PS3 Red Light Blinking? How to Get Rid of the PS3 Red Light of Death


Is the red light on your PS3 blinking? Are you finding it difficult to turn it on? Would you like some tips that will help stop the PS3 red light blinking? Unlike the yellow light of death, when the PS3 red light is blinking, chances are that it is not just an overheating problem like everyone seems to claim. In fact, research has shown that it is even far worse than the yellow light of death. If you want to fix it, here are a few things you can do right away.

1. Replace the Thermal Paste

Usually, when your PS3 red light is blinking, chances are that the thermal paste inside the console has melted. What you can do is replace the thermal paste by getting one at any departmental store or tool shop around. The thermal paste helps circulate the air around the console. Unfortunately, the heat around the console may cause it to melt.

2. Get an Intercooler

Another effective way to get rid of the problem is by simply getting an intercooler. Usually, these help cool the vents and console while the game is running. This is good if you are sure that the cause of the PS3 red light blinking is excessive heating. However, it still doesn’t really fix the issue. It’s like applying a short term solution to a long term and recurrent problem.

3. Clean the Insides

Open the console up and clean it all up. Sometimes, the blinking light might be caused by too much dust piling up in the console. When cleaning, ensure to use pure cotton material so that it doesn’t leave clothe materials behind. Woolly materials are a definite no-no.


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