Playstation 3 Red Light Error – Find Out What Causes This Problem!


If you have a PlayStation 3 then chances are that you will have no problems with the system. Compared to the Xbox 360 there are very little problems with the red lights, definitely not so much coverage as the Xbox 360 has had with the three red lights of doom.

However you can sometimes get a red light error with the PlayStation 3 and this article will tell you why the problem happens.

When you’re playing your games the two main chips that do all of the number crunching are called the GPU and the CPU and they can get very hot inside the console.

If they become too hot the soldering that allows them to communicate snaps off and then you are left with the red blinking light error when you switch the PlayStation 3 on.

There has been a lot of discussion about the problem and the main reason for this is that it is one of the more serious errors.

The normal way that you will have to get this fixed is to send it back in and they will repair it for you at the factory. However you should know that there is normally a repair fee with the service and it can take a couple of weeks to get the console back to you in a working condition.

The only other way that you can fix this problem is by taking the matter into your own hands.

This involves getting a good repair guide which you can find online and it will tell you how to reduce the heat build up getting to the chips.

There are quite a few different guides out there that will claim to give you a fast fix that anybody can complete however because there can be such a divide between these guides I am going to give you a few pointers that you can use to make sure that you get a good one:

1. Make sure that before you commit to anything you get a preview of the guide. At the very least you want to make sure that you get a full overview of how the guide will work to fix the problem.

2. Next you want to make sure that you get a full guarantee with the guide. Then if for any reason you are not satisfied you have not lost out and you can send it back in to be repaired.

3. Another good idea is to contact support first and ask them a few questions about the guide before you actually purchase. This will allow you to assess how efficient they are at getting back to you if you have any problems.

I hope this article has told you what causes the red light error on the PlayStation 3 and given you a few choices to get this problem fixed quickly.


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