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IGN: OmegaIceman ( PS4 - North America )
Aurora, Feng Mao, Morigesh, Narbash, Sevarog, Shinbi, Yin
Comment: Looking for smart players, tired of bad randoms.. psn Adonisflow
IGN: RascallacsaR ( PC - North America )
Lt. Belica, Morigesh, Rampage, Serath, Sparrow, Steel, TwinBlast
Comment: RascallacsaR#4962 on Discord. I'm a League of Legends xfer that plays PVP FOR FUN and as practice and only take RANKED games seriously. If you crap ur britches over a regular PVP loss I'm not ur guy. I will always try to win though.
IGN: bradalermann ( PS4 - North America )
Feng Mao, Greystone, Howitzer, Kwang, Lt. Belica, Murdock, Rampage, Revenant, Serath, Steel, TwinBlast
Comment: The randoms are bad nowadays.
IGN: Dre__93 ( PS4 - Europe )
Aurora, Countess, Kallari, Khaimera, Shinbi, Sparrow
Comment: add me need a team
IGN: terrencebubblez ( PC - North America )
Comment: add terrencebubblez for good bubbles rightlane
IGN: Jji_13 ( PS4 - Europe )
Countess, Gideon, Howitzer, Yin
Comment: Hey, would like to play along dekker and aurora as howitzer. Hit me up jji_13
IGN: DC_Charlie ( PC - Europe )
All Heroes
Comment: New to paragon and juts looking for a group to play with.
IGN: ragnarr69 ( PS4 - North America )
Gideon, Khaimera, Morigesh, Narbash, Sevarog
Comment: psn name TheCosmicTaco, messgae me inv tierd of these solo ques. plesss have mic
IGN: tgallick ( PS4 - North America )
Kallari, Kwang, TwinBlast
Comment: Check out twitch tgallick_axis_gaming
IGN: derrickwest60 ( PS4 - North America )
Dekker, Gideon, Greystone, Khaimera, Kwang, Lt. Belica, Murdock, TwinBlast, Yin
Comment: Streaming now on twitch @exiled_x w/ tgallick_axis_gaming looking for 3 more experienced players
IGN: free the box ( PC - North America )
All Heroes
Comment: just getting back into this game after not playing for a while, looking for a chill group with mics
IGN: lonelylonewolf ( PC - North America )
All Heroes
Comment: Add me I have a mic
IGN: Bdmhg ( PC - North America )
All Heroes
IGN: falling564 ( PS4 - North America )
Aurora, Feng Mao, GRIM.exe, Morigesh, Muriel, Riktor
Comment: I play any role I'm just so tired of randoms not knowing how to run a lane, I normally main support or left but my adc ends at 700 damage and is just overall ungodly
IGN: Azulla Balouga ( PC - North America )
Gadget, Lt. Belica, Morigesh, Muriel
IGN: mprhollander ( PS4 - Europe )
Comment: Op zoek naar Nederlandse spelers om ons team aan te vullen
IGN: Aguyonachair ( PS4 - North America )
Greystone, Khaimera, Morigesh, Murdock, Yin
Comment: Add me: Aguyinachair
IGN: Saturnbaby ( PS4 - North America )
Aurora, Crunch, Fey, Iggy&Scorch, Shinbi, Sparrow, Yin
Comment: I'm working my way up to take over Agora.
IGN: Rapidillusions ( PC - North America )
Dekker, Gadget, Gideon, Greystone, Kallari, Morigesh, TwinBlast
IGN: Cblessing92 ( PS4 - North America )
Aurora, Greystone, Grux, Iggy&Scorch, Khaimera, Serath, Yin
Comment: Add me psn: PurpleBlessing