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IGN: adr6616 ( PS4 - North America )
Countess, Feng Mao, Gadget, Gideon, Howitzer, Iggy&Scorch, Khaimera, Lt. Belica, Morigesh, Murdock, Phase, Revenant, Serath, Sparrow, Yin
Comment: looking for a group to play with, I sick of the feeding randoms.
IGN: DeadlyCharade ( PS4 - Europe )
Aurora, Gadget, Gideon, Howitzer, Lt. Belica, Murdock, Revenant, Serath, Shinbi, Sparrow
Comment: Looking for a fun team pref Eng lang
IGN: Blind Man ( PC - North America )
Kallari, Kwang, Murdock, TwinBlast
Comment: Looking for intermediate players who can teach me and to just create a dependent team. Preferable if you have Discord!
IGN: ThaicrellCraven ( PS4 - North America )
Aurora, Feng Mao, Lt. Belica, Morigesh, Phase, Serath, Shinbi, Yin
Comment: Casual player looking to move from PvE to PvP. Nothing to serious just looking for a group to enjoy the game with send a friend request or party invite
IGN: Tylerdawn ( PS4 - Europe )
All Heroes
Comment: Just looking for people to play a game with not amazing player still learning the game but I'm not bad I think
IGN: Frazl dazl ( PC - Europe )
Countess, Khaimera, Morigesh, Revenant, Sparrow
Comment: Looking for players who know how to play and control lanes. Add me and let's get some wins! :D
IGN: Aginsur ( PS4 - Europe )
Dekker, Gideon, Greystone, Grux, Howitzer, Khaimera, Kwang, Lt. Belica, Morigesh, Murdock, Phase, Revenant, Sevarog, Steel
Comment: Lvl 43 high silver low gold elo, looking for some players with comparable ratings to team up with, PSN is same as IGN.
IGN: Justinkayne88 ( PS4 - North America )
Greystone, Morigesh
Comment: Looking for good players
IGN: Papacheesenip ( PS4 - North America )
Crunch, Dekker, Gideon, Grux, Kwang, Phase, Rampage, Revenant, Sevarog, Yin
Comment: Looking for a group to play with and have fun
IGN: jiveturkey_707 ( PS4 - North America )
All Heroes
Comment: Support/Mid/Jungle/Off/Carry are my strengths in order. PST time
IGN: PrOyKaEnR91 ( PS4 - Europe )
Aurora, Countess, Kallari, Khaimera, Revenant
Comment: I am silver? Played every game as a solo player so my win/loss pretty much depends on the luck of matchmaking, Almost always have a decent k/d... Looking to play with people who know what they're doing so I don't lose because of a poor team. I have a mic.
IGN: bring-thepain123 ( PS4 - North America )
Countess, Greystone, Khaimera, Murdock, Phase, Revenant
Comment: Been playing paragon for a long time and just want some people to run with instead of randoms ps4 name is bring-thepain123
IGN: Hybridz ( PS4 - Europe )
All Heroes
Comment: Add me. Im half decent ;)
IGN: KingGeorgethird ( PS4 - North America )
Aurora, Countess, Fey, Kallari, Morigesh, Muriel, Phase, Revenant, Sevarog, Shinbi, Sparrow
Comment: Add me...Tired of solo q. Looking for a full team to climb the ranks my strengths are support and jungle but i can play any lane. PSN is KingGeorgethird if you wanna add me there
IGN: Agent_Kyoto ( PS4 - Europe )
Countess, Khaimera, Serath, Sparrow
Comment: Hey everyone! I'm looking for good people to play with. I've just started a second psn so I'm not a very high level anymore but still good. I can play carry and jungle well and any lane! feel free to add me if your looking for people as well! ;)
IGN: bongerjam ( PS4 - Europe )
Countess, Feng Mao, Greystone, Grux, Khaimera, Kwang, Morigesh, Murdock, Narbash, Phase, Rampage, Revenant, Serath, Sevarog, TwinBlast, Yin
Comment: Lvl50 Mid-Gold player lookin for GOOD smart team m8s add bongerjam mic or no mic LET'S FOOKIN GO
IGN: bluesteel22 ( PC - North America )
Feng Mao, Greystone, Khaimera, Murdock, Revenant, TwinBlast
IGN: Furyflyer ( PS4 - North America )
All Heroes
Comment: Trying to host a private match need 1 player of gold elo or higher to join msg me on psn name is furyflyer-gc... Mic required
IGN: Zuimiimi ( PC - North America )
Countess, Crunch, Dekker, Feng Mao, Fey, Gadget, Gideon, Greystone, Grux, Howitzer, Iggy&Scorch, Khaimera, Kwang, Lt. Belica, Morigesh, Murdock, Muriel, Narbash, Phase, Revenant, Serath, Sevarog, Sparrow, Steel, TwinBlast
Comment: Looking for experienced players to have some casual fun as we climb the ranks. Currently Gold 1345, and climbing. I prefer to play Support/Mid/Jungle but I can really play anything. I have discord for coms, and I usually play everyday after 4:30pm Eastern
IGN: 0---Flex---0 ( PS4 - Europe )
Aurora, Grux, Khaimera, Rampage, TwinBlast
Comment: add: 0---Flex---0 im lvl 29 and lfg