Abilities of Dekker

ype Name Description
LMB Energy Orb Dekker fires a medium damage energy blast from her staff.
RMB Rocket Boots Dekker ignites her rocket boots launching her into the air and giving nearby allies a quick movement speed boost.
Q Stasis Bomb Dekker throws out a projectile that bounces along the ground, damaging any minions it passes through. The bomb will explode upon reaching max range or directly colliding with an object, terrain or enemy hero. The explosion will stun enemy Heroes for a length of time based on how far the projectile traveled before hitting.
E Slow Bubble Dekker creates a bubble at a target location. Enemies within the bubble are slowed. After a time the bubble will pop, dealing more damage the longer it is active. The bubble can be detonated early by re-activating the ability.
R Containment Fence Dekker erects a Containment Fence at a target location, trapping both allies and enemies inside. Allies can shoot through the fence but enemies cannot.
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