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Murdock Build Guide

Murdock Build Guide

This is a community-driven one-for-all Murdock build guide. You are welcome to update it if you see any aspect of his gameplay is missed. All updates are moderated.

Last update Feb-07: Updates for .37.1

This guide is being updated to align with the Monolith update. Feel free to read it through and ask your questions here or at our Discord server.

Table of Contents

  1. TL;DR
  2. Overview
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
  3. Abilities Analysis
  4. Deck Considerations
  5. Build #1 (Balanced Crit + LS + AS)
  6. Build #2
  7. Gameplay
    1. Early Game
    2. Mid Game
    3. Late Game
    4. Tips and Tricks
  8. Heroes Synergy

TL;DR on Murdock

Murdock is a Ranger who relies on his basic attacks to deal high single target damage. Murdock's abilities offer different types of utility and allow him to lane safely.

When playing Murdock, focus on Power and Critical Strike Chance.

Murdock may shoot slower than other Rangers but he hits like a truck.

Use your Static Trap to secure key pathways or control an area. Buckshot deals damage in a cone and can be used to push objectives. If an enemy decides to jump you, use your Move Along to knock them back.

Murdock's Ultimate, Long Arm of the Law, is a powerful laser that can hit enemies a lane away. It also passes through any enemy, object or terrain. Use your Ultimate to pick off low-health targets, push enemies back or even support allies in a teamfight.

Late game, approach fights carefully, analyze the threat and eliminate the enemy. Plan your attacks to get the upper hand on your enemy.

Murdock Overview

Murdock's Strengths

  1. High single target damage
  2. Versatile disengage tools

Murdock's Weaknesses

  1. Squishy as all ADCs
  2. Has no escape abilities at all.

Murdock's Abilities Analysis

- Plasma Bolt (Basic Attack)

Ranged basic attack dealing Basic Damage.

  • Base damage is 58 and increases by 2 each Hero level up to 86 at level 15.
  • Attack speed increases with Hero level.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 100%.

- Move Along (Alternate Ability)

Deals Ability Damage to heroes and displaces all enemies in range. Displaced enemies are moved, but their abilities are not interrupted.

  • Base damage is 40 and increases by 40 each ability level up to 160 at level 4.
  • Base cooldown is 21 seconds and decreases by 3 each ability level down to 12 seconds at level 4.
  • Base cost is 75 Mana and increases by 5 each ability level up to 90 Mana at level 4.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 20%.

What this actually means is that he pushes enemies back if they stay close to him. Move Along is a good disengage tool. In rare cases it can be used offensively if you push an enemy into the range of your tower or onto your own Static Trap. This way it would be similar to what Steel players do with their Charge ability.

Note that Move Along does not work on Jungle minions, even though it works on Lane Minions.

- Buckshot (Primary Ability)

Fires a blast in a cone that deals Ability Damage and shreds Basic Armor for 4 seconds.

  • Base damage is 60 and increases by 45 each ability level up to 195 at level 4.
  • Base cost is 50 Mana and increases by 10 each ability level up to 80 Mana at level 4.
  • Base Basic Armor shred is 5 and increases by 5 each ability level up to 20 at level 4.
  • Cooldown remains constant 10 seconds at all ability levels.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 60%.

This is a short range AOE damage ability with significant impact. It shreds Armor making your Plasma Bolt to hit harder and making enemy more vulnerable to any incoming Basic Damage.

Buckshot does not interrupt Plasma Bolt's reload time so you can use Bolt-Buckshot-Bolt without loosing fire rate.

It can also be used during Laning to clean waves of minions quickly.

- Static Trap (Secondary Ability)

Murdock throws a trap on the ground that activates after 3.25 seconds. Enemy heroes stepping on the trap will take Ability Damage and be rooted for a short period of time. The traps duration increases with each ability level up as well as the amount of mines simultaneously placed in the world. Traps may not be placed on top of each other. 

  • Base damage is 40 and increases by 20 each ability level up to 100 at level 4.
  • Base Root duration is 1.1 seconds and increases by 0.3 each ability level up to 2 seconds at level 4.
  • Base trap duration is 30 seconds and increases by 10 each ability level up to 60 seconds at level 4.
  • Base amount of mines that can be simultaneously placed in the world is 1|1|2|3.
  • Cost remains constant 80 Mana at all ability levels.
  • Cooldown remains constant 20 seconds at all ability levels.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 40%.

Murdock's backdoor preventing tool. Should be positioned on narrow areas to prevent enemies from jumping in quickly. In very rare cases can be placed during a team fight behind the enemy to prevent their retreat.

Put Traps in advance in key narrow points of the map in places you can be backdoored from.

Does damage and applies Stun, good way to kite an opponent when your shield is down or after you use the shield to push them back. In addition to dealing damage and Stun a trap will make a sound to the Murdoc player no matter where he is. So it's good to pay attention to these sounds to be able to pull back on time.

Trap disappears with time so make sure they are renewed in a timely manner.

When an enemy is hit by the Static Trap anywhere on the map a Murdock player will hear a specific sound.

- Long Arm of the Law (Ultimate Ability)

Murdock takes a knee and zooms in on a distant target. Upon confirming, Murdock fires a long range laser from his gun that passes through any enemy, object or terrain. Ignores Hero armor.

  • Base damage is 180 and increases by 60 each ability level up to 300 at level 3.
  • Base cooldown is 90 seconds and decreases by 10 each ability level down to 70 seconds at level 3.
  • Cost remains constant 75 Mana at all ability levels.
  • Ability Card scaling factor is 75%.

The longest damage dealing ability in Paragon so far. Murdock can reach anyone anywhere. Long Arm of the Law can be used not only to support allies on a neighbor lane but also for picking off an enemy who has left a fight on low HP but didn't retreat too far to teleport to the base. If you manage to see this enemy you can shoot through anything and get a kill.

Additionally this ultimate can finish structures and although it is not what you normally want to do using Long Arm of the Law on structures may bring you win. See an example below:

Murdock's Deck Considerations

Coming soon

Core Cards for Murdock

Coming soon

Murdock Build #1 (Balanced Crit + LS + AS)


Starter Hand

Bump Juice Madstone Gem

Build Order

+ Micro-NukeMinor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

+ Blade of AgoraMinor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

Madstone Gem

+ Impact HammerMajor Wound Wound Cast

Bump Juice

+ Blink Charm

+ Impact HammerMajor Cast Major Cast Major Cast

+ Whirling WandVicious Kinetic Major Cast Major Cast


+ Brand of the IroneaterDrain Wound Drain

Impact Hammer (6)

+ Impact HammerMajor Cast Major Wound Major Wound

Final hand

Blink Charm

Whirling WandVicious Kinetic Major Cast Major Cast

Impact HammerMajor Cast Major Wound Major Wound

Blade of AgoraMinor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

Brand of the IroneaterDrain Wound Drain

Impact HammerMajor Cast Major Cast Major Cast

Murdock Build #2 (Coming soon)

Starter Hand

Build Order

Final hand

Gameplay with Murdock

Early Game

As always it is good to take Red buff to help with early laning phase and receive quick CP. Use your Static Trap to ensure an enemy team is not ganking while your team is doing this objective. Early game it is easier to take either side lane since it is easier to cover ramps with Static Traps. In the middle lane you might need up to 5 traps to protect yourself.

Mid Game

When you get your ultimate you have possibility to join any teamfight while staying on a lane. Make sure your teammates know if you are going to rotate to join a teamfight or if you are planning to stay laning. One of your main goals in the mid game will be getting CP as fast as possible to be more impactful.

Late Game

Time for joining teamfights if you are not doing so. If you have significant CP lead you will be melting down opponents. But make sure you have enough protection from your allies. Never dive in since your Shield Block works OK against a single enemy but will not help against two or more unless you are extremely lucky guy.

Tips and Tricks with Murdock

  • If you are about to use your Move Along try to aim so that your enemy is pushed towards a ledge. If you are lucky enough your enemy will fall and will not be able to continue chasing and hitting you.
  • During laning phase cover lane ramps with Static Traps to prevent ganking
  • When playing against Greystone and see his Reforged Ultimate Activated, put a Static Trap right on him so that he's instantly slowed down after coming back to life.

Heroes Synergy

  • Murdock works well with any support hero early game since they help to lane more effectively which gives advantage in the late game.
  • Any Hero with Stun abilities is also a good combo since it minimizes possibility to miss Long Arm of the Law.

Murdock and Dekker

Stasis Sentence

Dekker's Stasis Bomb makes a perfect target for landing a precise Long Arm of the Law. Prepare your ultimate in advance and monitor enemy movements. You will clearly see when Dekker applies her Bomb and an enemy she was able to hit. Land your ultimate instantly.

Murdock and Steel

Slam Sentence

Similar to what's described above for Dekker. When Steel charges up for his Shield Slam you need to select a target in range of his ultimate and shoot right when they are knockedup. Aim at legs so that you target is perfectly in the middle of your laser when they are back down to the ground.

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