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Khaimera Build Guide


  1. TL;DR
  2. Overview
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
    3. ​​Tips and Tricks
  3. Abilities Analysis
  4. Deck Considerations
    1. Khaimera Deck #1
  5. Gameplay
    1. Early Game
    2. Mid Game
    3. Late Game
  6. Heroes Synergy
  7. Updates History
  8. Pre-Release Reviews

TL;DR on Khaimera

Khaimera is a high risk, high reward melee fighter and a powerful duelist. Possessed by the Spirit of a wild beast, Khaimera excels at ganking enemies and isolating prey. His feral instincts and thirst for battle makes him an absolute savage in skirmishes.

When playing Khaimera, look for opportunities to get ahead in the early game. Spirit Regeneration is what makes Khaimera great at skirmishing, increasing his Health Regen every time you land a basic attack.

Unleash will tap into the power of the beast causing Khaimera to frenzy, granting him max attack speed for a short time. Using these together will increase your survivability and make you a powerful duelist.

Khamiera excels at ganking and isolating prey. When hunting, use Ambush to quickly close the gap or to keep your target from escaping.

Your ultimate Cull, will channel the full power of the beast, devastating your target and knocking enemies away, isolating your victim.

When playing Khaimera look for opportunities to gank enemies out of position. Use Ambush to dive enemy backlines and single out key targets. Khaimera's ability to isolate targets, dueling power, sustain and ferocity make him a menace in teamfights.

Terrorize the battlefield and be a threat the enemy always fears.

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Lore of Khaimera

Coming soon.

Khaimera Overview

Khaimera's Strengths

  1. Excels in one-on-ones.
  2. An exceptional ganker.
  3. Nearly impossible to kill in long skirmishes (thanks to Spirit Regeneration)

Khaimera's Weaknesses

  1. High skill cap hero. You need to know when to engage and when to disengage (see the next option)
  2. No escape abilities at all.
  3. Relatively squishy. Without enough Spirit Regeneration stacks can melt fast.

Tips and Tricks with Khaimera

Key points while playing Khaimera

  • Always think twice before diving in. Khaimera has little to none escape abilities and a very limited gap closing tool Ambush.
  • Don't engage with Ambush by default. When possible engage by running to your prey and Ambush until your enemy tries to escape.
  • Build Attack Speed since it will get you more sustain via Spirit Regeneration stacks.
  • Pay extreme attention to any opponents with high CC potential. Heroes like Riktor with his Skewer or especially Dekker with her low-cooldown Stasis Bomb can literally render you helpless. Exposed to focused fire of an entire enemy team.

Khaimera's Abilities Analysis

This section will focus on Khaimera's abilities going down to deepest details. You can skip to gameplay guide if you know all of this.


Khaimera Hack Guide

Basic Attack. Khaimera swings his axes, dealing Basic Damage.

    Hack also adds stacks to the Spirit Regeneration (see below).


    Khaimera Ambush Guide

    Alternate Ability. Khaimera leaps to a target enemy Hero, dealing Ability Damage to him. If successful a Slow is applied to that Hero for 1 second.

      Ambush is an instant lock-on ability with a quick leap animation. It's the main and the only gap-closer for Khaimera. As described can be used only at enemy Hero so you can't disengage with it. Ambush shall be used wisely. Once confirmed there may be no way back from the fight. One of the main points here is in saving this ability if your enemy has some disengage or displacement.

      Compare 2 scenarios:

      This is one of the reasons why Khaimera is a high skill cap Hero.

      Ambush can be used to reach out enemies you can't normally jump to

      Remember that Ambush is never an escape ability. You can't just jump away onto some ledge like Greystone can with his Assault the Gates ability and playing Khaimera you have to be paying a lot of attention on how you position yourself during the game and team fights.


      Khaimera Unleash Guide

      Primary Ability. Khaimera gains max attack speed for the next 5 seconds, or until the ability duration ends, whichever happens first. The card damage scaling of this ability increases with the ability's level.

        5 attacks means 5 attacks that did hit any target. If you missed and didn't hit anything then it will not count as one of that 5 attacks.

        Unleash is Khaimera's tool to gain Spirit Regeneration early in a team-fight or while smashing a Jungle camp. Early game you might want to use this ability in the Jungle to keep your HP high. Mid and late game you will shred camp in a blink of an eye so hitting the Unleash will not be necessary.

        If you are going to engage an enemy with Ambush you can pre-cast Unleash in order to start landing hits and collecting Spirit Regeneration stacks as fast as possible.

        Unleash maxes out attack speed but decreases damage output provided by cards.

        Spirit Regeneration

        Khaimera Spirit Regeneration Guide

        Secondary Ability. [Passive]: Khaimera's Health Regen is boosted each time he lands a Hack, Ambush, or Cull attack on an enemy. This effect stacks, and increases in effectiveness each time the ability is leveled up.

          This ability is what makes Khaimera unique. The only other Paragon Hero with slightly similar mechanic is Morigesh with her Swarm but not that effective as Spirit Regen.

          Note that there will be no stacks until this ability is upgraded to at least level 1. For this reason Spirit Regeneration is the ability you will always want to upgrade first.

          Maximum possible regeneration is 25 stacks

          Spirit Regeneration works on minions and Heroes only. Enemy strictures will not give you stacks.

          The best opportunity to initiate a fight for Khaimera is right after clearing a wave of minions of a Jungle camp.

          Note: that Rampage's Boulder Throw when maxed out applies stun for 2 seconds which will guarantee your stacks expiration. Dekker's Stasis Bomb will do pretty much the same.


          Khaimera Cull Guide

          Ultimate Ability. Khaimera selects an enemy Hero. After a brief channel, he stuns his enemy for 1 second and deals Ability Damage to that Hero. He pushes away and slows all other enemies for 60% for 3 seconds.

            Cull is a lock-on channel ability with two phases (locking and dealing damage) with a short animation in between. While channeling Khaimera can do nothing but executing his ultimate. Not even changing sight direction.

            Sound cues. Both phases has pretty specific cues so everyone around knows what's going on. It actually gives enemy team a chance to react (see below) and mitigate damage applied at the end of channeling.

            Interactions with abilities and effects.

            • Stun, Silence, and Knockup effects will instantly stop channeling and deny any damage.
            • Displacement effects will not deny damage even despite displacing Khaimera away. e.g. Buckshot from Murdock, GRIM.exe's Displacement Blast.

            Special case. Phase can pull Khaimera's target away with her Telekinetic Link and avoid any damage. See how it looks like.

            Example. Interrupting Cull with Stun.

            Khaimera's Deck Considerations

            Core Cards for Khaimera


            Try this card if you want to give a slight boost to your economy early in the game. Remember that being Out of Combat means not doing anything else except movement. 

            Explore Coinmaster

            Unbroken Spirit

            Unbroken Spirit is a late game card for Khaimera to mitigate vulnerability to CC. This is a must-have card against CC-heavy compositions.

            Explore Unbroken Spirit

            Khaimera Deck #1

            Explore Deck

            Gameplay with Khaimera

            Khaimera is a strong Jungler. If you are going to play him you will need to know some Jungling basics.

            Read about the Jungle

            Early Game

            Do your Jungling stuff. Look for kills of enemies that are staying solo on the line or make ganks with your team makes randomly. Watch your safe lane for an overextended enemy to stub him from the back using the River. Always plan to appear near one of the River Buffs as soon as they re-spawn. Be a constant threat to the enemy carry and watch out for an opportunity to punish an overextended midlaner.

            Mid Game

            Pretty the same thing as in the early game. Try sneaking into the enemy's Jungle to harass their Amber Link and steal Jungle camps.

            As early as you have ~1000 HP and maxed out and Spirit Regeneration you can go for Raptors Camp.

            Late Game

            DO not initiate fights unless you are absolutely clear that this is going to be a duel. The best way to participate in team-fights is to jump in a couple of seconds after the team-fight has started. The perfect time will be with any of your teammates Ult when it is more or less clear what opponent is being focused.

            Be careful against team compositions with strong Crowd Control. Khaimera is very vulnerable to stuns and roots as they not only render you helpless against ranged Heroes but they also cause your Spirit Regeneration stacks to reset. On the other hands here are cards available to help you mitigate those situations.

            In most cases your main weapon is a combo of Ambush and Cull followed up by Unleash and Basic attacks.

            Heroes Synergy

            Khaimera and Dekker

            Caged with a beast

            Dekker's Containment Fence will simply prevent any enemy from disengaging from Khaimera except for Gideon, Muriel, Kallari, Howitzer and Steel that have Ults to be used for escape.

            Khaimera Updates

            v42.3 (Aug-29 2017)


            • Ability duration is decreased (5 → 3 seconds)

            v41.0 (Jun-27 2017)


            • Now damages only the selected target rather than dealing AOE damage upon landing
            • The slow effect is now conditional upon the damage being dealt

            v38.3 (Mar-13 2017)


            • Now grants 3 stacks of Spirit Regeneration on activation


            • Now grants 6 stacks of Spirit Regeneration on activation

            Pre-Release Reviews of Khaimera

            4 minutes yet detailed preview on Khaimera by BeanHead09.

            9 minutes preview by UnityJebro.

            Khaimera is the new hero and he's a great melee fighter. First of all a general run down and then go through his abilities.

            Khaimera uses axes to fight a melee range and feeds on the soles of his enemies to gain power. He is extremely aggressive and can initiate fights and secure kills. He has a great gap closer and also has
            great self-sustain to keep battling on.

            This is by a temporary Health Regen. So when using his basic attacks is able to temporarily regenerate his health

            Khaimera will be available on jun 21st by a paid early access.

            Let's go into the abilities and talk about him a little bit more indefinitely.

            Abilities of Khaimera Build

            Now his basic attack (Hack) obviously with the left mouse button will be a melee attack and he's going to be using his axes to deal heavy blows to his enemies.

            Right mouse button - we're going to talk about one of the strongest abilities (Ambush) so Khaimera leaps to a target enemy hero rooting that hero and dealing physical damage in an area which obviously is going to be an AOE... so good stuff. This ability is going to be a very strong. With that leap with the actual root as well you can really set things up for your team... whether or not they're going to
            come in with their own Ultimates whether or not you just want to pick that enemy
            off as well and a quick gank on the lane. This is going to be so good for initiating fights. This ability alone could really be strong for this hero.

            Three strike buff (Unleash) is up next on your queue. Khaimera's next three basic attacks do an increased percentage of damage determined by the abilities level, so obviously when you're playing the
            game and you're gaining XP you're gonna want to level this up considerably quickly as you will be able to deal and increase the amount of damage depending on the level of that skill. So that's three basic attacks obviously three swings when you press your left mouse button and that damage will be
            increased. Obviously in a battle with combination of the leap (Ambush) you're going to see that ability coming out as well. If you know that's gonna happen to you, you want to kill this guy fast basically because as soon as in a fight he's going to become very-very strong. Now this three strike buff (Unleash) goes well in terms of stacking with obviously the Warrior's sustained which is what we're going to talk about next.

            This is on his E (Spirit Regeneration) and Khaimera has this as a passive so Khaimera gains stacks of temporary health region when he lands basic attacks on an enemy.

            He is obviously strongest when is in a fight

            He's not he's not the guy who's going to be standing back and waiting for an opportune moment. He's
            gonna be a pretty much frontliner right in their faces. He's going to be initiating fights with that leap and get in there with that warrior sustain with that passive is gonna be stacking up the regen as well as using that three strike buff (Unleash) to really buff himself and grab that extra damage at the
            at the start of the fight. Or even thinking about using it at a time when the cooldowns have run out and he's able to really finish or secure a kill because he wants to get that extra burst damage coming out as well.

            So we are going to go finally on his ultimate now which is called Cull (what a name for an ultimate that's
            absolutely brilliant)

            Khaimera select an enemy hero dealing high physical damage to the hero and pushing back and slowing all other enemies

            So not only is he going to do a massive amount of damage to an enemy hero he's going to initiate a slow and a pushback which is going to interfere with their retreat or the momentum of that team coming in. It could also be used defensively I think. This is going to be really good to initiate the second uptake in the team fight because he's just going to be able to continue on and again you know this is the sustain this is his strength in battle he is a proper melee man and is going to be wanting to stay in the fight for as long as possible.

            Anonymous's picture

            How do you refresh a card`s upgrades?

            George's picture

            This is done by

            1. Dropping an equipment card with small upgrades (that you do to get to the "maxed Card bonus ASAP)
            2. Equipping a new similar card and upgrading that with better upgrades.

            So basically you need 2 identical equipment cards and 2 sets of upgrades.

            Anonymous's picture

            i dont have spikedboneplate what should i use instead ?

            George's picture

            You can use Tempered Plate 

            Chris's picture

            I dont have Strike token. Do I start with mana potion instead?

            Simone's picture

            @Chris, you could. But ideally you would want to have something to increase your damage right away.

            xpert 's picture

            how to get good cards like rust breaker and other i dont have good cards

            Simone's picture

            @xpert, here is how you can get them.

            Zarbo0504's picture

            If I don't have Rust-Breaker, what can I use?

            Immortal Suki's picture

            If u dont have rust breaker other card with physical pen is what u want or js build another damage card to make up for it.

            most ur power comes in sarly to mid game after that going tanky is a must on last 2-3 times 

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