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Kallari is a high risk high reward melee assassin and a global threat to her enemies. Kallari is more mechanically demanding than other heroes and relies on stealth and guerrilla tactics to catch enemies off guard.

Focus on buying cards that increase your Power and Attack Speed

Early game, utilize your mobility and stealth to gank unsuspecting enemies.

Shadow Walk will allow Kallari to enter the shadow plane, making her invisible and increasing her movement speed.

Shadow Dance can be used to disengage fights or to traverse terrain.

Crippling Dagger will slow enemies hit allowing you to stick to your target.

And finally, Kallari’s Ultimate Death Sentence allows her to teleport to an enemy wherever they are, making her a global threat.

Use it to gank enemies out of position, or to join teamfights and get the upper hand on your enemies. Be smart about your engagements and look for opportunities to surprise your enemies. Use your abilities to set the tempo of the match, by applying pressure to lanes on the other side of the map. When the time is right, join the fight with Death Sentence and help your team pick off stragglers.


  • Some believe she kills for pleasure.
  • Some believe she kills because she must.
  • Some believe neither of these is true.



Kallari’s Strengths

  1. Global threat (thanks to ultimate)
  2. Ability to go to the Shadow Plane
  3. Outstanding escape and terrain traversal capabilities.
  4. Small hit-box

Kallari’s Weaknesses

  1. Very quishy
  2. Vulnerable to Crowd Control


 – Slash (Basic Attack)

Kallari slashes with her daggers in a quick melee attack.

  • Damage: 61.6 (+2.81) → 115
  • Cleave Damage: 5 %
  • Scaling: 100 %
  • Attack Speed: 100 (+2.47) → 147
  • Cooldown: 0.8 (-0.01) → 0.54 sec

Slash does increased damage if used while in Shadow Plane. See Shadow Walk below.

 – Crippling Dagger (Alternate Ability)

Kallari throws a dagger dealing Ability Damage and applying Slow.

  • Damage: 129 (+58.33) → 304
  • Scaling: 209 %
  • Cooldown: 4 sec
  • Mana cost: 50 (+10) → 80
  • MoveSpeed bonus: 65
  • Slow duration: 1 sec

Quick-cast ability.

 – Shadow Walk (Primary Ability)

After a brief channel, Kallari enters the Shadow Plane, gaining Movement Speed bonus for a period of time or until she uses an offensive ability. Landing a Slash while in Shadow Walk will deal increased Basic Damage.

Automatically activates when Kallari drops below 35% Health. Can only trigger once every 60 seconds. (Not any more in .42. To be confirmed)

  • Cooldown: 8 sec
  • Mana cost: 30
  • MoveSpeed bonus: 15
  • MoveSpeed bonus duration: 8 (+5) → 23 sec
  • Delay before entering the Shadow Plane: 1.75 sec
  • Bonus Damage to Slash from the Shadow Plane: 50 (+25) → 125 Basic Damage

Shadow Walk is a channel ability but Kallari can still move during channeling. There is no way to brake the channel or kick her out of the Shadow Plane unless Kallari does it on her own.

Shadow Plane. Since Kallari is capable of entering the Shadow Plane she will be able to see enemy’s Shadow wards (and vice versa of course). Granting vision of the enemy’s Shadow Wards will help your teammates to clean them out and have better map control. Allied minions will destroy wards as well if they are in range and you provide vision for them.

You can clean Wards on your own but it is not easy since as soon as you use an offensive ability you are out of Shadow Plane. There is a special trick like on this video:

Tactics. Shadow Plane is a great state to be used for your advantage. If your opponents don’t have Wards Kallari will be constantly punishing them for that. In case your opponents are taking Shadow Wards from the very beginning then they are not spending all of their CP into stats which is important in the Early Game.

 – Shadow Dance (Secondary Ability)

Allows Kallari to jump up to two additional times after Jumping.

[Passive]: Provides bonus Health Regeneration while Kallari is in the Shadow Plane.

  • HP regen while in the Shadow Plane: 8 (+4) → 20 HP/sec
  • Cooldown: 14 (-1) → 11 sec after landing

Shadow Dance is a passive ability modifying the way Kallari plays. Jumping aspect of this ability works similarly to Wukong‘s Cloudwalker but two times better. The second part of this passive is an increased HP Regen in the Shadow Plane like Rampage has in the Jungle with his King of the Jungle.

Utility. Shadow Dance is what makes Kallari a hard to kill target. With her triple jump she can get away from almost all bad situations unless she gets caught in CC. And combined with the Shadow Walk it allows Kallari to return to fights pretty quickly.

 – Death Sentence (Ultimate Ability)

Kallari applies a Death Mark to all enemy heroes for a short period of time. During that time, Kallari can reconfirm the ability to teleport to the target, dealing Ability Damage upon arrival. Target receives Slow effect while channeling.

  • Damage: 146 (+58.5) → 263
  • Scaling: 209 %
  • Cooldown: 110 (-10) → 90 sec
  • Mana cost: 100
  • Slow amount: 30 %
  • Vision on all Enemies for 5 (+1) → 7 sec

Death Sentence is a channel ability with two phases. The 1st one is to reveal all enemies upon activation. Kallari will be able to see anyone and target them. The second phase is optional and starts after confirming your target. Kallari does a brief wind-up animation and teleports straight to her target.

Global threat. Death Sentence is one of that very rare abilities that deal damage globally like Murdock’s Long Arm of the Law or Curse from Morigesh. However there is an important difference – Kallari has to teleport herself for that and therefore become vulnerable. On the other hand she is capable of dealing more damage by following up on her target with other abilities and basic attacks.

Damage guaranteed. Note that after you teleport to your target you will always deal damage even if you get Stunned. See how it works:

Follow anywhere. When Kallari selects her target she will follow them anywhere. If they are teleporting to base during the Death Sentence animation then Kallari will end up teleporting to the enemy’s base as well. Which is an instant death.


Kallari is an assassin. Her main role is to be a constant global threat to the entire enemy team. She is not supposed to stay in a fight (i.e. out of the Shadow Plane) for a long time and she has to have a huge burst damage to minimize her fight time.


Outlander Scout

Outlander Scout is a counter to all Shadow ward cards. And Shadow wards are a counter to Kallari. So using this card in a Kallari’s deck is a must. With Outlander Scout you will be able to de-ward any area and increase your assassination opportunities.


Swamp Stalker

Kallari is an assassin that can shine in duels. Swamp Stalker gives her a good Damage boost when she’s alone. It also comes with Attack Speed boost.



This is a simple Kallari Deck with a devastating basic attack in the late game.




Early Game

No matter you are starting in the Jungle on in the Offlane your main goal is to be a treat to enemy from the very beginning. Harass the enemy carry, midlaner or jungler prioritizing carry. If your opponents have Shadow wards then you can provide vision for your allies to eliminate those.

From the Shadow plane execute combo: Slash (bonus damage) + Crippling Dagger and then depending on the situation. It’s either a follow up with more Slashes or you just back up into the Shadow Plane.

If you hear an opponent teleporting to base then try to use that opportunity to assassinate or at least to delay their recall.

Mid Game

As soon as you reach level 5 you get one more assassination tool. Always watch out for any skirmishes on the mini-map and be ready to pick off a critically-wounded enemy with your Ultimate Death Sentence. In this aspect it is very similar to how you play Murdock to finish enemies with his Long Arm of the Law.

Clean enemy wards when possible. Not only it is required for you to be able to navigate Monolith unnoticed but also for limiting enemy’s map control.

Late Game

Now your abilities does significant damage but still you are not supposed to initiate fights or to become visible until it is started. Your main goal is to be invisible and focus enemy carry or a squishy support. Even if you are not able to make a kill you will force enemy to switch targets and possibly cause miscommunication or even some panic.

Between fights push a lane or control enemy Jungle. Steal their Green buff and so on.

Tips and Tricks with Kallari

  • Always keep an eye on opponents with Stun. Since Kallari is squishy any Stun will render her helpless and will most probably result in death.


Kallari is a hero relying on stealth, burst damage and escape. She has some strong Cards and Heroes working as a strong counter to her. Read all the details on Kallari Counters page.


v42.3 (Aug-29 2017)

Kallari was overperforming since the New Dawn update. Her win-rate was flat at around 59% with pick-rate over 32%. So she has received a nerf in her basic defense and and DPS (both damage and attack speed). Her cloak ability was also slightly nerfed by increasing cooldown and Mana cost to make her slightly less elusive.


  • Basic attack base dmg (59 → 56)
  • Basic attack dmg per level (4 → 3)
  • Attack speed per level (2.7 → 2.5)
  • Base Basic Defense (25 → 20)
  • Basic defense per level (3 → 2.6)

Shadow Dance

  • Cooldown (12/10/8/6 → 14/13/12/11)

Shadow Walk

  • Mana cost (50 → 60)

v40.0 (May-16 2017)

Crippling Dagger

  • Has been moved to RMB / R1 and is now a quickcast ability.
  • Base damage increased (60 / 80 / 100 / 120 → 75 / 115 / 155 / 195)


  • Has been removed.

New ability: Shadow Dance

  • Passively provides bonus Health Regeneration while Kallari is in the Shadow Plane (3 / 6 / 9 / 12).
  • Allows Kallari to jump up to two additional times after Jumping (in the same way as Backflip did) (Spacebar / X).
  • Cooldown of triple jump reduced (18/15/12/9 → 14/12/10/8 seconds)
  • Activating the triple jump costs no Mana.

Shadow Walk

  • Now automatically activates when Kallari drops below 35% Health.
  • This effect can only trigger once every 60 seconds.
  • Only triggers if the damage dealt comes from enemy heroes.

Death Sentence

  • Added a -250 slow while Kallari is channeling Death Sentence to her intended victim.
  • This should help her line up more when she arrives.

v38.3 (Mar-13 2017)

Death Sentence

  • Cooldown reduced (110 at all levels → 110 / 100 / 90)
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