PS3 80010514 Error Code – What to Do When You Get the PS3 80010514 Error Code


When you receive any console error on your PS3 system it can be very frustrating trying to find a solution that will fix your problem. It is very known today that many PS3 systems are being plagued by various issues. There are many issues that I can go into detail on but the one that I am going to describe today is known as the PS3 80010514 error code and I will also be giving you a solution that can fix this problem.

Before you do anything to remedy your system of any issue that it possesses you should first take it through a few steps to see if any simple fixes can resolve the issue. Initially you will want to switch off your console and proceed onto unplugging the cables that are currently connected to it. After you are done with this process you should give it around 5 to 10 minutes of rest. After that you should now plug all of the cables back into the system and switch it on. If this does not fix the problem that your PS3 is having then you should try disconnecting the hard drive and then reconnecting it to see if this will solve your problem. This also can be a simple fix for a handful of systems that have acquired this error; however the majority of consoles will not be fixed through this method.

Next you should take an overlook at your system and the environment that it is placed in. You should check if you have any air circulation issues that can cause an overheating problem. If you find that your system is not getting an adequate amount of airflow and is harboring excess heat then this could be your problem, being that your system is overheating, in turn causing the issue at hand.

If you find that these easy fixes do not remedy your issue then the problem could be a little deeper. This will more than likely supply you with even more frustration than you had before, in the case that you are a gamer you have no system to play on and if you are a parent you do not want wanting to see your children unhappy.

Your next two choices is either having your system repaired by Sony or simply repairing your system yourself. In my personal opinion, I think one should always choose to repair their PS3 system themselves as it is a very simple test to complete and you will be saving a decent amount of money and time. When comparing the self-repair to Sony’s service the first thing you should look at is the price tag in which you will be paying. Sony offers repairs for the price of $150-$200, when self-repairs can be done at under $50. Not only that but with Sony you will be waiting for 6 to 8 weeks, when you can have a self-repair done within an hour.


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