UE4 – Paragon character – Add new animations from Mixamo.


This video explains one of the ways to utilize animations from Mixamo and the Unreal Third person template. We use a modified Unreal Engine skeleton to get new animations from Mixamo for use with our Paragon character. This is a follow-up to my previous videos and explores new techniques based on viewer feedback.

In this video we create a new third person project, import paragon greystone assets, download a modified skeleton, upload to mixamo and download animations which we then import to UE4 and retarget to our paragon character. We then map the animation to a montage and assign it to the character blueprint for use in the attack sequence.
There is a lot going on here so watch it a few times until you get it !

I am not affiliated with Unreal Engine. I am not a professional educator. This video is meant to help someone who is new and learning like myself. These instructions are derived from reviewing various tutorials from other users.

here is a link to my drive that hosts the modified skeleton.


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