How To Easily Install Firefox On Your PS3 Console


If you’re looking for an easy way to use the web browser Firefox on PS3, then this article is just for you. Firefox is really the best web browser so I can understand why you want to use it on the PS3 – and this article will show you how. Let’s get into it below and figure out how you can use the browser Firefox on PS3.

How to Install Firefox On PS3

There isn’t a particular version of Firefox for the PS3, so what you have to do instead is actually turn your PS3 into a computer. This might sound technical, bad, or complicated – but I’m sure you will find it really simple once you use good software which automates everything. Instead of it being technical now, you just install a small piece of software and you’re good to go.

Choosing Good Software to Install For Firefox

There’s some great software which you can find online, and a bit of searching for turning your PS3 into a computer will give you tons of results. However, there is also a lot of untrustworthy, and bad software, which really only puts viruses and other ad-ware on your computer. Most of them don’t even work, or outdated – so it’s very, very important that you choose a good one.

Here’s the Best Software I Recommend

PS3 Magic is the top software that I recommend if you want to use Firefox on PS3. Their reviews are great and the track record is superb. The reputation that they have with their existing customers is stellar, so you don’t have anything to worry about. Also, they have the most user friendly installation which really takes a load off of you having to find out how to install it yourself. You can download it to your computer then transfer that to your PS3.


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