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Howitzer Build Guide

Table of Contents

  1. TL;DR
  2. Overview
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
  3. Abilities Analysis
  4. Deck Considerations
  5. Build #1
  6. Build #2
  7. Gameplay
    1. Early Game
    2. Mid Game
    3. Late Game
    4. Tips and Tricks
  8. Heroes Synergy

TL;DR on Howitzer

Howitzer is a ranged Caster with an explosive arsenal at his disposal.

Using Rockets, Mines and Grenades, Howitzer is able to deal area of effect damage, control large areas and even disrupt and slow down his enemies.

When playing Howitzer, focus on Ability Damage and Mana Pool/Regen as secondary stats.

Use R2000 Missile to poke enemies at range.

Land Mine, when detonated, knocks enemies and Howitzer back, so hang on to it if you ever need to make a quick escape.

Make It Rain deals damage in a large area but can also be used defensively to pull Howizter out of combat for a few seconds.

When in teamfights use your abilities to rain artillery down on your enemies or your Slow Grenades to control the fight.

Late game, Howizter can easily take out minions, making it difficult for enemies to push in to your base or push you out of theirs. Use your abilities to disrupt the enemy team and zone out the enemy damage dealers.

Lore of Howitzer

Coming Soon

Howitzer Overview

Howitzer's Strengths

  1. High burst AOE damage
  2. Versatile escape and zoning abilities.

Howitzer's Weaknesses

  1. Big, easy to hit.
  2. Squishy.
  3. Noizy. Howi is making loud sound effects when moving and shooting.

Howitzer's Abilities Analysis


Ranged attack dealing Basic Damage and 10% splash damage to nearby enemies.

    Slow Grenades

    Howitzer fires 3 proximity bombs in an arc that explode for Ability Damage and applies Slow for a short period of time.

      This ability is used mostly to escape. It does not require any targeting and drops grenades instantly after pressing a corresponding button. If you are already running from your enemy then drop Slow Grenades in front of you and run over them. Any chasing hero will have to take damage and Slow or to change their movement direction.

      Slow Grenades will not pass through the Dekker's Containment Fence like Iggy & Scorch's Flame Turret does

      The other case is setting up Slow Grenades in advance on the most probable path of enemy movement. This will prevent possible chase or engagement.

      And lastly if you have an enemy right in your face you can use Slow Grenades to make it difficult for them to run away during a team fight.

      R2000 Missile

      Howitzer fires a long range rocket that deals Ability Damage in an area.

        R2000 Missile is a cast ability with a long range. It explodes when hitting a target or reaching its maximum range dealing damage in a small area. Using a Missile is a two-step process. First, you hit the ability button and switch Howitzer to a targeting mode. In this mode you can't move but can aim. Second, you confirm the launch with your basic attack button or cancel it. Not doing any action withing two seconds will automatically launch the Missile. If cancelled the ability consumes no Mana and goes for one second cooldown.

        Damage. R2000 is a high-impacting ability. It is the main source of damage from Howi, besides his ultimate of course. R2000 scales pretty well with both, your Hero level, and with Card Power. Its damage is comparable to Gadget's Sticky Mine, Cosmic Rift of Gideon, or The Fey's Untamed Growth.

        Targeting. While in targeting mode, Howi hangs in the air and remains there until the ability is cancelled or until the missile is launched. This feature can be used for your advantage if you want to stay away from melee enemies longer, but it makes you a sitting duck against ranged heroes. Keep that in mind.

        Projectile. R2000 is a projectile and therefore:

        1. It can be blocked by any force walls like Force Shield attached to Steel's Bulwark, or Containment Fence of Dekker.
        2. It can be reflected by Yin with her Backlash.

        So R2000 can be used for multiple purposes:

        1. The first one is obviously dealing damage. In the mid and late game it can be devastating to minion waves as well as enemy Heroes. When transitioning to the late game any standard Howitzer build will allow him to one-shot a White Jungle camp or to cut nearly a half of health pool of the enemy carry.
        2. The second purpose is to use it as a kind of an escape ability. In rare cases, for example, if you are being ganked by melee Heroes, you can try to use your Ultimate, and then remain in the air longer using R2000.

        Land Mine

        Places a mine that will explode after a short period of time, knocking any enemies (and Howitzer) back and dealing Ability Damage. Ability can be reactivated to detonate early.

          Does not knock allies (neither Heroes nor minions).

          Interrupts channeling and long-lasting abilities like Gideon's Black Hole.

          Can be a very good combo with your Ultimate to keep enemies in its range. Like this:

          Make it Rain

          Howitzer rockets into the air and fires down a volley of missiles in the targeted area, causing Ability Damage over the Ultimate duration. Howitzer can trigger a short directional boost before coming back down by holding the movement input in the direction he'd like to boost.

            Can't be cancelled manually once activated.

            Howitzer's Deck Considerations


            Howitzer Build #1


            Starter Hand

            Health Potion Cast Token Cast Token

            Early Pick

            Final hand

            Magus' WardCast Cast Mana

            Staff of AdamantCast Cast Health

            Staff of AdamantCast Cast Cast

            MeltdownCast Cast Shock

            MeltdownMajor Cast Major Cast Focused Shock

            Eldermage AmuletGreater Health Greater Health Greater Health

            Howitzer Build #2


            Starter Hand

            Starter hand can be pretty common:
            Health Potion + Mana Potion + Scout's Ward or Harvester's Key

            Early Pick

            Final hand

            Gameplay with Howitzer

            Early Game


            Mid Game


            Late Game


            Tips and Tricks with Howitzer

            • .

            Heroes Synergy

            Howitzer and Dekker

            Name goes here

            Description goes here. Description goes here. Description goes here. Description goes here. Description goes here. Description goes here. Description goes here.

            Description goes here. Description goes here. Description goes here.

            Howitzer and Aurora Combo Howitzer and Aurora

            Cryoseismic Rain

            Similarly to Dekker Aurora can lock enemies inside a small area with her Ulrimate Cryoseism allowing Howi to do devastating damage with his Make it Rain. Both Ultimates together can wipe out an entire team in a blink of an eye like in the video below:

            Howitzer Updates

            v38.3 (Mar-13 2017)

            Land Mine

            • Base damage reduced to 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 from 75 / 125 / 175 / 225
            • Card Scaling reduced to 0.5 from 0.625
            • Duration reduced to 3 seconds from 5 seconds

            Make it Rain

            • Cooldown increased to 105 / 90 / 75 from 90 / 70 / 50
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