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TwinBlast Build Guide

Table of Contents

  1. TL;DR
  2. Overview
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
  3. Abilities Analysis
  4. Deck Considerations
  5. Build #1 (Balanced)
  6. Build #2 (Crit and Lifesteal)
  7. Gameplay
    1. Early Game
    2. Mid Game
    3. Late Game
    4. Tips and Tricks
  8. Heroes Synergy

TL;DR on TwinBlast

TwinBlast is a dual-wielding gunslinger, built to be self-reliant and evasive. Using his abilities, TwinBlast can create opportunities to output high amounts of burst damage.

Focus on buying cards that increase your Power and Attack Speed.

Rapid Fire will fire out 3 rounds very quickly. This allows TwinBlast to quickly burst down targets. Keep in mind, these fire very fast. Make sure you are lined up to land all your shots.

Rocket Dash allows TwinBlast to dash in a desired direction. This ability is very versatile, and can be used to
disengage fights, chase down targets, or dodge skill shots.

When you need to blow stuff up use Grenade! It holds three charges that can be fired out once every second. These charges refresh on a short cooldown, so you can use all of your grenades to level an area or fire them out every so often to deal quick bursts of damage.

And finally, your Ultimate is Ventilate! TwinBlast's arms transform into Gatling guns, unleashing a barrage of bullets. Your Ultimate fires very quickly. Line up your target for maximum damage.

When playing TwinBlast, look for opportunities to quickly burst down targets. Rapid Fire can give you the upper hand when engaging an enemy, taking a chunk of their health before the enemy knows what hit them. Rocket Dash will allow you to reposition during team fights, but consider saving it for the perfect moment. It can easily get you out of bad situations, or allow you to close the gap to finish off an enemy.

Lore of TwinBlast

  • Denies any affiliation with the Ying Mei Cartel, but drinks on their tab.
  • Has talked his way out of at least five executions.
  • Is pretty sure that he's a father.

Explore TwinBlast Lore

TwinBlast Overview

TwinBlast's Strengths

  1. High burst damage output.
  2. Small hit-box.
  3. Has re-position ability (see Rocket Dash).

TwinBlast's Weaknesses

  1. Squishy as all carries.
  2. Requires precise aiming skills.

TwinBlast's Abilities Analysis

- Doubleshot (Basic Attack)

TwinBlast Doubleshot Guide

Twinblast fires shots from his blasters, alternating hands with each shot when the button is held. Deals Basic Damage.


    TwinBlast Grenade! Guide

    Alternate Ability. TwinBlast fires a grenade that explodes after bouncing or hitting an enemy, dealing Ability Damage and applies Slow for a short period of time. TwinBlast can store up to three charges of Grenade!

      Hot Shot

      TwinBlast Rapid Fire Guide

      Primary Ability. After hitting a set amount of Shots the next same amount of Shots will critically strike with bonus damage and lock to heroes.

        This ability was updated in .44. Details are coming soon.

        Rapid Fire is an instant ability with fast execution. It has zero wind-up and require no additional confirmation. You press a button and TwinBlast does three shots.

        Mastery. Rapid Fire requires execution mastery. You have to track your target very precisely to land all the shots. Failure to do so will result in loss of DPS and can cost you your life.

        Using the ability. During early game Rapid Fire is used to clean up minion waves and ensure landing a killing blow. It does not deal a lot of damage until maxed out but still can be used to increase your DPS in a skirmish. This happens because you can execute Rapid Fire in between of your basic attacks and their fire rate will not be impacted.

        Rocket Dash

        TwinBlast Rocket Dash Guide

        Secondary Ability. TwinBlast briefly ignites his evasion thrusters, rapidly propelling him 650 units in the direction he is moving. Dashing grants Grenade! charge.

          Note that Rocket Dash re-positions TwinBlast only for a very short distance compared to his Basic Attack range. This means that it is not a 100% reliable escape tool unless you already have some gap between you and your enemy. It also much shorter than gap-closing abilities of melee Heroes (Sevarog's Phantom Rush or Reaping Dash of Feng Mao)

          However Rocket Dash works very good to dodge AOE skill-shots and to chase down a target.

          Note that the dash distance does not change with the ability level. Only cooldown decreases. So it's good to keep Rocket Dash at level 1 until all the other abilities are maxed out.

          - Ventilate (Ultimate Ability)

          TwinBlast Ventilate Guide

          Twinblast converts his guns into fully automatic mode, unleashing a barrage of bullets in 3 seconds dealing Ability Damage over the duration.

            When this Ultimate is maxed out it has 50 seconds cooldown.

            Good at narrow places of the map and for harassing enemies from the distance higher than the Basic Attack range.

            TwinBlast's Deck Considerations

            Coming soon.

            Core Cards for TwinBlast

            Blink Charm - a quick and dirty fix for his low health pool.

            TwinBlast Build #1 (Balanced)

            A balanced deck build for TwinBlast providing decent Crit, Lifesteal, Damage and attack speed. Blink Charm is used for additional re-positioning.


            TwinBlast Balanced deck stats

            Cards Used

            Madstone Gem Health Potion Impact Hammer Blast Harness Blink Charm Whirling Wand Brand of the Ironeater Rust-Breaker

            Explore this Deck

            TwinBlast Build #2 (Crit and Lifesteal)

            No HP or Attack Speed with Lifesteal instead.


            Starter Hand

            Bump Juice Madstone Gem

            Build Order

            Madstone GemMinor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

            + Guardian's WardMinor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

            + Madstone GemMinor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

            + Spear of the RifthunterMinor Wound Minor Wound Minor Wound

            + Blade of AgoraMinor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

            Madstone Gem Bump Juice

            + Blinkshot

            + Brand of the IroneaterGreater Drain Wound Wound

            Spear of the Rifthunter

            + Impact HammerMajor Wound Major Strike Major Strike

            Madstone Gem

            + Impact HammerMajor Wound Major Strike Major Strike

            Guardian's Ward

            + Guardian's WardMajor Strike Major Strike Major Strike

            Final hand


            Impact HammerMajor Wound Major Strike Major Strike

            Impact HammerMajor Wound Major Strike Major Strike

            Guardian's WardMajor Strike Major Strike Major Strike

            Blade of AgoraMinor Cast Minor Cast Minor Cast

            Brand of the IroneaterGreater Drain Wound Wound

            Gameplay with TwinBlast

            Early Game

            Your standard starting position is on the Safe Lane. Do last-hits and be safe. TwinBlast as all ADCs is very weak at the early game. Your main objective is to get CXP as fast as you can. With your Support do the Gold Buff at level 3-4 and keep landing last hits on minions.

            Mid Game

            When the 1st opponent's tower on your lane is down you may rotate to the Mid Lane or to the Offlane to ensure safe last-hitting At around level 9 you may want to do some jungling if it does not impact your jungler.

            Since you are one of the main damage dealers in the team make sure you are joining team fights. Remember you don't have to kill somebody unless you are sure it is safe. TwinBlast is squishy and enemies will use any opportunity to get you out of position and kill.

            Late Game

            Pretty much the same as the Mid Game. DPS is getting higher from you and your opponents so you have to be very careful when choosing position on the battlefield. You never should be pushing a lane deep into the enemy half of the map alone. To help you with your small health pool you may consider getting the Green Buff for additional shield.

            Tips and Tricks with TwinBlast

            • Coming soon

            Heroes Synergy

            TwinBlast and Dekker

            Stun and Ventilate

            TwinBlast works very good with any heroes with strong Stun. Dekker, Narbash, Rampage, Sevarog. Khaimera, Riktor and Countess with their stunning Ultimates will combo with Ventilate as well.

            TwinBlast Updates

            v38.3 (Mar-13 2017)


            • Base damage increased to 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 from 50 / 75 / 100 / 125
            • Card Scaling increased to 0.6 from 0.5
            • Projectile speed increased to 6000 from 3000
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            Images for the TwinBlast are updated along with the descriptions. Since alpha there are lots of changes for this guy especially.

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            @George, Thank you for updating the icons and descriptions

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            Ventilate needs to be fixed. It does Free-Target Damage over Time. Most abilities are AoE DoT or Single Target Instant Damage. Twinblast's used to be a salvo of minion-piercing missiles, which was useful because there was enough pause before hits to re-aim, and the piercing was great at clearing minion waves. Now it has slightly longer range, but doesn't pierce, and shoots 10 times a second, meaning it is hard to aim, and generally does less damage and is harder to aim than just shooting dang basic attacks for 3 seconds. Maybe if Ventilate could crit... Hey, that seems like a viable solution for EpicGames to restore Twinblast to the picture boy of Paragon. Right now the only thing reminding me of Twinblast's existence is the picture of him making an X with his guns.

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