Howitzer – Me go Face. [Monolith Edition]


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For the most up-to-date information please refer to the Howitzer Build Guide

Guide Updated to Patch #:
Cards Sequence:
Follow Up – Damage and Mana
And another one
Now get more Damage
Some HP, can’t hurt right? Choose 3, depending on Situation.
Now throw out the Madstone Gem and get
Bonus Cards, because sometimes you have to change stuff


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15


In Paragon the damage of spells don’t really get higher, at least on Howitzer, so you either play him as some sort of tank support or you have to make out a new Idea of dealing damage.

Everything change with the Monolith. Listen up fellow Howitzer players, the Hero is really good now and can be played as Intended. No more need for Crit, not more need for strange Attackspeed builds. Howitzer is now officially a nuker/caster and can be played on 2 Lanes.

Either on the Midlane, or on the Offlane. As he has 2 great escapes it’s really fucking hard to kill him.

Notice that your  scale with Energy Damage, only with a ratio of 0.3 but they still do. So use them alot on the lane to get lasthits, harass people and stuff. This is also the reason why we get the  Madstone Gem, because the bonus Attackspeed helps with lasthitting and it’s always great to have a headstart in Damage.

Suddenly  got a 1.25 Damage Scale which is pretty huge. Meaning for every Point in Power you get 1.25 Points of Damage out of that. With the reduction of HP/Armor you rip off 1/4th of the hp of enemys in the lategame with a single . Great to harass, pick off kills, push lanes in General and stuff. But as this build doesn’t feature Manaregeneration (because we dota players don’t know mana regeneration), don’t spam it for no reason. Make every single Spell you cast count and you will have enough Mana for whatever the fuck you want to do.

(If you feel that Mana Regen will greatly help you, you can sub in a Burst-Engine for an Amp Crystal or the Adamant Edge.)


Your  is insane now, dealing tons of Damage. (pro tip, you can stop mid-air when you use it and hover on the same spot)

Your  is insane aswell, while having a relatively high cooldown, you want to level it up as second skill after the rockets.

It can help you escape ganks. It can throw enemys back into the fight. It can be used as a damage spell (rarely do that, you don’t want to waste your escape).

Your  nice slow, slows more the more you level it. But let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s hard to hit and you don’t want to spend your hard farmed points on a semi-reliable skill. Get 1 Value-Point at level 3 or 4 and leave it there.

Your  is still one of the best escape skills in the game. Relatively low cooldown, huge Damage (which stops enemies from chasing you). Either use it in insane combos or when you can make the damage REALLY count. Or keep it as Escape. You need to get a feeling for it.

Abilities Combos

Actually, you need to get a feeling for the hero, can’t really suggest combos here.


I’m a 23 year old Student, living in Austria.

I have played every moba that was invented in the last 10 years and got some experience that way.


The Cards are just an Idea I am giving you. I’m pretty sure this is not the perfect build, I’m also lacking many cards to make it better. But this is how you can deal tons of damage with Howitzer.


Q: Why did you give up on Sustain and how do you get map awareness without wards?

A: Howitzer’s Skillset gives you tons of ways to escape from situations, there are nearly no Reasons to die. Beside a 5 man Gank while you were Overextending.  Overall as a Dota Player I don’t really value health much.

Because, if you are in such a bad Situation that you can not escape with  and the fact that you can tank up 2-3 more attacks won’t change anything for you. Overall you always have to check your positioning.

I can’t really explain how I have map awareness without wards. At first there are 4 other players in your team which are totally able to place wards, and if they don’t you just have to guess the enemy movements. Like try to think how you would act in their Situation.
The #1 Trick to Survive is not to overextend your position alone (and even then Howitzer has the best chance to survive it with his Skillset)

Q: Why don’t you focus on Mana Pool?

A: This build now gives you around ~180 Bonus Mana. Thats enough.

Don’t use your skills light-hearted and try to get the most value out of them.

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