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Summary Of All Upcoming Changes

The Big Aug 2017 Update.

Forget all you know about the game so far. Everything is going to change. The new card system is the foundation for the future of Paragon. It won’t be perfect right from the start, but it will be continuously refined.

Will be released with 42.0

  1. Affinities re-invented:
    1. Chaos, Death, Growth, Knowledge, Order.
    2. Heroes will no longer be limited to affinities.
    3. 2 Affinities are chosen prior to building a Deck.
  2. Cards and Decks
    1. Decks will not be removed
    2. Upgrade slots and upgrade cards will be removed from the game
    3. There will be no CP and no CP cap any longer. The more you farm, the more money you have, the stronger your Hero is.
    4. Over 100 new card effects like – enter the Shadow Plane for 3 seconds after passing through a Shadow Wall
  3. Misc
    1. Wards are going to be re-worked. Will become more rare and more meaningful.
    2. Hero Masteries will be re-worked. New emotes, skins and new cosmetic item will be associated with it.
    3. Visual update for Monolith.
    4. The v.42 update increases the overall attack speed across all Heroes, speeds up the base rate of player economy (faster in-game XP), and adjusts all Hero abilities to balance them in this new meta.
Monolith visual updates

Other announced changes

  1. Jun-10 2017 – Iggy & Scorch Re-work is coming in 42.0 replacing a new hero release (#EveryThreeWeeks)
  2. Jun-10 2017 – Matchmaking 2.0. Will allow more fair match making and quicker recovery after dodge. No specific date.
  3. Jun-10 2017 – New Minions & Jungle Monsters. HUD Overhaul. Character Voiceovers. Better Onboarding. Voice Comms. No specific date.
  4. Jun-19 2017 – River widening to make it better for team fights. No specific date.
  5. Jun-19 2017 – Brawler Mode. there will be a new map and mode some time before we drop the Beta tag. We have been working on a short, fun brawler mode intended as a 10-15 minute clash of mayhem. There will still be towers and minions, but you’ll have fewer lanes and a larger focus on Hero-to-Hero combat.
  6. Jun-19 2017 – PVE modes are still in the pipeline, but will come after v.42 and the brawler mode.

Older news

Jun-14 2017 – Community Corner #15 Highlights

  1. New card system will remove all upgrade type or cards. August update is going to bring massive changes to cards. Not only the card effects but cards themselves. “No Major Casts and Strikes, no slots in cards”.
  2. A new cosmetic item is coming. Will be related to Masteries rework and will be available for Reputation.
  3. Paragon is planned for a release early 2018.
  4. No affinities for Heroes.
  5. Heroes will share decks.
  6. Affinities are chosen for a Deck.

Jun-8 2017 – Community Corner #14 Highlights

  1. CP are going to be gone. There will be currency (not disclosed how it’s going to be called)
  2. There will no economy cap. Forget about something like 60 CP limit.
  3. Wards re-work. They will become more rare and more meaningful.
  4. Over 100 new card effects. One of them “enter the Shadow Plane for 3 seconds after passing through a Shadow Wall”
  5. Affinities are going to be renamed. Intellect is being renamed to Knowledge, Corruption -> Death, Fury -> Chaos.
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