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Narbash Build Guide

Table of Contents

  1. TL;DR
  2. Overview
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
  3. Abilities Analysis
  4. Deck Considerations
  5. Deck Build #1
  6. Gameplay
    1. Early Game
    2. Mid Game
    3. Late Game
    4. Tips and Tricks
  7. Heroes Synergy

TL;DR on Narbash

Narbash is a melee caster who uses the power of his drums to support his allies. Utilizing different types of utility and a variety of melodies, Narbash inspires his team to march into combat and overtake his enemies.

Focus on buying cards that increase your Mana and Resistances.

Narbash always has a shuffle in his step, so use his rhythm to set tempo of your match. When you need to inspire your team in the heat of battle use the "Song of My People" to grant bonus health regen to nearby allies and yourself.

Narbash's drumsticks are for more than just keeping the beat, use "Thunk" to stun an enemy, allowing a teammate to move in for the kill.

"March!" will grant movespeed to nearby allies, allowing you and your comrades to charge into battle!

And finally your ultimate "Crash Bang Boom!" will allow you to drop the bass on your opponents. Narbash will deal continuous damage around him slowing enemies and ending with a colossal knockup.

When playing Narbash be ready to lead your team into glorious combat. Use March! to overtake enemies or to make a quick escape. Save Thunk to interrupt key enemy ultimates or to stun an incoming threat. And when you're ready to stop the show, lay down the beat with Crash Bang Boom! to disrupt teamfights.

Lore of Narbash

Coming soon

Narbash Overview

Narbash's Strengths

  1. Very versatile battlefield control Hero packed with team buff and enemy disruption abilities.

Narbash's Weaknesses

  1. Limited escape abilities.
  2. Requires constant control of his Mana pool.
  3. Dependent on teamplay.

Narbash's Abilities Analysis


Melee basic attack dealing Basic Damage.


    Alternate Ability. Throw a drumstick that deals Ability Damage and stuns enemies for a short period of time.

      Similar to Dekker's Stasis Bomb and with pretty the same utility (but much easier to aim). Use it to stun and "prepare" an enemy Hero for a meltdown or to interrupt ultimate abilities (say hello to Gideon and his Black Hole).

      Thunk requires confirmation with your basic attack button and can be cancelled.

      As always with abilities that require confirmation it is visible to your enemy when you are ready to Thunk. So make sure you are either doing it quickly or sneakily. Or you might be willing just to pretend making your opponent to back off a little.

      BTW don't worry that Narbash throws his drumstick away. It's magic. After a moment it appears in his hand again and ready to rock.

      Thunk is the ability you might be willing to upgrade with the highest priority (except your ultimate of course). This is because of Stun duration increasing with each ability level up. In addition to Stun it deal good amount of damage. However it does not make Narbash a good damage dealer anyway.

      Use Thunk to lock an enemy down and close the gap to body-block for your teammates or to rock the floor with Crash Bang Boom! Alternatively save you might be willing to save it to ensure an escape for your ally or in order to disrupt impacting Ultimates.


      Primary Ability. Grants Narbash and nearby allies a Movement Speed boost that decays a short period of time.

        Works on allied minions as well. Good for initiating an fight, making an escape easier or to intensify pressure to a tower by minion wave.

        Song of My People

        Secondary Ability. Toggle: Aura that grants Health Regen. Uses Mana every second while active.

          Song of My People heals not only allied Heroes but also allied minions.

          Extremely useful tool while performing a siege or during long lasting fights where there is more poge damage rather than an actual commitment and focus-fire. Song of My People will help you to keep your team in a good shape while opponents are keep collecting poke damage.

          Crash Bang Boom!

          Ultimate Ability. A deafening ruckus AOE that knocks up enemies and applies Slow. Deals Ability Damage over its duration.

            Leveling up the Ultimate will increase only damage and reduce cooldown. Slow amount is not going to change.

            Knockup happens at the very end of the Crash Bang Boom! ultimate and is identical to what happens when Steel lands his Shield Slam.

            Narbash can move while executing his ultimate. Make sure to position yourself appropriately to ensure good knockup in the end and avoid any stun from enemy.

            Obviously any CC will stun you and disrupt the ultimate prior to the knockup.

            Narbash's Deck Considerations

            Narbash Deck Build #1

            Explore Deck

            Gameplay with Narbash

            Early Game

            Early game playing Narbash is laning with a teammate. This green drummer is not a jungler and neither he is a solo laner so you need to grab some supporting cards for your mana pool and make sure your ally is able to land as many last-hits as possible. Use Thunk and March! defensively to prevent enemies from ganking you.

            Once again, Narbash is unable to clear waves and therefore (especially early game) he has to pick an ally to lane together. Failure in early laning will result in an increasing CXP gap that will render Narbash useless in late game.

            When possible try to deny last-hits (see details here) and any early aggression to your ally with your Thunk.

            Mid Game

            Keep supporting your laning teammate and be ready to join a teamfight. Since you are a support with AOE heal and speed buff you should not be missing any big brawl.

            Use your ultimate when there is enough focus fire to secure a kill and where most of CC abilities are on CD for your opponents.

            During Mid game you may actually do some solo laning but that's not your main objective.

            Try to balance between being far from the front line and being close to your teammates to quickly support them with Song of My People, Thunk and March! 

            Late Game

            Pretty similar to the mid game. With bigger mana pool you may consider occasionally appear on the front line tanking some damage and threatening your enemy with Thunk ready to go (Similar to what Riktor does showing his Riplash about to strike).

            Tips and Tricks with Narbash

            • Use March! on allied minions while siedging a tower. This way they will reach it faster and deal more damage until killed one by one.

            Heroes Synergy

            Narbash is pretty good with ADCs especially early game. He helps them lane and they helps Narbash earn CXP. He may combo well with Heroes with strong AOE abilities:

            Narbash Updates

            v40.0 (May-16 2017)


            • Movement Speed increased (65 / 90 / 115 / 140 → 125 / 150 / 175 / 200)
            • Duration reduced (3 → 2.5 seconds)
            • Movement Speed now decays over its duration.
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            I look forward to putting all of the information I learned in this guide to use.

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            I've already so much because of this guide

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            @ErinJ, @Biffffff, you are welcome to contribute. Just click Edit link on the top and share your proposed change.

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            This brief guide while being a WIP is already helpful I tried build one with some add in and it worked great. I then tried to make a dmg+CD+ mana Narbash but that one needs some fine tuning/card selection editing before it will work more efficiently. However, both games I play with Narbash we won and in both was also facing an enemy Narbash. I find Narbash and with enough trial and error he will be an awesome support addition to the game. I def prefer him over Muriel. Looking forward to helping add to this guide as I further my experience with Narbash. 

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            @VtecPanda, Good feedback and thanks for making a correction to this guide. I appreciate that.

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            The Thunk skill states that "Like all abilities requiring confirmation, this is visible to your enemy". That is incorrect. For example, all of Grux's and Feng Mao's abilities requiring confirmation (3/4 for both of them) do not have a tell or sign that they are queued up. Many of the abilities needing confirmation do show a sign that the enemy can see, but a large portion do not, especially when it comes to Warriors.

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