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Grux Build

The guide is being updated according Grux re-work in .44.

Table of Contents

  1. TL;DR
  2. Overview
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
  3. Abilities Analysis
  4. Deck Considerations
  5. Deck Build #1
  6. Gameplay
    1. Early Game
    2. Mid Game
    3. Late Game
    4. Tips and Tricks
  7. Heroes Synergy

TL;DR on Grux

Grux is a melee Figther who uses his abilities to tear through his opponents. His versatility allows him to lock down enemies and terrorize the battlefield.

Focus on buying cards that increase your Power and your Health.

Grux excells at initiating fights and isolating targets.

To take the fight to the enemy, use Charge to charge in and close the gap. Charge was replaced with Crush

Once in melee range a well timed Double Pain will cause a wide area of damage and make enemies bleed.

As enemies try to retreat, use Smash & Grab to pull them back and keep them from escaping.

Grux's Ultimate, Warlord’s Challenge, features damage and speed buffs along with a powerful stun that interrupts most enemy abilities. A strong ganker, combo his ultimate with Charge or Smash & Grab to devastate an enemy team.

Lore of Grux

  • Has crushed the scull of every challenger in his tribe.
  • Still cannot defeat his grandmother in a single combat.
  • Seeks the forgiveness of his gods.

Grux Overview

Grux's Strengths

  1. Insane burst damage.
  2. Enemy escape prevention.
  3. Enemy isolation

Grux's Weaknesses

  1. No escape and very limited peel
  2. Vulnerable to Crowd Control 

Grux's Abilities Analysis


Melee basic attack dealing Basic Damage.

    Double Pain

    Alternate Ability. Melee cleave attack dealing Ability Damage increased by a multiplier, plus an additional Ability Damage to all enemies within range.

      100% Cleave.

      Smash & Grab

      Primary Ability. Wedge-shaped AOE that pulls all enemy units to Grux and deals Ability Damage. Enemies will be stunned for the duration of the pull.

        Main Grux's CC ability. Note that it has some channeling time preceded by a roar sound so that it can be kited. Very effective for the following:

        • Cleaning up minion waves since it smashes an entire squad of lane minions into one place so that it's easier to clean them up with Double Pain and Chop due to their AOE part
        • Pulling in enemies into an allied tower's range.
        • Preventing an enemy from escape
        • Interrupting channeling abilities (e.g. G.T.F.O or Black Hole)

        Note that Smash & Grab does not pull in Jungle minions, so you won't be able to let's say steal a buff with this ability.

        Jumping out of Smash & Grab range never works. If you are playing against Grux and trying to jump out of his Smash & Grab "cone" then you will be pulled in if:

        • you were still in the air when channeling ended even if you are not above that cone
        • your last step was inside the cone.

        Smash & Grab can work even over a cliff and will pull you an enemy from a side lane right into the Jungle.

        Keep in mind though that it can pull your enemies both up and down. Like this:

        Another interesting thing about Smash & Grab is that it can pull an enemy out of an allied Dekker's Containment Fence. Normally this it not something you either want or expect so... be warned. See how it actually looks like:


        Secondary Ability. Grux lunges forward a short distance dealing Ability Damage and knockup to enemies within 250 units of his destination.

          Charge was replaced bu Crush. Details are coming soon.

          This ability has a slight charging time when Grux is standing still and can be interrupted. Charge is very similar to Crunch'es Forward Crunch, Feng Mao's Reaping Dash, or Shinbi's Rushing Beat. So if you are already familiar with those heroes the mindset of using Charge with Grux is pretty much similar.

          Grux can Charge for diving in to his target following up with his Ultimate and Double Pain. Or alternatively you can get pull back from a fight if you find yourself in a bad spot. BTW if Grux gets a Slow then Charge is a good option to mitigate that since the ability ignores any speed debuffs. I.e. if you are being chased by The Fey and she uses Bramble Patch then Charge will dash that same distance and with that same speed as if no Slow was applied.

          Warlord’s Challenge

          Ultimate Ability. Grux gains bonus damage on basic attacks and Double Pain for the ultimate duration.

            This is the main tool to make your enemies melt down. When using this ability make sure you will be able to stick you your target otherwise it is gong to be wasted.

            Grux's Deck Considerations

            Grux is a Hero meant to deal an insane amount of Basic damage in one burst, but at the same time he relies on successful initiation. So when building a deck for Grux focus on

            • cards and gems increasing his basic damage including crits
            • utility cards allowing him to get to his prey unnoticed (teleport, Shadow Plane)

            Core Cards for Grux

            Sacred Alchemy

            Sacred Alchemy is a card to consider for Grux. Being a melee fighter and dealing a lot of damage with his basic attacks, he may benefit really well from that additional self-refreshing shield. The only thing you will have to pay attention to — is stuns. When you are disabled you are not only dealing 0 damage, but you also receive zero shields.

            Explore Sacred Alchemy


            Grux has a kit built around mplifying his basic attacks. Ultimate + Double Pain + Deathcrawler is a deadly combination you don want to miss.

            Explore Deathcrawler

            Grux Deck Build #1

            Updated for v44 Grux re-work

            Explore Deck

            Gameplay with Grux

            Early Game

            Grux is a jungler and his early stage of the game is pretty straightforward. Clean camps, get your Green and Black buffs and look for an opportunity to gank an enemy.

            In order to make a successful gank you need to find that perfect timing and get to your opponent unnoticed. Grux is not Sevarog, you can't Subjugate from far away and followup with Phantom Rush or even just walk down to your target.

            An ideal scenario will be approaching from behind and just start chopping. Save your Smash & Grab to prevent your prey from escaping. When they start getting out of your range do a combo — Smash & Grab followed by Double Pain.

            Crush is another option to stick to your target or targets so it's recommended not to use it right after Smash & Grab. Better to save it for yet another escape prevention.

            Mid Game

            When you have your ultimate up no enemy will want to be in your melee range. When Warlord’s Challenge is active Grux does an insane amount of damage with his melee attacks. Effects of the ultimate and Double Pain will combine, so make sure you activate your ultimate prior to committing to a fight.

            On the other hand when you do trigger Warlord’s Challenge everyone around hears that and you have to be sore you have enough tools to stick to your target. Otherwise it's better to save it for another time.

            Remember that Grux is very easily countered by CC. Especially Stun and Knockup, since Root still leaves you opportunity to Smash & Grab. If you commit and get Stunned, then it may be the end for you.

            Late Game

            Your ultimate is maxed and you have all the core cards equipped. Grux is now a death machine capable of destroying anyone in his close proximity. However your opponents should also have tools to counter you, so here is what you should pay attention to.

            • When planning an initiation try to ensure you will Smash & Grab opponents with CC
            • Pay attention to cooldown timers of such ultimates like Black Hole or Containment Fence. Those two will render you useless and exposed to focused fire without any ability to either fight back or escape.
            • Be a surprise for heroes with peeling tools. Especially Murdock and GRIM.exe. If they see you coming, they will be ready to deny your Smash & Grab and keep dealing damage from the distance not allowing to use Crush.
            • During Smash & Grab execution Grux is very vulnerable. He's standing still and therefore any opponent with CC will be easily Stun or Knockup you.

            Ideally you should rely on initiation with a stun provided by your ally. This will give you time to get close to your target and perform an effective rotation of your abilities on them.

            Tips and Tricks with Grux

            • Approach your enemy without using abilities. Save Smash & Grab and Crush to keep sticking to your target.
            • After a successful Crush do body-blocking to prevent your target from running away.

            Heroes Synergy

            Grux and Dekker

            You have got Caged

            Any melee Hero can benefit from Dekker's Containment Fence. Grux is not an exception here. When an enemy ranger has no way to escape you know what to do (and you might not even need to activate your ult).

            Grux and Steel

            Slam and Grab

            As you know Smash & Grab can be possibly kited. But when preceded by Steel's Shield Slam your enemies have no chance. They just stay steel helpless and taking damage from your carries.

            Crunch Updates

            v38.3 (Mar-13 2017)

            Double Pain

            • Card Scaling reduced to 0.6 from 0.7

            Smash & Grab

            • Card Scaling reduced to 0.3 from 0.4
            Sitanoni's picture

            Tainted Magic won't even show when I'm making a deck for Grux, but will show when I'm making it for Gideon.

            So I basically can't use the card on Grux because it doesn't want to show up as an option even though I have the card.

            George's picture

            @Sitanoni (not verified), talking about an agora's deck builder?

            Mikee's picture

            Update the guide - The poison from Tainted Magic just reduces healing, which is pretty sparse to begin with, not add extra damage.

            George's picture

            @Mikee, please provide a source of this information. According to my knowledge each poison stack deals 1 damage per 1 damage card point you have.

            Sitanoni's picture

            @George in game, when I try to make a build in the deck builder, the cards won't show up as an option even though I own it.

            When making a deck for Gideon on the other hand it shows up.

            George's picture

            @Sitanoni, Looks like a bug. Have you tried contacting Player Support?

            Vanagan's picture

            @Sitanoni, do you have the filters in the bottom of the deck builder ticked? It may be a card that is not in-game recommended for grux, so it might be filtered out. Image for reference:

            Dasilodavi's picture

            Maybe it was changed, but the smash and grab works on enemies on lower ground, in fact better than those above.  I have not successfully pulled someone down but I've pulled lots of enemies up.

            George's picture

            @Dasilodavi, agree.

            Skarlet-Rose's picture

            @Sitanoni-i have the same issue but with Iggy & scorch. Tainted magick was  an essential paart of my deck, but now it says it is only available for Grim exe, and can no longer use it for Iggy. :/ My guess is that the poison stack on hit with ability was too op, seeing iggy's turrets would quickly stack poison 10 times. However i still see other Iggy's use it so this has become a frustrating glitch :(

            GIJO's picture

            Try cards like merciless, bloodsoaked armour, victory touch, baneflesh, seek and destroy and other cards, active or passive, that inflict further damage to an opponent even if you die.

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