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Iggy and Scorch Build Guide

Table of Contents

  1. TL;DR
  2. Overview
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
  3. Abilities Analysis
  4. Deck Considerations
  5. Deck Builds
    1. Iggy and Scorch Deck #1
    2. Iggy and Scorch Deck #2
  6. Gameplay
    1. Early Game
    2. Mid Game
    3. Late Game
    4. Tips and Tricks
  7. Heroes Synergy


Iggy and Scorch are an inseparable pair that just want to set the world on fire. Together they are powerful casters that control areas and dominate lanes. Iggy and Scorch thrive on setting traps for enemies and lighting them up with oil and fire.

Early game use your Flame Turrets to control your lane and zone out the enemy. Placing Turrets in the path of gankers is a great defensive tactic. Oil Spill is your primary source of burst damage and coating an area with oil. Any of your fire abilities can ignite the oil and say your enemies ablaze. Oil Slick will give you a small burst of speed and leave a trail of oil behind you. Use this to help you get out of bad situation or to bring your enemy.

Iggy and Scorch's ultimate is Flame Belch. Iggy feeds Scorch a Molotov causing him to spew flame from his mouth. Once the flames dies out he lets a huge Belch knocking enemies away.

When playing Iggy and Scorch you wanna bait enemies into bad situations. Set up your Flame Turrets in an area and harass your enemy. Once they fall into your trap use Oil Slick to get behind your target and turn up the heat with the Flame Belch

It's time to play with fire...

Lore of Iggy and Scorch

Coming soon.

Iggy & Scorch Overview

Iggy & Scorch is a pure caster with strong battleground control with his Turrets and area damage. He is good in cleaning waves of minions and preventing back-dooring. I'n'S has a pretty specific game mechanics so make sure to check out below sections of Abilities Analysis and Tips and Tricks. He has good Power scaling with the most significant multiply factor put on Turrets.

Iggy/Scorch's Strengths

  1. Strong area damage
  2. Good at making traps
  3. Quick waves cleaning

Iggy/Scorch's Weaknesses

  1. No strong escape abilities.
  2. Without Turrets has a little damage output.

Iggy/Scorch's Abilities Analysis

Fire Spit

Basic Attack. Scorch spits out a flaming projectile dealing Basic Damage.

    Each hit triggers Burning Sensation.


    Alternate Ability. Iggy flings a Molotov that deals Ability Damage over the ability duration. Stacks Ability Armor shred on every hit for 8 seconds.

      Molotov is a cast ability providing a long lasting AoE damage

      The main purpose of Molotov is to deny an area and slightly increase all incoming ability damage.

      Using the ability. Similar to any AoE damage abilities it is a good tool to prevent enemies from going somewhere or paying price for doing so.

      Flame Turret

      Primary Ability. Iggy throws down a turret that shoots homing fireballs at enemies within 1400 Units. Each fireball deals Ability Damage. Amount of Turrets Iggy can have is limited as well as their life time and HP. Hitting an enemy with Fire Spit redirects turrets to attack that target if in range. Placing a turret on top of a preexisting turret will destroy the older turret.

        Flame Turret is a cast that places a Turret in world in a short distance from Iggy. Each Turret has health pool and can be destroyed by enemies.

        Targeting priorities. Each turret locks their target independently. It prioritizes the closest enemy unit (whether it is a minion or a Hero). You can override it by hitting a target with your basic attack which will force all turrets to attack that target if it is in range. Turrets don't remember their target selected by a basic attack. When the enemy you hit gets out of range and appears back in, turrets will not automatically lock them again.

        Audio cues.

        Line of sight.

        Main Area Control ability of this Hero. Iggy is limited in how many turrets he can have simultaneously. This number increases like 1|2|2|3 with the ability level up to 3 turrets on level 4 of ability. When Iggy places a turret while having maximum amount of them already placed the oldest of them will automatically self-destruct.

        Enemy minions are not attacking turrets. Tough enemy towers do attack them so you can push an enemy tower even if you have no allied minions around. Just place a turret in its range and you will have some moments to attack a tower while it focuses your Turret. Note that a Turret itself will not attack an enemy tower but may cause it to aggro at Iggy if attacked an enemy hero.

        If both Iggy and a Turret are within an enemy tower's range and an enemy Hero is damaged by a Turret then Iggy will get aggro. Not that Turret.

        During laning phase place turrets in such a way to maximize the number of minions in the arc of Turret's fire. If there are no allied minions place a turret right on the path of an enemy wave. This way it will be hitting 3-4 minions simultaneously.

        When there is an enemy Hero on the same lane with Iggy place turrets close to allied minions to make it harder for an enemy to destroy them.

        Turrets keep working until they are out of fuel or until Iggy is near. If you rotate from your lane turrets will just stop working. When you return they will get back to work if not expired.

        - Oil Spill (Secondary Ability)

        Scorch spits out a blob that applies Oil which deals Ability Damage and applies Burn when ignited by Fire.

          - Flame Belch (Ultimate Ability)

          Scorch spews flames from its mouth dealing Ability Damage over 2.5 seconds and applying Burn. At the end of the duration, Scorch belches and enemies in the cone are knocked back.

            The ability can be re-triggered to end early and activate the belch.

            Iggy and Scorch Deck Considerations

            Core Cards for Iggy&Scorch

            Stagnant Dominion

            Stagnant Dominion works very effectively combined with Iggy's Turrets. Every hit of each turret triggers this Card's effect. And when Iggy activates his Ultimate it's very difficult to run away from the turret's range.

            Explore Stagnant Dominion

            Mallenk Gnasher

            Every hit your Flame Turrets are making procs Mallenk Gnasher's Ramping Spells effect. And when Iggy activates his ultimate stacks reach their maximum nearly instantly.

            Explore Mallenk Gnasher

            Iggy and Scorch Deck #1

            Explore Deck

            Iggy and Scorch Deck #2

            Explore Deck

            Gameplay with Iggy and Scorch

            Iggy's unique abilities is what drives his gameplay, tactics and decision-making during a match. Make sure you are familiar with all the details of how his abilities work before reading further.

            Early Game

            Iggy (and Scorch) is a perfect Hero for the Offlane. He can take over the Midlane or even be a support in certain rare cases but he shines on the left side of the map.

            Early game Iggy and Scorch have two controversial tasks. One is to push a lane and another is to avoid diving deep into the first enemy tower to prevent ganks. It is recommended to have a Lamp Lighter to ward the River or to avoid going far from your T1 tower.

            At the beginning your Turrets are weak and can be easily killed by your opponent (especially ranged ones). You have to place them in such a way that it is difficult to bring them down. E.g. behind allied minions, or in a position unreachable by enemy Heroes from behind their minions. Your opponents will be trying to destroy your turrets... wait for it and tag them with your Basic attacks so that Turrets can fight back with a hit or two.

            See important details about controlling Turret's targets above

            On the other hand do not spam your turrets. If one is destroyed it does not always mean you have to set another one. Placing turrets on CD will only cause two things:

            1. Your wave will push towards an enemy tower making you more vulnerable to ganks. Or making you to loose XP should you choose to wait near your tower.
            2. Your Mana will get low very fast making you weaker and unprepared to defend your own tower.

            However it is not a rule set in stone. There are situations when it is beneficial to press hard early and then rotate to mid at 3 minutes mark. But it is not a frequent scenario.

            Mid Game

            Your Turrets are getting stronger, added damage over time from Burning Sensation is higher, and your Ultimate is unlocked. With help of your allies you can set up a siege of T1 tower.

            If you have carefully read through the details of Iggy's abilities above, then it should come as no surprise that this Hero is very powerful if he has time to place turrets around certain area. In case any enemy is attacking you, just activate your ultimate and see opponents going down.

            During fight you are supposed to stay near your turrets. They are your primary source of DPS, and without them Iggy is weak. Run around in that area, place turrets as soon there is one destroyed and above all aim carefully. It may seem obvious but if you hit an enemy minion instead of a Hero with your basic attack, guess what... all your turrets will lock that minion instead of a more dangerous target. Your ultimate will mitigate that a little (by giving Turrets ability to penetrate targets) but still... you'd rather miss a shot or not use basic attack at all than hit a minion when there is an enemy in your face.

            There are multiple ways to play mid-game. One of them is a split-push when Iggy moves to a lane opposite to where is the most of enemies are and makes them pay for not defending a different lane. With all the utility and AoE damage Iggy and Scorch have you can push lanes pretty quickly just be aware of where the enemies are and do not forget your wards.

            Another good option would be to group with a couple of teammates and support them with your turrets from the backline and protect from back-dooring.

            Do not forget to get into the jungle. Iggy can get benefit from the Blue Buff since it helps to deal with mana drain from intensive abilities utilization. Note that Iggy can take Buff Camps nearly instantly already on ~6-7 level by placing 2 Flame Turrets and using an Oil Spill for initiation.

            Late Game

            Pretty similar to the mid-game. Lane pushing to make enemy always feel pressure left or right. Use wards to protect Iggy from being back-stubbed. Help teammates with objectives especially with Prime. 

            Tips and Tricks with Iggy and Scorch

            • If you are being ganked it may be more beneficial to rotate around your Turrets rather than running towards the nearest allied tower. If possible place Turrets on the way you are going to retreat to to make sure enemies are in their range as long as possible.
            • Flame Belch ultimate can be cancelled manually causing a belch to knock enemies back earlier than they expect. It can be used as a sort of an escape ability if there is nothing else you or your teammates can do.
            • Since Flame Belch is an ultimate of Scorch, Iggy can still place Turrets and Oil Spills while Ult is being cast.
            • If you are playing against heroes with AoE-over-time damage abilities (e.g. Sparrow, Gadget, The Fey) make sure to spread your Turrets so that they are not wiped by a single Hail of Arrows
            • When cleaning waves or taking a camp always try to choose a position so that minions are standing in line with a Turret. This way it will be hitting everyone in the path of fire.

            Heroes Synergy

            Iggy and Dekker

            Barbecue Fence

            Containment Fence works perfectly with most AoE damage dealers. Iggy and Scorch aren't an exception.

            Watch for Dekker to apply an ult and set your Flame Turrets close to the middle of the fence to ensure there is no safe place inside. Finish off with an Oil Spill.

            Iggy and Steel

            Steel has a lot of tools to keep an enemy in range of your turrets. His Bull Rush and Shield Slam can convince any enemy to have a good warm near Iggy's Turrets.

            Just make sure you keep safe distance when Steel will be Punching and enemy towards your Flame Turrets

            Iggy and Scorch Updates

            v42.3 (Aug-29 2017)

            Iggy and his good friend Scorch were performing really well since their kit was reworked. In 42.3 they are receiving a nerf. Ultimate and HP regen were tuned down and HP was rebalanced to make him less tanky during the early game.


            • Base health (663 → 624)
            • Health per level (67 → 69)
            • Base health regen (1.30 → 1.04)
            • Health regen per level (0.14 → 0.11)


            • damage per tick (13/23/33 → 12/22/31)
            • Power scaling per tick (0.37 → 0.34)

            v40.0 (May-16 2017)

            Flame Turret

            • Turrets now have 200 / 350 / 500 / 650 Health instead of pips.
            • Turrets take 60% reduced Ability Damage.

            v38.3 (Mar-13 2017)

            Oil Slick

            • Move speed increased (20 / 30 / 40 / 50 → 100 at all levels)

            Flame Turret

            • Base damage increased (150 / 280 / 410 / 540 → 300 / 450 / 600 / 750)
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            Added a TL;DR section from the recent overview video.

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            so how are you building him? lol

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            @Kasen, the guide is in progress. If you have anything to add you are welcome to register and edit this guide.

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            Cooldown reduction mana n damage

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            @NoKneeNinja, CDR can be considered if only you need to spam Oil Spill which is rarely an option. CD is rarely an issue for Turrets (main Iggy's ability).


            Mana is also rarely a problem since early game you have a potion and mid to late game you can take Blue Buff in 3 seconds alone.

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            Do Turrets use your Critical?

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            I go mana,speed,and damage . CDR is a waste turrets are a Main focus and cdr doesn't help with that enough

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            His damage scaling is poor for the turrets, better to focus on tanky-ness IMO.

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            "Iggy doesn't need to stay near his Turrets to receive last-hit reward [to be confirmed]"

            I don't think this is completely true. First, I noticed that Iggy's turret does not fire at all if Iggy is not within a range from the turret. I left a turret further down the lane while I retreated to my turret to recall and I saw that enemy minions are just walking pass my turrets without taking any damage. However if the turret killed the minion right before I recalled to base, I get the xp for it. This is from what I have noticed.

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            @Chinnithy, yes thanks for making this update.

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            Regarding mana on an Iggy and Scorch build, if you have it, [I:c:armavore] is an awesome card to use. It might be the only way to restore mana without access to the regen cards from the Intellect affinity. I find it easy to solo a lane without running low on mana when using this card

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            what about health or anything likee that? 

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