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IGN: Apparantly_salty ( PS4 - North America )
Fey, Muriel, Serath
Comment: Just a few times a week, and english and fench speaking : )
IGN: RiZeN_LeGiOnS ( PS4 - North America )
Aurora, Gideon, Murdock, Serath
Comment: Competitive but relaxed. Looking for some better players. Recovering account. Been a while since ive played. Looking to go big. PSN is the same. Just msg me. :)
IGN: FeeD-ME1337 ( PS4 - Europe )
Aurora, Countess, Khaimera, Murdock, TwinBlast
Comment: Suchen leute mit denen man gemütlich zocken kann/ Braucht mic.
IGN: Chrixus1 ( PS4 - North America )
Countess, Dekker, Gideon, Greystone, Kallari, Khaimera, Lt. Belica, Murdock, Rampage, TwinBlast
Comment: me and my bro are silver elo players that play all throughout the week we're lookin for silvers n chilled people to play with, we're big into paragon and we need friends to play the game better and have fun in the games. mic would be great, message me :)
IGN: Wickedreflexes ( PS4 - North America )
Aurora, Countess, Dekker, Fey, Gadget, Gideon, Greystone, Grux, Howitzer, Kallari, Kwang, Lt. Belica, Murdock, Muriel, Rampage, Riktor, Serath, Sevarog, Sparrow, TwinBlast
Comment: If anyone here looking for a team on ps4 give me a message got 5-10 people usually in a party can always use a extra my elo is 1531 platinum right now paragon n psn are the same
IGN: Outochmytralala ( PS4 - North America )
Gadget, Gideon, Greystone, Howitzer, Iggy&Scorch, Khaimera, Lt. Belica, Murdock, Muriel, Riktor, Steel
Comment: Looking for people to play with for fun and competitively psn: outochmytralala
IGN: heritage88 ( PS4 - North America )
Dekker, Serath, Sevarog, Shinbi, Sparrow
Comment: My psn is WolfLyric but its not linked with my epic account or I dont't know lol. Trying to play team games at high level. not sure what my elo or league is
IGN: fathom-eradain ( PS4 - North America )
Dekker, Iggy&Scorch, Murdock
Comment: Took a break right before Kwang was released. Just now trying get back into it and adjust to the new meta. Looking for good communication and team comp.
IGN: Ninkay ( PC - Europe )
All Heroes
Comment: Im new and am looking for someone to play with and learn the game!
IGN: Yewsten ( PC - North America )
Comment: Mainly playing Howie, want to get good and keep strong. Let's play!
IGN: Highspeedkush ( PC - North America )
Crunch, Dekker, Feng Mao, GRIM.exe, Grux, Kallari, Shinbi, Sparrow
Comment: Add highspeedkush on ps4 for party chat. looking for duo or a full team. Regardless my kallari jungle is impeccable but I'm versatile for any lane
IGN: Pajos ( PC - Europe )
Crunch, Greystone
Comment: Hi, 1400 ELO, LF group with brain.
IGN: Agent_faded ( PS4 - North America )
Aurora, Dekker, Greystone, Howitzer, Kwang, Lt. Belica, Murdock
Comment: Currently in gold top 5%. Looking to build a team of smart players that want to play at an advanced level, I Main aurora and Greystone. I prefer to offlane if possible but know all roles. Add me if you are interesed or want more info.
IGN: Fmcsantana ( PS4 - North America )
Countess, Fey, Greystone
Comment: Gold tier looking for competitive team.
IGN: Tekatokikuta28 ( PS4 - North America )
Dekker, Gideon, Greystone
Comment: Looking for a chill group, I'm at silver with my Elo and slowly getting to gold
IGN: Maicherinho ( PS4 - Europe )
Aurora, Dekker, Gadget, Gideon, Greystone, Grux, Khaimera, Murdock
Comment: Looking for some mates, because Solo queue sucks. Went down from 1400 elo to 1240 due to disconnecters, afklers, players with 5 games on their record etc. I can play all lanes, have an mic and good decks for each hero. Add me on PSN
IGN: AmnesiaHaze47 ( PC - North America )
Countess, Crunch, Greystone, Kallari, Sevarog
Comment: Exclusively jungle player
IGN: Yido-Jay ( PS4 - Europe )
Comment: Looking to improve with group
IGN: Boyed ( PS4 - North America )
Countess, Iggy&Scorch, Khaimera, Muriel, Shinbi
Comment: Looking for a solid team to play with, best with Countess. Willing to learn other heroes for a serious team though.
IGN: Suche Gruppe um nicht mehr mit randoms z ( PS4 - Europe )
Aurora, Greystone, Khaimera, Shinbi