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Paragon Best Hero

Paragon Best Hero

Obviously, there is no Hero in Paragon MOBA that can be titled as the best one. If there is such then everyone would love to play only him and there is no balance in the game. However...  there are Heroes that can possibly be called the best in certain limited aspects.


  1. The best Paragon Hero for a newcomer.
  2. The best Support
  3. The best whatever...

So let's try approaching these topics one by one.

The Best Paragon Hero for a Newcomer

What makes a Hero the best pick for a newcomer? There are couple of thoughts to consider:

  1. It should be easy to play with a hero. Meaning abilities are easy to aim and use.
  2. It should be safe to play this hero. I.e. some mistakes during a match are not 100% leading to death.
  3. It should be fun.

Taking all of the above into considerations the title of the best Paragon hero for a newcomer goes to:


Greystone - see Greystone Build Guide for details.

His ultimate Reforged gives you a second chance nearly in any situation. If we add to that 2 of his abilities being passive (does not require any action) and a versatile set of active abilities we end up with a hero that can cover multiple roles (Laner, Jungler, Tank) and still being easy and fun to play.


Murdock - see Murdock Build Guide for details.

This hero will allow you to lane pretty safely with his zoning and peeling abilities. Once you are in late game he becomes an extremely powerful damage dealer. His ultimate Long Arm of the Law works at any distance allowing you to help your teammates from any point of the map.


Dekker - see Dekker Guides.

True support hero with a lot of powerful tools to control the battlefield, lock down enemies and help teammates to escape. Not as easy to play as the two guys above but still has abilities to fix pretty bad situations. Her Containment Fence ultimate might be not the easiest one to master but it is indeed very powerful tool fun to use.

To be continued. Let me know in comments what heroes are the best Paragon Heroes for you.

DignifiedSwine's picture


minces minions with attack damage, and a little bit of attack speed. 

good against close ranged heros. ok against ranged with smash and grab ability.

Hwhale Hway's picture


Burns through other heroes and can sustain himself easily. Plus he's the only hero that can solo Orb Prime.

Scrubadub's picture

ive seen a khaimera, and a twin solo prime too

Fr1skyFurb4ll's picture

I solo orb prime with sparrow all the time

Elli160's picture

...Umm I main Twinblast and with my deck i easily solo orb, i run pure dps with crit, life steal, around 170 damage without crit, and attack speed to burn down enemies and make full use of the lifesteal, pretty much any character who can put out high dps with life steal for example Murdock, Sparrow, Kalari, even Crunch and Feng Mao. just gotta have some life steal, atk speed, and high dps not too much armor

BlueSabere's picture

I think he meant the only hero who can solo Orb Prime without using cards not generally accepted for that hero (Like Life Steal on Feng Mao). Twinblast does use lifesteal and can solo Orb Prime, sure, but Twinblast is somewhat rare to see now. Same with Sparrow. Also, @Fr1skyFurb4ll, Sparrow can solo Orb Prime without Lifesteal? That's news to me... Is it attack speed and pure power?

Noumena_Noz's picture

Sparrow deck for ultimate damage and sustainability I always start with a mana potion and healer token. (With pretty much any character) or use after dropping a dummy ward if that's your play. But first card I go for is satori cloak and it has 3 kinetic cards for a total cost of 11cp than I put some 6cp cards with power and attack speed but replace the. With riftmagus scepter with a 4cp crit a 2 cp strike and finally 1 cp strike I build four of these but after my first of second Riftmagus sceptres I use sword of alter for life steal and that will bring your dmg pet hit around 400-550 with 40% crit finish off two more identical riftmagus sceptres for 80% crit chance and you can solo orb prime with ease I don't even think the lifesteal is nessasary I burn OP down so fast it's insane love this build reason I prefer using say whirling wand and windcarver blade for my 6cp quick cards is until you have enough cp 31-40 the extra speed is nice once you have your cp enough for fully built satori cloak and sword of the altar the riftmagus sceptres won't give you as much extra dmg as just raw power and attitude speed. But after 30cp+ you can start tossing the Attk speed for dmg / crit for an insane change in dmg output. Only use your abilities for hero kills she can snipe the minions with quickness save your mana for when it's needed. Idk my opinion sparrow is op anyway but can't resist the rogue skin sets for her ell in love all over again. Sorry I've never written a build guide before I know it's kinda scattered. For that I apologise if I don't get bashed for my shoddy info I might work on some other guides I play every character and enjoy most of them very much love paragon but why didn't we keep the old map? Why only monolith? Idk MORE MAPS PLZ ty 

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