Gideon remains vulnerable to incoming damage at the starting point of teleport until it finishes. See how Khaimera was able to last hit Gideon during Torn Space animation:

- Black Hole (Ultimate Ability)

Gideon Black Hole guide

Gideon rises up, creating a black hole that slowly moves enemies towards it, dealing Ability Damage over 3.5 seconds. This is a channeled ability, which means it can be interrupted by Hard Crowd Control (Stuns, Pulls, etc.).

  • Base damage is 320 and increases by 190 each ability level up to 700 at level 3.
  • Base cost is 125 Mana and increases by 50 each ability level up to 225 Mana at level 3.
  • Base cooldown is 110 seconds and decreases by 20 each ability level down to 70 seconds at level 3.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 312.5%.

Black Hole is a high impacting channel ability with no wind-up. It does not require confirmation by pressing a basic attack button and starts execution right upon you hitting the ability key.

Almost always this ultimate is executed after Gideon uses Torn Space to get on top of the battlefield. It is important to be high enough to minimize incoming damage from melee heroes. but remember that the range of Black Hole is a sphere and the higher you get the lower damage range you have on the ground. Black Hole damaging area is a cylinder so it does not matter how high are you above the surface.

Always watch out for opponents with Crowd Control abilities like Dekker, Rampage, the The Fey and so on. Their Stasis Bomb, Boulder Throw or Fly Trap will render you helpless and completely deny your ultimate. Grux and Howitzer can also interrupt your Black Hole if you are executing it on the ground.

Gideon's Deck Considerations

Core Cards for Gideon

Tainted Magick - Combined with your Ultimate Black Hole this card will significantly boost damage.

Adamant Edge - a common throw-away card for early and mid game. Equipped with minor Power or Health Cards will boost your damage and sustain until transition to the late game.

Divine Shield - will help you mitigate hard CC compositions in enemy team and especially will protect you while executing your Ultimate. With this card active they will have to have two Stuns ready to interrupt your Black Hole.

Gideon Deck Build #1 (Blink + Divine Shield)

This Gideon deck tries to mitigate his weaknesses the main of which is his vulnerability to Stun while executing his Ultimate. Next goal is to empower Gideon's strengths. Blink.


Deck Stats

Gideon Divine Blink deck stats

Cards Used

Sage's Ward Health Potion Adamant Edge Tele-Blink Divine Shield Shadow Scroll

Explore this Deck

Gideon Deck Build #2

A simple and straightforward deck with an early Tainted Magick.


Deck Stats

 deck stats

Cards Used

Health Potion Mana Potion Cast Token Tainted Magick Scout's Ward Magus' Ward Solaris Reactor Adamant Edge Fountain Spike Amp Crystal Eldermage Amulet

Explore this Deck

Gideon Deck Build #3 (CDR + Mana Regen)

This deck provides decent amount of damage along with Cooldown reduction and Mana regeneration so that Gideon is able to use his abilities more often.


Deck Stats

 deck stats

Cards Used

Health Potion Mana Potion Chrono-Tonic Sorcerer's Ward Solaris Reactor Tainted Magick Eldermage Amulet Adamant Edge Chrono-Mancer Disc Shadow Scroll

Explore this Deck

Gideon Deck Build #4 (Pusher)

No HP and no Pen to sustain real intense team-fight but enough damage and mana to push lanes effectively and quickly.

Starting Cards

Health Potion Mana Potion Cast Token

Final Cards

Amp CrystalMajor Cast Advanced Mana Major Cast

Amp CrystalMajor Cast Advanced Mana Major Cast

Amp CrystalMinor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

Magus' WardMajor Cast Advanced Mana Major Cast

Staff of AdamantMinor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

Staff of AdamantMinor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

Gameplay with Gideon

Early Game

Gideon's staring position is at Mid Lane. Control minion waves to freeze then around the river and try to keep your mana pool high enough for a couple of Cosmic Rifts. This will allow you to perform a quick wave clear which in turn will give you time to move to either lane for a gank.

Control at least one River Buff and try to either harass your opponent from the distance when they are taking the Buff or organize a lane push to make their absence in the Mid Lane more dangerous. Remember that you can steal a River Buff with your Rift from the distance. To make this happen wait for your opponent to land the first hit at the River minion and execute your meteor right after that.

Mid Game

Keep controlling the Mid Lane and keep watching for ganks with your team. Especially if you get the River Buff with invisibility. Make sure you always clean enemy wards placed near mid lane. Of course do this carefully and remember that you can always get away from the river using your Torn Space onto a ledge.

Hopefully the Mid Lane enemy Tower is destroyed earlier than yours. As soon as it happens you may live the middle more often and for longer period of time since you now able to push middle waves further than the 1st tier tower. Turn this into your advantage on other lanes.

Late Game

Continue with controlling the Mid Lane going left and right when needed. Still do wave clearing to keep pressure on the T2 middle tower or an Inhibitor. It is OK to do enemy jungle camps but carefully. All the same objectives from the Mid Game still remain.

When going in for a team-fight make sure your opponents have used their CC abilities. When fighting in the Jungle try to get a point close to a wall to limit angles you can be hit from with a crowd control ability.

Again, never ever start a fight with your Ultimate especially having at least one opponent with CC abilities.

Tips and Tricks with Gideon

  • Coming soon

Heroes Synergy

Gideon and Steel

Slam the Hole

Steel can protect Gideon sitting on his Black Hole by using his Shield Slam at the same time knocking up enemies and making them unable to CC. Additionally putting a Force Shield between the Rift Mage and enemies will protect him from any CC projectiles like Stasis Bomb or Boulder Throw.

Gideon Updates

v41.0 (Jun-27 2017)

Black Hole

  • Initial pull removed
  • Steady pull increased (300 → 450 units every .35 seconds)
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