Phase Build Guide

Phase Build Guide

Last updated on Aug-14. Deck Build #1 was added to comply with the New Dawn update.

Table of Contents

  1. TL;DR
  2. Overview
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
  3. Abilities Analysis
  4. Deck Considerations
  5. Phase Deck #1
  6. Gameplay
    1. Early Game
    2. Mid Game
    3. Late Game
    4. Tips and Tricks
  7. Heroes Synergy
  8. Phase Updates

TL;DR on Phase

Phase is a powerful telepath who manipulates energy waves to protect her allies. A well known music aficionado Phase scoured Omeda for talent and discovered Shinbi guiding the singer in her raise to fame.

Focus on building utility items to protect your carry.

Telekinetic link will create a link between you and an ally. If your ally is threatened you can reactivate the ability to pull them to safety. Linked allies benefit from Phase’s extra Health Regen and casting an ability will give you a burst of increased Health Regen which your ally will also benefit from.

Psychic Flare will emit a blast of light around Phase and her linked target that deals damage and blind enemies caught in the area of effect. This powerful blast of light completely whites out an enemy’s vision which can give you an upper hand in battle.

Energy Lance will cause Phase to fire a stream of energy from her hands dealing damage and stacking a Slow on enemies hit. If Phase can keep her laser on her target this Slow will stack and eventually Root her enemy. Energy Lance can be used defensively to protect your carry or offensively to set up plays.

And finally your ultimate is Hyperflux. Phase and her linked target will become overcharged for a short time. While overcharged your and your link will have a short MoveSpeed boost, increased attack speed, Mana Regen and bonus cooldown reduction. Hyperflux is very powerful when paired with your carry. The bonus cooldown reduction and Mana Regen will allow you and your link to cycle through your abilities very quickly. And a move and attack speed boosts will will help you navigate team-fights and shred your enemies.

Phase is all about getting her allies out of bad situations and turning the tide of battle. In team-fights you can easily move your link to whomever needs that most. Attaching your link to an ally with hard engage could create opportunities for you to blind and disorient several enemies.

Know your limits when playing Phase. If you try to dive too deep to save an ally it could result in your death.

Use your telekinetic abilities to protect your allies as Phase.

Lore of Phase

  • Not okay with all her powers, but learning to live with them.
  • Had a surprisingly happy childhood.
  • Discovered Shinbi.

Phase Overview

Phase's Strengths

  1. Very strong ally protection via re-position, blind and slow
  2. Good synergy with carries taking advantage from attack speed.

Phase's Weaknesses

  1. Has very limited tools to save herself
  2. Helpless against stun.

Phase's Abilities Analysis

This section covers all the details about Phase's abilities. You may skip this section and go straight to the decks or Phase gameplay guide below.

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- Pulse Bolt (Basic Attack)

Phase Pulse Bolt guide

A ranged basic attack dealing Basic Damage

    - Telekinetic Link (Alternate Ability)

    Phase Telekinetic Link ability

    Applies a Link to targeted Friendly Hero for 20 Mana. If targeted Hero is already Linked and no new Hero is targeted, activating Link will pull the Linked Hero to Phase for 80 Mana. While Linked, Phase's Health Regen is added to the Linked Hero's and activating any other ability will give her an additional Health Regen boost for a short period of time.

      Telekinetic Link is an instant lock-on ability. It's an ultimate anti-gank and anti lock-down tool. If you position yourself appropriately you will be able to get your teammate out from any bad situation. Even from Dekker's Containment Fence (with certain exceptions see below)! Telekinetic Link is exactly what makes Phase unique. Knowing when to use this ability and how to use it is the key. Below are the details for that.

      Cooldown and distance. The cooldown is consumed only when you pull the Linked ally which allows Phase to switch between her teammates during a fight whenever she wants. The Link has a distance limit and breaks after your ally crosses that "border". The distance is pretty big though. Slightly bigger than the tower range.

      There is a sound effect when Telekinetic Link is about to be broken.

      Line-of-sight requirement. When re-activated your ally will be pulled to Phase's position similarly to how Riktor pulls his enemies with his Riplash. You can pull your ally to a ledge as well. The only requirement is the line of sight. There shall no be any obstacles between you and your linked ally to activate the pull or to re-apply a link to another ally. However the link is not broken when there is any geometry between you and your teammate.

      An ally can force the link to drop by initiating a recall to base.

      HP boost. When an ally is linked Phase's own Health Regen boost is not removed from her. This makes it very beneficial to use cards with Health Regen stats as Telekinetic Link literally doubles the effect. Another comment is about the Health Regen boost. It is applied only if you have an active link.

      Stun vs. root. Telekinetic Link behaves differently depending on whether your linked ally is stunned or rooted. Stun is not a problem. The teammate will be pulled in at once. But Root effect is a problem. While your linked ally is rooted they can't be re-positioned and pressing the Telekinetic Link ability button will just not work. There can be an interesting case though:

      Special cases.

      • When your ally Revenant activates Reckoning your Link to him is dropped and can't be re-applied until the ultimate effect is done. However if your ally is a target of Reckoning then the link is not dropped and you still can pull them.
      • When your ally gets into Shadow Plane (e.g. using a River Buff) your Link to him is not dropped but you'd rather do it in order to avoid detection.
      • When your ally is executing a channel ability you will not be able to pull them. E.g. Obliterate, Black Hole etc.
      • When you are pulling an ally from a Containment Fence you can do that only if you are not on a lower ground in comparison to them.

      Video showcase. Here is how you can save lives with Telekinetic Link. Even against Feast of Countess

      Or against Cull of Khaimera

      - Psychic Flare (Primary Ability)

      Phase Psychic Flare guide

      Phase blasts a flare of energy around her and her Linked Teammate that does Ability Damage to all Enemies and Blinds them for a short period of time.

        Psychic Flare is a cast ability with a short wind up. It applies Blind effect that works like a flash bang. Enemies literally see nothing other than black screen for a short period of time.

        Psychic Flare can apply Blind effect and damage only once. I.e. if Phase and her linked ally hit the same target there is no double damage or double Blind. Note that Blind effect is applied all enemies in AoE regardless of their line of sight. Even if your enemy has turned around and Phase is right behind them.

        As any debuff Blind can be cleansed by e.g. Purity Censer.

        - Energy Lance (Secondary Ability)

        Phase Energy Lance guide

        Phase emits a beam of pure energy over the ability duration. The beam does Ability Damage every 0.25s and for each instance of Damage done adds Slow for 0.8 seconds. If 8 Stacks of Slow added, then the target gets Rooted for a short period of time.

          Energy Lance is a channel ability you can't cancel yourself. After a considerable wind-up Phase will shoot her laser while still being able to move. Energy Lance goes through targets and has a huge range. It looks a kind of similar to TwinBlast's ultimate Ventilate but instead of pure damage it applies some Ability Damage and Slow.

          You need to land 8 shots to make Slow stacks to become Root.

          Damage. Until Energy Lance is maxed it delivers very little damage. So early on it is more of a battlefield control weapon than damage dealing one. But when Energy Lance is maxed out it can deliver a ton of damage over a short period of time. Its huge radius and ability to go through any amount of enemies (minions or Heroes) make Energy Lance a deadly weapon and not only a Slow/Root ability.

          As any channeling ability Energy Lance can be interrupted by your enemies. Any incoming Stun or a Knockup will break the channel.

          Using the ability. There are three main options:

          • use it offensively to Stun an enemy for focused fire of your teammates. Or at least keep opponents away. E.g. prevent the enemy Off-laner from collecting XP early game.
          • use it defensively when you or your ally is being chased. Very effective in narrow places in the map where an enemy can't dodge the beam
          • use it for wave clear. Not very effective until the very late game but still an option.

          Caution. While channeling her Energy Lance Phase is moving very slowly and can become an easy target for skill-shots. Moreover Phase can't cancel the ability channel on her own. So make sure you are safe enough to execute this channel.

          Interaction. Energy Lance is a beam and not a projectile. Yin can't halt it with her Quelling Gale, Dekker's Containment Fence can't block it. However it does not go through geometry (obviously) or through structures. So your opponents can hide from Lance just behind their tower.

          - Hyperflux (Ultimate Ability)

          Phase Hyperflux guide

          Phase overcharges herself and her Linked Teammate with energy, giving both 80 Attack Speed, 75 Mana Regen bonus and 50% Cooldown Reduction for a short period of time. Upon activating the ability, they will also both receive a 220 Speed boost decaying over 3 seconds.

            Hyperflux is a cast ability with a quick wind up. It gives two heroes a huge boost of all the important stats which makes your carry to receive an insane DPS spike to to the job. Activate it when you see a commitment from your linked carry or initiator so that it is not wasted.

            Hyperflux makes a good synergy with carries benefiting from attack speed boost. One of the most obvious examples is Sparrow. Her ultimate Inner Fire receives a significant DPS boost when Hyperflux is activated.

            Another thing about Hyperflux is that it significantly reduces abilities cooldown. Obviously it includes ultimates so Phase can keep high impact abilities to be always ready-to-go.

            Phase's Deck Considerations

            Since Phase fulfills the primary support role she benefits from increased suitability and Regen cards.

            • Health Regen is beneficial because Phase can share this stat with a linked ally via Telekinetic Link
            • Health and Armor is needed to stay alive longer and therefore provide support longer.
            • A ward card is a must have from early game to help your carry prevent ganks.

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            Core Cards for Phase

            Quenching Scales - Phase is a support. No comments. A must have item.

            Barrier of Will - same as above.

            Tele-Blink - since Phase has very limited escape this card will be a good mitigation. It can also be helpful for initiation when Phase blinks forward and pulls an ally to herself.

            Cast Converter - good option if you want to go healing deck build.

            Phase Deck Build #1

            Explore deck

            Gameplay with Phase

            Early Game

            Early game is pretty standard as for any support. Phase has to support her carry to get CPs as fast as possible. Keep in mind that during early game Phase is not as good in making plays for her carry as in keeping them alive. She does not have reliable lock down abilities like Narbash with his Thunk or Dekker with her Stasis Bomb. Grab a ward, make a link your carry and let them do their job as effective as possible.

            Telekinetic link is your tool during the early game so get it first. Not only it will provide your carry with additional Health Regen but also will counter any Stun in case your carry gets into trouble. For this reason you'd rather be behind your teammate so that you can instantly pull him into a safe location and follow up with Energy Lance to any enemy trying to chase.

            Mid Game

            When you have your ultimate you now can make plays. Timing is very important here. As well as knowing whom to link and overcharge. Keep in mind that opponents see who is your link so you might want to have your carry linked until the very last second when your initiator starts a fight. Try to combo your Energy Lance with any Stun to prolong the lock down on your enemy and make sure you get your Psychic Flare ready when your teammate jumps into a fight with multiple enemies.

            Late Game

            Have your carry linked 24/7. Always keep some distance b/w you and them so that you can always pull them to safety. If your link is being ganked do Psychic Flare first and then pull with Telekinetic link so that your enemies are completely disoriented and their target is lost.

            Tips and Tricks with Phase

            • You can pull your ally onto a ledge. Use this to prevent any possibility for your allies to be chased.
            • When your linked ally is ambushed use your Psychic Flare instantly to disorient enemies.
            • Always keep some distance between you and your Link. This way you will have more chance to pull them to safety.
            • When using Energy Lance position yourself to hit multiple enemies. The ability goes through any targets.

            Heroes Synergy

            Phase and Sparow synergy Phase and Sparrow


            Sparrow is exactly the hero who can benefit from Phase's ultimate. With boosted attack sped Sparrow can stack Relentless extremely fast and deal devastating damage to a single target. Moreover her ultimate Inner Fire is all about making more shots over the ability duration. With Hyperflux it can become a reliable team-wipe tool.

            Phase synergy with Greystone Greystone and Phase

            Reforged and Linked

            Greystone is that guy who's in the middle of every fight (or at least should be). When his Reforged ultimate is triggered he's almost always the one to take focused fire. And Phase is exactly the Hero to help here. Her pull with Telekinetic link can save the day and bring Greystone to safety when he did his job (or at least should have been).

            Phase and Wukong synergy Wukong and Phase

            Linked Clones

            Wukong can deal an insane damage in an area thanks to his clones. With Phase's link and Hyperflux he can create a ton of clones in a bling of an eye and be pulled in from the destroyed inhibitor before it's getting too hot.

            Phase Updates

            v41.0 (Jun-27 2017)

            Telekinetic link

            • Cast range decreased (1900 → 1800)
            • Tether range decreased (2500 → 2200)
            • Total health regen decreased (60/90/120/150 → 48/72/96/120)
            • Health regen duration increased (2s → 4s)

            Psychic Flare

            • Blind duration decreased (1.5/2/2.5/3s → 1.25/1.5/1.75/2s)

            v40.0 (May-16 2017)

            Phase released.

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