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For the most up-to-date information please refer to the Kwang Build Guide

Guide Updated to Patch #:

Summary-King Kwong is deadly.

**This guide will need to be almost completely re-worked. I do use this current deck and will NOT be releasing a new video/updating this guide until AFTER Monolith drops-there would be no point in pre-emptively releasing material that will all soon change. Thank you for your patience**

IGN: Skarlet-rogue
Division: Gold

Hello all, i began master challenge with Kwang and i do really well in most hero-match-ups and i’ve pulled some pretty cool stuff too (hopefully i can bring you some of my footage soon) so i thought i’d share some of my success in hopes other players may find it useful.

***(Be sure to check out other Hero-Gameplay guides by Skarlet-Rose)***

Key points:
-High Damage output potential
-Amazing Crowd Control/enemy zoning
-Competent Laner (Sustainability helps)
-Competent assassin as jungler (burst damage/zoning)
-Great for securing kills
-High Sustainability

-Require’s tactical awareness much like a caster or Kallari.
-Lack of escape if committed to the assault.

He doesn’t have alot of escapes early game so i keep him out of the jungle-Kwang is an impressive laner, and can do some serious damage to the progression of the match mid-late game when utilized correctly.

Abilities Overview

If you are unfamiliar with the basic use of Kwang’s abilities, head over to Kwang’s guide for a a better grasp of Kwang’s abilities.

Slice: Basic attack, easy to coordinate 1.2 s interval to start.

Light of the heavens: Your main wave-clear ability, provides physical and energy armour, for a short time and also allows for burst damage up close or from a distance when used with Judgement of the Heavens. 256 burst damage.

Judgement of the heavens: Your most useful ability, use it to lock escaping enemies down for your team, or on the contrary-help your teammates peel. Also can be used to deal final blows at a distance is incredibly useful. ALWAYS throw your sword down with judgement of the heaves before recalling to base-make it a habit to Ultimate back into your lane especially if it is being pushed hard. This little trick will net you kills and save towers which will sway the game in your favor-a surpise ultimate on an enemy in your tower can quickly change things.
Tether time: 1.75–>2.25–>2.75–>3.25 seconds.

Gift of the Heavens: a really useful lifesteal passive early-game, and invaluable in teamfights late-game(as it buffs your teammates with lifesteal)
-Lifesteal buff to Kwang begins with 8–>10.33–>12.66–>14.99 (15)
​-Lifesteal Aura to allies 5–>6.66–>8.22–>10.88.

Fury of the Heavens: Kwang’s ultimate is what makes him deadly when used correctly-can be used to engage, lock down and secure kills, defend towers, and even escape death.

Abilities upgrade priority

R > RMB> Q > E

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
  • Upgrade your passive first(this is pertinent to our early game survival method), then your other 2 abilities in your preferred order. Then upgrade your passive again at lvl 4, then don’t touch it until lvl 13 and 14. (this will be around when we acquire thirstfang-we needed to stack damage early anyways-not lifesteal.(reference this match-guide below)
  • The rest ultimately depends if laning or enemy movement restriction is more important to you. Each upgrade to your judgement of the Heavens ability holds the enemy for significantly longer(.5 seconds/ lvl). I personally lvl prefer light of the heavens because laning and cxp is simply more important, and judgement is more of a utility move.
  • Abilities Combos

  1. (Judgement + Light) Early Game ranged attacks
    Q → RMB
    This will unsuspectingly kill enemies early game.
  2. ++Wombo combo(Judgement+Fury+Light)
    Q→ R → RMB
    Your ultimate damage output-Try to be with your team unless you have no choice-this leaves you defenseless. A great way to finish enemies or jump into teamfights (careful!).*Note-if you intend to get up close for the kill, do NOT use light of the heavens before your ultimate; Fury of the heavens-as this will break Judgement’s sword tether immediately and the enemy will have distanced themselves away from the sword just enough for you to usually miss landing your ultimate, as they will use any escape abilities they can before/after the tether breaks.*
  3. +Judgement of heaven + Fury of the heavens(defensive getaway)
    Q → RThis will only work if you have dropped your sword somewhere relatively safer than where you are, otherwise landing Judgement of heavens is your only escape.

-Kwang is a corruption with lifesteal passive that promotes survivability and has a great kit to go with high damage output because of this.

-Kwang excel’s at locking enemies down in flurries of burst damage because of his mobility, and so giving him lots of health to essentially out-burst his enemies down is an effective method.

*No one can ever guarantee fighting energy or physical at any given time-but i DO know that my health pool and damage output is going to be applied on every level.*

-The more damage Kwang does, the more he heals, the more health he has, the more he can heal. This is why i build him this way.

-I play Kwang much like an aggressive Kaihmera or Kallari- although I don’t waste time on critical chance and damage bonus with him(unless you have brightsteel plate and golden veil-which i don’t)

***(Be sure to check out other Hero-Gameplay guides by Skarlet-Rose)***

Because these are all the upgradeable cards-the order of what happens next doesn’t matter and is up to you. You’ll have 39 CXP.

This gives you:
Health: 900 Additional health/ 2960 Total
Damage: 186 damage–> 199.6 /attack (200 on-screen)
Attackspeed: 44–> 152.4 base attack speed (confirmed with lvl scaling)
Lifesteal: 27.5-40 (passive not displayed) (100 hp per hit w/ no armour)
42.5-55 = 
15(passive)+ 15(Dreadfeast relic+ 12.5 active)+ 12.5(Thirstfang)
Mana: 150 extra–>550.8 total

Additional abilities:
-Shred 80 physical armour on hit with ability for 6 seconds (CD: 45s)

-Grants additional 12.5 lifesteal to marked target on hit with ability for 4 seconds-                 marks the target (CD: 120s)

**Ideally with Kwangs passive we should see 42.5-55 = 15(passive)+ 15(Dreadfeast relic+ 12.5 active)+ 12.5(Thirstfang). However this is not the case, and is currently unconfirmed with EPIC.**

Jungling: Take my advice and do not jungle alone with Kwang until the camps stack lvl 3 or mid-game. If you do-always be with someone. Kwang passive aura to teammates and ability to lock enemies down will ensure kills-great for co-ganking should it happen, but he is quite vulnerable to deathball ganks alone in the jungle as he lacks a true escape move.

Laning: As described above Kwang excels at laning. He also is a formidable ganker, especially with another teammate-never be afraid to go defend/ gank a tower if yours is well-pushed, for Kwang can do both well, and without losing too much health due to his passive. Just stay out of the jungle until you have your ultimate and can take camps down more easily (just after Windcarver Blade upgrades)

Interchangeability: I keep a 9-12 point Silverspear  in my deck with 2 strikes(2,2,3,3) and 1 mana(2,3) in case NO-ONE is building armour on the enemy team-so i can have a bit more mana, health regen, and keep my damage.
-Also, grabbing Offensive Maneuvers early game will help you tons if you have it, discard it later when you need the cxp for health or stack more damage.

***(Be sure to check out other Hero-Gameplay guides by Skarlet-Rogue)***

Early Game
-Early game you should stick to your lane-upgrading Kwang’s passive, a health potion and a healer token will give you plenty of life to get to level 5 and at least 6-9 cards first visit if you play smart and don’t push too hard.  Once you start hitting a bit harder and faster it becomes easier to move around because you’ll be healing more and really farming last hits. Use your ranged combo  to secure a kill as soon as you see a teammate going for the assault. This will keep you dangerous at a distance early game. Try to save your mana until you complete the brawler’s ward.

Mid Game-Black Buff Surprise
By this time we should have at least 3 fully upgraded cards, Brawler’s Ward, Windcarver Blade and Amulet of the Veteran and can start hitting camps if you desire now-Which means we are doing damage and with alot of presence because of our health and our passive. You should be looking for enemies or carry’s to lock down or initiate for your team.

-Because we now have presence; ALWAYS throw your sword down with judgement of the heaven before recalling to base-make it a habit to Ultimate back into your lane if you need to especially if it is being pushed hard, or to at least have you sword somewhere you think would be in your favor. This little trick will net you kills and save towers which will sway the game in your favor-a surprise ultimate on an enemy in your own tower can quickly change things.

*This manuever on an empty lane while possessing a black buff can be devastating if the enemy team is too careless-especially after the latest patch regarding towers*

Late game-Your role in teamfights
-This build is an assassination powerhouse that is great at engaging, and chances are there are very few heroes who can 1v1 and kill you before you do them at this point, but you are no tank so you still need to play tactically and smart. You’re shredding enemy armour while further stacking damage and additional lifesteal burst to help you and allies in teamfights or duels.

-It is key you remember to use Scourging tails on targets that actually invested in armour to help your team deathball them, or to target whoever they are currently after and lock them down.

-Use Dreadfeast relic immediately every time you decide to engage-especially low-health duels-you WILL come out ontop.

-Always be looking for squishy heroes to lock down,   and once again you can become real crafty with black buff and your teleportation ult here, as you can unsuspectingly rush towers or inhibitors from across them map when enemies are out of position and you can do so safely.


  1. Q:Why not build Kwang with Critical damage and bonus damage?
    A: In the end-this build isn’t fruitful as it SEEMS unless you focus entirely on damage output, crit chance and crit bonus AND attackspeed-which leaves holes in every other aspect of your game(being your health and at least a little mana for abilities. If you lack the health to stick around long enough to damage you will die-you have no real escapes without sacrificing your ultimate-so this is a far-less gratifying experience than it seems. leave crit chance to FURY affinity heroes, like Kaihmera or Grux, who’s kit’s are more accentuated to hitting faster and harder, and make use of unique cards from corruption or order.
    Kwangs strength is his sustainability combined with damage output-so he needs to be doing certain damage instead of chanced damage. which is why i build him this way.  All crit cards can be put towards health and damage instead. Cannot afford kills on chances, with no getaways.
    I’ve tried. Was far more successful going away from crit and focusing on health and damage.2. Q: Why not build Kwang with a bit of armour?
    A: you totally can!
    I simply do not(because i lack tempered plate and golden veil-these are the only 2 i would get if i did) as it brings too much question of balance in the game, i cannot garauntee fighting energy or physical at any given time-but i DO know that my health pool and damage output is going to be applied on every level. This is why i build him this way. The more damage Kwang does, the more he heals, the more health he has, the more he can heal.3. Q: WHY would i not be using FONT OF RAPTURE?
    A: Because i don’t have it. That is the only good reason any Kwang user should not be using this card. If i had this card i would instantly make a change to this deck.***(Be sure to check out other Hero-Gameplay guides by Skarlet-Rose)***Farewell and have fun with this XD
    That’s my strategy guys, i find it works-lemme know how it goes for you or anything you’d like to add or even have idea’s to share!
    If you like the build and it’s guide to play–be sure to upvote the guide so others can more easily take advantage!!

    *Will be adding final statistics, dmg, Lifesteal, etc.*

    I will continue to pour effort and new information as i learn it-i hope some of the tips help!! 😀

    ***(Be sure to check out other Hero-Gameplay guides by Skarlet-Rose)***

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