Shinbi Build Guide

Shinbi Build Guide

This is a community-driven one-for-all Shinbi build guide. You are welcome to update it if you see any aspect of her gameplay is missed. All updates are moderated. Feel free to read this Shinbi Guide through and ask your questions here or at our Discord server

Last updated on Aug-04: updated to reflect changes from v42.0 (Aug-08 2017)

Table of Contents

  1. TL;DR
  2. Overview
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
  3. Abilities Analysis
  4. Deck Considerations
  5. Deck Build #1
  6. Deck Build #2 (Caster)
  7. Deck Build #3 (Balanced)
  8. Gameplay
    1. Early Game
    2. Mid Game
    3. Late Game
    4. Tips and Tricks
  9. Heroes Synergy
  10. Shinbi Updates

TL;DR on Shinbi

In Omeda City, Shinbi is a famous pop star,

well known for conjuring wolves and using them in her performances. In the battles of Agora, she is a deceptive melee assassin who uses her wolves to dazzle her enemies and rip them to shreds.

Focus on buying cards that increase your Power & Mana.

"Line Tempo" will summon a wolf that dashes in a straight line, dealing damage. This wolf passes through minions but will explode when it hits an enemy hero. "Line Tempo" will allow you to harass enemies at range, last hit and even chase down targets.

"Rushing Beat" is a short range dash that deals damage to all enemies in a line. Once used, you will have a small window to reactivate the ability to dash again. This is a great mobility tool that will allow you to reposition in teamfights, disengage fights, or close the gap to take down a target.

"Circle Rhythm" will deal damage in an area around you and will heal you as you damage targets. "Circle Rhythm" will allow you to sustain while you engage an enemy, but is also great for sustain in lane.

And finally, your ultimate is "All-Kill!". "All-Kill!" has both an active and a passive component. The passive will make your other abilities apply a wolf stack to your enemies. When activated, wolves are summoned to attack an enemy based on how many stacks they have.

Your ultimate can be triggered from anywhere, so you can engage, then disengage a fight and safely assassinate a target from range. Shinbi can very fluidly navigate teamfights, to isolate and take down high value targets. Though she is mobile, she is very susceptible to crowd control, so only go in when you’re sure you can get the kill. Look for opportunities to safely pick off enemies and always know your limit. Get ready to dazzle your audience with Shinbi.

Lore of Shinbi

  • Connected to Kwang (go to Kwang Build Guide)
  • Has difficulty hiring event staff due to wolf-related injuries
  • Remixes and performs ancient songs, but saves her mother's favorite to herself
  • Receives a simple protection charm on every birthday. Thinks it's from her sister.
  • Read more Shinbi Lore.

Shinbi Overview

Shinbi's Strengths

  1. Escape and engage capabilities with Rushing Beat.
  2. Sustain bonus and good wave clear from Circle Rhythm.
  3. Good Mana regen.

Shinbi's Weaknesses

  1. Squishy.
  2. Vulnerable to Crowd control (see point #1 above).
  3. Special note: Shinbi is very loud while getting back to base.

Shinbi's Abilities Analysis

- Cutting Edge (Basic Attack)

Shinbi Cutting Edge Ability

Melee basic attack dealing Basic Damage

    - Rushing Beat (Alternate Ability)

    Shinbi Rushing Beat Ability

    Shinbi dashes forward passing through enemies and dealing Ability Damage, she can also re-trigger the ability within a short period of time to dash again.

      At first it is a great engage and disengage tool. Unless you are stunned it will get you out of almost any bad situation. It is like Feng Mao's Reaping Dash, Crunch'es Forward Crunch, or Grux'es Charge but two times better. It is also close to Swarm of Morigesh since it also allows to go through enemies.

      Similarly to all the other re-position abilities it ignores any Slow effects.

      Rushing Beat is not a teleport so Dekker's Containment Fence will still be a problem

      If you dash through an enemy Hero a Wolf Stack will be applied so if you feel safe you can use it like dashing back and forth to apply two more stacks.

      Re-triggering. Rushing Beat can be re-triggered within a short period of time even if she was stunned after the first dash. The only thing matter is that CC expires before you re-trigger the ability.

      Rushing Beat can potentially be used for wave clear especially when minions are running in a straight line but only in rare cases, e.g. you are to defend your tower or a core from a huge pack of minions. In all the other cases you want this ability to be ready to help you escape.

      Note that in the majority of cases you will be using this ability not for dealing damage but for re-positioning or applying Wolf Stacks so once you have it upgraded to the first level you might be willing to postpone other upgrades until the very late game.

      Rushing Beat helps Shinbi to be very elusive. When your enemies think they can gain on her, she dashes away. if possible try using this trick to bait opponents into a trap.

      - Line Tempo (Primary Ability)

      Shinbi Rushing Beat Ability

      A Spirit Wolf is summoned and runs out in a straight line, passing through minions and dealing Ability Damage. The wolf explodes on contact with an enemy Hero.

        Very good poking tool. It has a range slightly higher the the ranger's attack which combined with a very low cooldown makes Line Tempo very convenient for a melee hero like Shinbi.

        Applies one Wolf Stack per hit.

        - Circle Rhythm (Secondary Ability)

        Shinbi Circle Rhythm Ability

        Shinbi summons four Spirit Wolves that circle her for 4 seconds, which deal Ability Damage and heal Shinbi for each hit. Each hit restores Shinbi's Health for a fixed amount of HP and for a bonus amount based on your Power from cards. Can heal up to 4 times.

          This ability not only gives Shinbi sustain during team-fights but it also applies up to 4 stacks on enemies. One stack per second. So if you want to maximize stacks prior to using your ultimate then make sure you are able to keep your target in Circle Rhythm's range. Rushing Beat can actually help here since it will not interrupt Circle Rhythm.

          In addition to Health Regen Circle Rhythm is a good tool for wave clear and establishing pressure to enemy towers. With this ability Shinbi can be a very effective split-pusher.

          - All-Kill! (Ultimate Ability)

          Shinbi All-Kill! Ability

          [Passive]: All of Shinbi’s abilities apply +1 Wolf Stack per hit to enemy heroes, building up to 8 stacks. Stacks last for a short period of time, and the duration resets when new stacks are applied.

          [Active]: Shinbi summons a pack of Spirit Wolves to attack the closest target with the highest number of Wolf Stacks, sending one wolf for every stack. Each wolf deals Ability Damage.

            No stacks are applied by Shinbi’s abilities while the Ultimate is on cooldown.

            Shinbi can move while executing the ultimate.

            Shinbi's Deck Considerations

            Of course it depends on your play-style but here are the stats you want to focus on:

            • Power. Not only gives Shinbi more damage output but also increases her Health Regen with Circle Rhythm. Early game it is beneficial to go for multiple Adamant Edge Cards with 1+1+1 upgrades to boost both Power and Health pool.
            • Health/Armor. Obviously to mitigate her squishiness. The same recommendation about the Adamant Edge is applicable here. Basic and ability Armor cards are recommended as well since building HP only is not the most effective approach to increase sustainability.
            • Crowd Control mitigation. As it was already mentioned Shinbi is vulnerable to Stuns and Slows. Hunter's Guile is a recommended mitigation for this.

            Core Cards for Shinbi

            Healer Token - one of the standard starting cards for increased Health Regen during the early game.

            Hunter's Guile - Anti CC pill to get out from bad situations.

            Adamant Edge - common early card for Power and HP boost.

            Sage's Ward Brawler's Ward - Wards that fit Shinbi the best.

            Shinbi Deck Build #1

            This Shinbi Deck focuses on armor and anti-CC with Hunter's Guile. The main idea here is to have more sustain in case tam-mates can't provide you enough protection while you are going in and applying Wolf Stacks to an enemy. The deck goes into a little armor and damage early game with a switch into more armor, power and penetration in the late game.


            Starter Hand

            Health Potion Healer Token

            Build Order

            + Sage's WardMinor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

            + Snakevine MeshMinor Barrier Minor Cast Minor Barrier

            + Adamant EdgeMinor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

            + Adamant EdgeMinor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

            Health Potion

            + Adamant EdgeMinor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

            Healer Token

            + Spiked Boneplate Greater Guard

            Adamant Edge

            + Vineheart

            + Spiked Boneplate Greater Guard Major Cast

            Adamant Edge

            + Hunter's Guile

            Adamant Edge

            + Snakevine Mesh Greater Barrier

            + Hunter's GuileCast Major Cast Major Cast

            + Snakevine Mesh Greater Barrier Major Cast

            + VineheartFocused Shock Shock Focused Shock

            Final hand

            Snakevine MeshMinor Barrier Minor Cast Minor Barrier

            Hunter's GuileCast Major Cast Major Cast

            VineheartFocused Shock Shock Focused Shock

            Sage's WardMinor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

            Snakevine MeshGreater Barrier Greater Barrier Major Cast

            Spiked BoneplateGreater Guard Greater Guard Major Cast

            Shinbi Deck Build #2 (Pure Caster)

            A Gadget-like Deck Build for Shinbi. No armor. All-in for Power from the early game with a switch into Cast Converter and Hydroverser in the late game. Use this Deck on Shinbi when you have enough protection from your teammates and can more or less safely dive into your enemy team without much risk of being melt down in a blink of an eye.


            Starter Hand

            Shaman's Drink Healer Token

            Build Order

            + Burst-Engine ←​ Minor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

            + Sage's Ward ←​ Minor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

            + Burst-Engine ←​ Minor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast


            + Burst-Engine ←​ Major Cast Major Cast Major Cast


            + Burst-Engine ←​ Major Cast Major Cast Major Cast

            Healer Token

            + Hydroverser

            + Burst-Engine ←​ Major Cast Major Cast Major Cast

            Shaman's Drink

            + Cast Converter

            + Hydroverser ←​ Basic Chrono

            Final hand

            Cast Converter

            Brawler's Ward ←​ Cast Cast Cast

            Hydroverser ←​ Basic Chrono

            Burst-Engine ←​ Major Cast Major Cast Major Cast

            Burst-Engine ←​ Major Cast Major Cast Major Cast

            Burst-Engine ←​ Major Cast Major Cast Major Cast

            Shinbi Deck Build #3 (Balanced)

            This build tries to be balanced in all ways Shinbi needs. It has some armor with Venom Shell, decent amount of Penetration, and Power, plus Hunters Guile as a protection from Crowd Control. Use this as a all-around Shinbi deck.


            Starter Hand

            Mana Potion Healer Token

            Build Order

            + Shaman's Drink​ 

            + Brawler's Ward ←​ Minor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

            + Burst-Engine ←​ Minor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

            + Cast Token

            Healer Token

            + Hunter's Guile

            Mana Potion

            + Burst-Engine ←​ Major Cast Major Cast Major Cast

            + Hunter's GuileMajor Cast Major Cast Major Cast

            Cast Token

            + Venom Shell ←​ Major Cast Major Cast Beta Guard


            + Burst-Engine ←​ Major Cast Major Cast Major Cast

            Shaman's Drink

            + Magna-Lens ←​ Minor Shock Minor Shock Minor Shock

            Final hand

            Burst-Engine ←​ Major Cast Major Cast Major Cast

            Brawler's Ward ←​ Minor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

            Magna-Lens ←​ Minor Shock Minor Shock Minor Shock

            Hunter's GuileMajor Cast Major Cast Major Cast

            Venom Shell ←​ Major Cast Major Cast Beta Guard

            Burst-Engine ←​ Major Cast Major Cast Major Cast

            Gameplay with Shinbi

            Early Game

            Early game is pretty standard and straightforward. Farm to level 5 and stay alive. Playing as a Midlaner ensure control over the River buffs to allow yourself join a gank on any of the side lanes. If playing in the jungle go into upgrading Circle Rhythm and clearing camp as quickly as you can. On timer join the contest of River Buffs as well to keep your Mana level in a good shape.

            Mid Game

            In team-fights your job is to pick off an enemy carry with low mobility. But be aware of any incoming CC. The best option is dueling since you can do two things at once: heal yourself and apply stacks to deal focused damage with your abilities followed up with your ultimate.

            Farm as much as you can Shinbi's scaling factors are very good so the faster you get Card Points the better. Therefore balance opportunities of joining the team-fights and performing split-pushes. Communicate to your team what you are going to do.

            Late Game

            Be patient and choose your target carefully. Then use Rushing Beat to go in followed by Circle Rhythm to keep yourself healthy, do damage and apply Wolf stacks. Depending on how the team-fight goes follow up either with Line Tempos or with dashing back into safety with Rushing beat re-trigger. And finalize with All-Kill!

            Tips and Tricks with Shinbi

            • You can use your Rushing Beat to apply more Wolf Stacks to your opponent by dashing through him back and forth.
            • Rushing Beat does not interrupt Circle Rhythm
            • Prioritize Circle Rhythm if you decide go Jungling to increase your sustain and AOE damage to the Jungle camps.

            Heroes Synergy

            Shinbi and Dekker

            Stunned for Stacks

            Shinbi performs very well with any hero with "Stun"-ning abilities. Any time an opponent is standing stunned is a good opportunity for Shinbi to apply Wolf Stacks safely and then secure a kill with her ultimate. So playing with such heroes wait for their CC to land and go for a burst.

            Shinbi and Steel Synergy Shinbi and Steel

            Protective Slam

            When diving into the enemy team Shinbi requires protection against focused fire. Steel has something to offer here. With his Shield Slam he can interrupt every and any incoming damage to Shinbi maybe except for Howitzer's Make It Rain or Murdock's Long Arm of the Law.

            Shinbi and  Muriel Synergy Shinbi and Muriel

            Shielded All-Kill

            Muriel is an exceptional Hero as far as a single target protection is concerned. When Shinbi goes in for a kill and is most vulnerable Muriel can save and support her with her Ultimate followed up by shielding abilities. This will help Shinbi to apply enough Wolf Stacks, execute All-Kill! and stay alive.

            Shinbi Updates

            v40.0 (May-16 2017)


            • Shinbi can now move while casting.
            • Wolf stack duration increased to 10 seconds from 7 seconds.

            Rushing Beat

            • Shinbi will no longer lose the ability to recast Rushing Beat after being Stunned or Silenced.

            Line Tempo

            • Projectile speed increased.

            v38.3 (Mar-13 2017)


            • Base damage per wolf increased (47 / 61 / 74 → 55 / 80 / 105)
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            Could it be that u used to much card points on the third build?

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            @Bazulj, Good catch. Fixed now.

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            i have a last question on the final hand of the third build would u recommend Solaris reactor like, the one build in mid game or sell it for the Burst engine like in the final hand?

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            @Bazulj, Good catch. Solaris reactor was not supposed to be there at all.

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