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IGN: Spets_1 ( PC - North America )
Aurora, Countess, Feng Mao, Greystone, Iggy&Scorch, Shinbi, Yin
Comment: LFG. Mainly play offlane with Aurora as my main.
IGN: The_Zombie ( PC - North America )
Drongo, Kallari, Revenant, Wukong
Comment: I'm a decent carry, can also play jungle. Looking for players to play with.
IGN: Ncrypted ( PC - Europe )
Feng Mao, Kwang, Sevarog
Comment: Kind of new to the game, would love to learn more about how to play offlane. if you'd like to play just add me in the epic games launcher
IGN: silverwar1990 ( PS4 - North America )
Dekker, Muriel, Narbash, Phase, Steel
Comment: looking for people to consistently stack with tired of solo que I'm gold looking for people that want to climb the ranks. I main support but can flex if needed my psn and ign is silverwar1990 hmu!
IGN: Rasphemy ( PS4 - Europe )
Gadget, Kallari, Murdock
IGN: Grimmijow11 /psn Haganator4 ( PS4 - North America )
Grim.EXE, Iggy&Scorch, Kwang, Phase, Rampage, Riktor, TwinBlast, Wukong, Yin
IGN: Miticcio ( PC - Europe )
Aurora, Countess, Morigesh, Phase, Serath, Shinbi, Yin, Zinx
Comment: I'm searching for europe group, main language: Italian, English.
IGN: KnightSilias ( PC - North America )
Lt. Belica, Narbash, Wraith
Comment: Looking for a group and a good time
IGN: stephburn ( PS4 - North America )
Crunch, Feng Mao, Kwang, Riktor, The Fey
Comment: Just looking to have a good time. New players or experienced, does not matter. As long as you are not toxic and willing to learn.
IGN: LoneWolfV ( PC - North America )
Revenant, Sparrow, TwinBlast
Comment: Looking for anyone really. I'm a ADC/Safe Lane player that can dabble a bit in the midlane. Feel free to add me or join my discord
IGN: BrickHouse0 ( PS4 - North America )
Feng Mao, Kwang, Revenant, TwinBlast, Wukong
Comment: Have a crew that's looking for team based, non toxic players. Specifically seeking GREAT Mid Laner or Support. We will def help teach you decks and positions!
IGN: Lancepls ( PC - North America )
All Heroes
Comment: Looking for people to play with basically, solo q kills me on the inside.
IGN: Labradox ( PC - Europe )
Gadget, Lt. Belica, Murdock, Sparrow, The Fey, TwinBlast, Wraith
Comment: Mostly play ADC but can also play Mid Lane, been playing since early access so know how to play
IGN: EliteSpartan008 ( PC - North America )
Drongo, Gideon, Greystone, Kallari, Murdock, TwinBlast
Comment: I am a low gold so I need teammates so I don't have to solo and duo queue. Looking for support, midlane, and carry. (I main jungle, but I can take carry If you jungle.) [I have an offlaner but backups won't bother me]
IGN: User2213101750 ( PC - North America )
The Fey
Comment: Free carries
IGN: PraiseLordCthulu ( PS4 - North America )
Grux, Morigesh, Revenant
Comment: Looking for other seasoned players to team up with the toxic solo que has started to ruin the game for me, i want to get back in to it. Really good with mori mid atm
IGN: BoosterPoPo91 ( PC - North America )
Aurora, Crunch, Dekker, Drongo, Feng Mao, Gadget, Gideon, Greystone, Grim.EXE, Grux, Howitzer, Iggy&Scorch, Kallari, Khaimera, Kwang, Lt. Belica, Murdock, Muriel, Narbash, Rampage, Revenant, Riktor, Serath, Sevarog, Sparrow, Steel, TwinBlast, Wukong, Yin
Comment: looking for a team, prefer carry, off or supp. jungle if i have to
IGN: Qelil ( PS4 - North America )
Khaimera, Sparrow
Comment: Looking for more people to play with to keep from solo q. Have mic will travel
IGN: ExG-Fade ( PC - North America )
Drongo, Feng Mao, Iggy&Scorch, Khaimera, Rampage, Revenant, Sevarog, Sparrow, Wukong
Comment: Looking for people to play with, would love to start a team! Dont care to have toxic people im still fairly new lvl 16 atm i played alot of smite i was very good at it. im a all around player.
IGN: Leanymary ( PC - North America )
Iggy&Scorch, Morigesh, Revenant, Wukong
Comment: Looking for people to play with, I speak french so my english is very avrage. I can voice chat on discord. Just bored to solo queue !! :)