Sevarog Build Guide

Sevarog Build Guide

This is a community-driven one-for-all Sevarog build guide. You are welcome to update it if you see any aspect of his gameplay is missed. All updates are moderated.

Last updated on Aug-04: updated to reflect changes from v42.0 (Aug-08 2017)

Table of Contents

  1. TL;DR
  2. Overview
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
  3. Abilities Analysis
  4. Deck Considerations
  5. Deck Build #1 (Brawler)
  6. Deck Build #2 (Dangerous Tank)
  7. Gameplay
    1. Early Game
    2. Mid Game
    3. Late Game
    4. Tips and Tricks
  8. Heroes Synergy

TL;DR on Sevarog

Sevarog is a melee tank capable of stealing the souls of his enemies to make himself stronger. Sevarog can manipulate fights with different forms of Crowd Control and isolate targets.

Focus on buying cards that increase your Health, Basic and Abilities Resistances

Early game, start building Soul Stacks for Sevarog to grow stronger. Use Siphon to last hit enemy minions and steal their souls. As you build more stacks, you'll increase the damage on Siphon which will allow you to kill minions faster.

Phantom Rush is a short range dash that allows Sevarog to pass through units. Use this to get out of bad situations or to initiate fights.

Subjugate will root enemies at range and cause them to be slowed, allowing you to close the gap. Follow up with your Ultimate, Colossal Blow, to knock enemies away and even into your own towers.

Late game, Sevarog is a very strong front-line tank. Use your abilities to control the tempo of fights. If the enemy gets too close to your carries, use Colossal Blow to knock them away. You can also use your Ultimate to isolate an enemy, knocking them into your team and using Subjugate to keep them there.

Lore of Sevarog

Coming soon.

Sevarog Overview

Sevarog's Strengths

  1. Crowd and battlefield control
  2. Sustainability

Sevarog's Weaknesses

  1. High skill cap. Sevarog heavily depends on early game (amount of Soul Stacks)
  2. Huge hit-box.

Sevarog's Abilities Analysis

- Hammer (Basic Attack)

Sevarog swings his hammer in a medium damage, melee attack.

    Hammer does not give Sevarog any Soul Stacks.

    - Phantom Rush (Alternate Ability)

    Sevarog Phantom Rush

    Sevarog rushes forward 1000 units, gliding through any enemies in his path.

      This ability is pretty the same as Forward Crunch or Reaping Dash and is the main Sevarog's gap closing or escape ability. Its range is comparable to the range of Basic Attacks (1300 units) which means you can almost certainly get away from a ranger or appear right in front of them.

      Phantom Rush is not impacted by Slow effects. It.s a perfect tool to get away from Gideon's Black Hole, Reforged of Greystone, etc.

      Since it is not a teleport Sevarog can't Rush out of Dekker's Containment Fence or get to a high ledge like Feng Mao can. Sevarog also remains vulnerable to any Crowd Control during Phantom Rush. Note as well that you can't control the direction of Phantom Rush however unlike the Forward Crunch you can change your view direction to keep an eye at your enemy.

      - Siphon (Primary Ability)

      Sevarog Siphon

      Active: Sevarog deals damage to all enemies in the targeted area

      Passive: Sevarog gains Soul Stacks for killing minions and heroes with any ability. He gains 1 Soul Stack with each minion kill and 3 per hero.
      Each Soul Stack gives Sevarog bonus HP and adds bonus Ability Damage to his Siphon attack.
      +20/30/40/50 HP and +10/15/20/25 bonus Ability Damage are also added upon reaching 20/50/90/140 Soul Stacks.

        Siphon is the ability that forms unique gameplay for Sevarog. Obviously the more stacks you get the more damage you can deal and sustain. Early game this ability is quite weak but can be effectively used on minion waves when they are perfectly lined. Late game when souls are stacked enough and the ability is maxed out Siphon becomes a dearly weapon in Sevarog's arsenal.

        - Subjugate (Secondary Ability)

        Sevarog Subjugate

        Sevarog targets a circle on the ground and calls down a burst of dark energy that does Ability Damage and applies a brief Root to any enemies hit. When the root expires, the targets will have Slow for a short period of time.

          Stun and Slow, what can be better? A ranged AOE Stun and Slow. That is Subjugate. A well timed and placed Subjugate can secure a kill or ensure a safe escape for Sevarog or his allies.

          When chasing and enemy use Subjugate at the direction of their movement to stun them for a focus fire or to force your opponent to change the direction of movement and thus closing the gap between them and Sevarog. Subjugate works best in narrow map points where it is more difficult to dodge the ability.

          Can make a very good combo with Colossal Blow:

          • Use Subjugate to Stun.
          • Gain on your opponent and stand behind him to body-block possible escape path.
          • Use Colossal Blow to throw enemy Hero into your teammates to ensure focused fire.

          Or vice versa, knock your enemy at a desired direction and root them there with Subjugate. See how it is supposed to work:

          - Colossal Blow (Ultimate Ability)

          Sevarog Colossal Blow

          Sevarog gives one mighty swing of his hammer, dealing huge damage in the area and knocking back enemy heroes.

            Colossal Blow has an extremely short cooldown for an Ultimate. Only 30 seconds on all levels. Can be used to peel for your allies by knocking away enemies or for isolating one of them by throwing one of the opponents into your teammates' hands... er... focused fire.

            Note: when using Colossal Blow to isolate an enemy and throw them closer to your teammates you have to make sure enemy Hero will not accidentally get close to your critically wounded allies.

            One more frequent usage of Colossal Blow is knocking an opponent into your tower's range.

            If no team-fight is expected in the nearest 30 seconds this ability can also be used to quickly clear minion waves or even fully stacked Jungle camps.

            Sevarog's Deck Considerations

            Coming soon.

            Core Cards for Sevarog

            Healer Token - a very good pick for a match start. Will give Sevarog an additional healing over time and ensure prolonged jungling throughout early game.

            Brawler's Scythe - another early game pick to boost jungling and secure more Soul Stacks.

            Tempered Plate Tuned Barrier - for builds more focused on sustain.

            Venom Shell Spiked Boneplate Thorned Greenweave Snakevine Mesh - for builds focused on balanced armor and damage.

            Sage's Ward Guardian's Ward - good options for wards.

            Sevarog Deck Build #1 (Brawler)

            This build balances damage and sustain. Early game has to be focused on jungling.


            Starter Hand

            Health Potion Healer Token

            Build Order

            + Mana Potion

            + Gift of the RainsLesser Heal Lesser Heal Basic Chrono

            + Brawler's ScytheMinor Strike Basic Mana Basic Mana

            + Sage's WardLesser Health Lesser Health Lesser Health

            Sage's Ward

            + Sage's WardGreater Health Greater Health Major Strike

            Brawler's Scythe

            + Venom ShellMinor Guard Minor Guard Minor Cast

            Health Potion

            + Thorned GreenweaveMinor Barrier Minor Barrier Minor Cast

            Healer Token

            + Eldermage AmuletMajor Strike Major Strike Greater Health

            Mana Potion

            + Tempered PlateBeta Guard Greater Health Greater Health

            Gift of the Rains 

            + Tuned BarrierGreater Barrier Greater Health Greater Health

            Final hand

            Eldermage AmuletMajor Strike Major Strike Greater Health

            Sage's WardGreater Health Greater Health Major Strike

            Venom ShellMinor Guard Minor Guard Minor Cast

            Thorned GreenweaveMinor Barrier Minor Barrier Minor Cast

            Tempered PlateBeta Guard Greater Health Greater Health

            Tuned BarrierGreater Barrier Greater Health Greater Health

            Sevarog Deck Build #2 (Dangerous Tank)

            With this deck build Sevarog will be very tanky, will have strong CC mitigation and capable of being a constant threat to his enemy.


            Sevarog Dangerous Tank deck stats

            Cards Used

            Stalker's Siphon Shaman's Drink Hunter's Drink Cast Token Whirling Wand Guardian's Ward Venom Shell Tuned Barrier Swiftcreek Heart Tempered Plate Thermo-bond Stab Link

            Explore this Deck

            Gameplay with Sevarog

            Early Game

            Primary starting point for Sevarog is the Jungle. Preferably on the right side. Control Jungle entry points from the river for possible enemy evasion until the 1st minion waves clash. If you have an ally to help you go for the Jungle Buff first to boost your early jungling.

            Try to land a last hit on jungle minions using any of your abilities (Siphon). To kill all the minions with one last-hit try to use your Basic Attacks constantly switching targets. Main goal is to keep minions at the same HP level so that one Siphon finishes all of them at once. And one more thing when doing jungle camps try to move around the minion you are hitting. This way you will force other minions to re-position thus stopping attacking you and minimizing incoming damage.

            Mid Game

            After you get your Ultimate watch for an opportunity to gank enemy Heroes who has pushed their lane towards your tower. This way you have more chances to stub them at the back by landing Subjugate followed up by Phantom Rush and finalized by Colossal Blow ideally knocking up your opponent into your tower.

            Late Game

            Your goal late game is to protect your carry, isolate an enemy for a focused fire and do bodyblocking. Sevarog's performance at the late game depends on amount of Soul Stacks collected throughout Early and Mid Game. Sevarog is the guy to be in the face of enemy team forcing them to change their position and focus him instead of damage dealers.

            Prioritize Subjugating squishy enemy carries and if succeeded use your ultimate to either throw him to your teammates or knock back other enemies and thus isolating one Hero for a quick execution.

            Tips and Tricks with Sevarog

            • Coming soon

            Heroes Synergy

            Wukong and Sevarog synergy Sevarog and Wukong

            Subjugated by Clones

            Sevarog's Subjugate is a perfect tool to keep an enemy in the range of Wukong's clones from 84,000 Hairs. Especially if Colossal Blow is used beforehand to isolate the target. Wukong can also add his offensive Cloudwalker to make Slow even harder.

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