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IGN: Sunbreaker123123 ( PC - North America )
Gadget, Greystone, Khaimera, Kwang, Muriel
Comment: I prefer jung but can solo mid and support. I have no mic but know the VGS system well h
IGN: thegamingpoo ( PS4 - North America )
Crunch, Khaimera, Kwang, Serath, Sevarog, Wukong
Comment: Send me a message need team
IGN: English1973 ( PS4 - North America )
All Heroes
Comment: I mainly offlane and carry but i can also do supp i dont really like the jungle or mid like that but i can mix it up if i have to im a silver elo but thats only cause my teamates be scrubs and i cant carry them so anyone moderatly good feel free to hmu
IGN: MindElixer77 ( PC - North America )
Greystone, Kallari, Rampage, Terra, Wraith, Wukong
Comment: im kinda new and just need mre active friends to play with
IGN: Senor_T_Baggins ( PS4 - North America )
Greystone, Khaimera, TwinBlast, Wraith
Comment: I can play, mid,carry,solo, or jungle, silver tier
IGN: L- -B ( PC - Europe )
Kallari, Murdock, Phase, Sparrow
Comment: Looking to group with a pre made of friendly competent players on a consistent basis. I have Discord and I'm from the UK (English)
IGN: Ha1dir ( PC - Europe )
Comment: Hey, I am pretty new to this game and I would like to play with friendly and non-toxic people. My english in not ideal, but it's pretty enough to communicate.
IGN: Soracchii ( PC - Europe )
Shinbi, Sparrow, Yin
Comment: I just started this game Recently and would like to play with some friendly people :)
IGN: NA ( PS4 - North America )
Aurora, Feng Mao, Gideon, Greystone, Grux, Kallari, Khaimera, Kwang, Lt. Belica, Morigesh, Murdock, Muriel, Phase, Serath, Sevarog, Shinbi, Sparrow, Steel, Terra, The Fey, TwinBlast, Wraith, Wukong, Yin, Zinx
Comment: My stats don't lie, I love this game, need others to play with that also love this game and are willing to communicate well in game and play as a team, please send me a request, you won't regret it
IGN: Dapikus ( PC - Europe )
Gideon, Phase
Comment: New to the game and would like some people to play with / develop my skills with.
IGN: Alienzombie2012 ( PS4 - North America )
Aurora, Gideon, Khaimera, Revenant, The Fey
IGN: Sensei_jay ( PS4 - North America )
Countess, Gideon, Kallari, Khaimera, Kwang, Morigesh, Wraith, Wukong
Comment: Eli 1400-1500 psn sensei_jay or jerome_justice
IGN: Spiffy213 ( PC - North America )
Gideon, Kwang, Murdock, Phase
Comment: Just started playing recently so looking for more players to learn and grow with.
IGN: its.rayne ( PC - North America )
Comment: Looking for a group that I can play solo lane in.
IGN: SFODD1 ( PS4 - North America )
Crunch, Feng Mao, Gideon, Greystone, Grux, Kallari, Kwang, Morigesh, Murdock, Muriel, Rampage, Revenant, Riktor, Sevarog, Steel, TwinBlast, Wraith, Wukong
Comment: Lfg can play any role in compliment to team's playstyle. Very much need a team of players who understand game dynamics.
IGN: I am Viciious ( PC - North America )
Gideon, Kallari, Khaimera, Phase, Terra
Comment: Just trying to actually have a team
IGN: Betta_then_u_19 ( PS4 - North America )
Aurora, Gadget, Gideon, Greystone, Grux, Iggy&Scorch, Kallari, Narbash, Phase, Rampage, Sparrow, Steel, Terra, Wraith, Wukong
Comment: Lfg experienced all lanes
IGN: K-Mun ( PS4 - North America )
Comment: Team of 3 that got the game recently however play every single night together are looking for a support & solo lane to fill out our team! Please join us anytime, we are always on. Message me: K-Mun
IGN: ViciousVictor2 ( PS4 - North America )
Drongo, Iggy&Scorch, Kwang
Comment: Looking for solid group that can help teach me some more, want to start winning pvp
IGN: Kerza126 ( PC - North America )
Comment: just lookin for a group