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TL;DR on GRIM.exe

GRIM.exe is a ranger built to control the battlefield and neutralize enemies. His array of abilities reward precision play and allow him to lock down and destroy high-value targets.

Focus on buying cards that increase your Power and Critical Strike Chance.

GRIM.exe has a ton of utility built in to his kit. “Displacement Blast” fires an energy ball that knocks enemies away from the explosion. Use this to displace your targets or to knock away incoming threats.

Deflector Shield” will emit a bubble that absorbs an incoming spell. When timed correctly, this ability can get you out of bad situations, even enemy ultimates.

Suppression Mode” will cause enemies you hit to be slowed. This is a powerful tool that allows you to stick to targets. It can even be used to slow incoming threats.

And finally GRIM.exe’s ultimate “Gyro Targeted Force Orb” or “G.T.F.O” will fire a long range homing bolt that will track down it’s target, wherever they go.

When playing GRIM.exe, you decide when it’s time to fight. Use your abilities to dismantle enemy engagements, slow down targets and displace enemy damage dealers. Once you spot your victim, use “G.T.F.O” to vaporize your target.

Lore of GRIM.exe

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GRIM.exe Overview

GRIM.exe’s Strengths

  1. Damage output
  2. Homing ultimate that can be denied in only exceptional cases.
  3. Battlefield control

GRIM.exe’s Weaknesses

  1. High skill cap hero.
  2. No escape (though has some denial tools with Deflector Shield)
  3. Unreliable peeling tool.

GRIM.exe’s Abilities Analysis

 – Pulse Cannon (Basic Attack)

GRIM.exe fires blasts from his ranged Pulse Cannon.

  • Base damage is 55 and increases by 1.6 each Hero level up to 77.4 at level 15.
  • Attack speed increases with Hero level.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 92%.

 – Deflector Shield (Alternate Ability)

GRIM.exe activates a one second duration shield that blocks the next incoming enemy ability. If the shield successfully blocks an ability, GRIM.exe regains percent of missing Mana.

  • Cost remains constant 25 Mana at all ability levels.
  • Base cooldown is 16 seconds and decreases by 2 each ability level down to 10 seconds at level 4.
  • Base Mana return is 25% and increases by 15% each ability level up to 70% of missing Mana pool at level 4.

Deflector Shield does not block damage from basic attacks.

Deflector Shield is the primary tool for GRIM.exe to deny incoming damage from abilities. E.g. Long Arm of the Law from Murdock or Rampage‘s Boulder Throw.

Deflector Shield will block only one ability hit. So if you are under anything like Hail of Arrows or let’s say Make It Rain then only one hit of those abilities will be mitigated living you exposed to others.

When used on time Deflector Shield may either save your life or even screw up enemy’s engagement based on initiation with some CC like Steel‘s Shield Slam. Being able to separate enemy team with your Displacement Blast instead of being disabled by Slam and focused down is a big win.

Deflector Shield does not prevent you from using any other abilities or basic attacks.

Obviously Deflector Shield will not block damage from towers, minions or core.

If you got used to playing Yin you will find Deflector Shield similar to her Backlash. It doesn’t block non-projectile abilities but reflects all the rest and requires the same skill and mindset to be used correctly. Pay attention to sound cues, keep an eye on your enemy and you will use Deflector Shield to its full potential.

 – Displacement Blast (Primary Ability)

GRIM.exe lobs a Displacement Blast that deals damage in an area and knocks enemies away from the center of the blast.

  • Base damage is 75 and increases by 45 each ability level up to 210 at level 4.
  • Base cost is 75 Mana and increases by 15 each ability level up to 120 Mana at level 4.
  • Base cooldown is 21 seconds and decreases by 4 each ability level down to 9 seconds at level 4.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 50%.

This ability is somehow similar to Buckshot but can be used from the distance. It will take you some time to get used to aiming with Displacement Blast but it definitely worth it.

Displacement Blast can be used during a jump to reach further.

This Blast is very versatile. It can be used both defensively and offensively. You can lob it behind your enemy to push him right into your or your allies focused fire. Or you can aim in front of him to push him back and secure a safe escape for you or your ally.

Note that if you have a melee enemy right in your face you need to use this tool very cautiously since it’s easy to miss and pull your enemy right to the path of your escape. The best way to avoid that is to turn around (so that your enemy is right behind you) and while keeping running forward (away from enemy) shoot Displacement Blast right below yourself.

You can also interrupt last-hitting with this ability during early game. Shoot a second before your enemy is expected to make a killing blow to your minion and that’s it. If you are far enough this may even not trigger aggro from enemy minions keeping your lane frozen.

 – Suppression Mode (Secondary Ability)

GRIM.exe toggles Suppression Mode, modifying his Pulse Cannon to apply a slow on hit.

  • Base cost is 12 Mana and increases by 6 each ability level up to 30 Mana at level 4.
  • Base slow effect is 80 and increases by 55 each ability level up to 245 at level 4.
  • Ability duration remains constant 0.8 seconds at all ability levels.

Very useful tool to keep your enemy in range if you want to keep fighting or to help you disengage. Drains your mana pretty fast so be sure to save enough for a Displacement Blast or G.T.F.O. Early game is not very effective due to vary small slow amount but late game can be very deadly for a hero caught out of position.

 – G.T.F.O (Ultimate Ability)

GRIM.exe comes to a halt and locks on to an enemy hero. After a short channel, a Gyro Targeted Force Orb is launched. The orb will pass through the world and non-hero units, but can be blocked by enemy heroes and ability-generated walls. The orb deals Ability Damage upon hitting an enemy hero.

  • Base damage is 210 and increases by 75 each ability level up to 360 at level 3.
  • Base cost is 85 Mana and increases by 20 each ability level up to 125 Mana at level 3.
  • Base cooldown is 100 seconds and decreases by 15 each ability level down to 70 seconds at level 3.

The most precise damage dealing ultimate in Paragon with very few ways to deny it. Can be blocked by Containment FenceBulwark or by Deflector Shield. This ultimate is similar to Long Arm of the Law since it allows you to contribute to a team-fight from very long distance and finish off critically wounded enemies. The difference though is in limited range and inability to hit multiple targets. Instead you are nearly 100% sure that damage is going to be dealt.

Here is how it works with Muriel desperately trying to escape with her Reversal of Fortune

GRIM.exe is not able to move while charging up and a short period afterwards so keep that in mind and position yourself accordingly.

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