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Paragon Predecessor George 0
hello new player TimReaper_0067 0
ETA until the site is updated to Patch 2.06 (AKA v42 or New Dawn)? BlueSabere 4
Discord for this site? MysteryPayne1 0
Two critical damage cards ByTauXx 1
Sorting Recent Activity MysteryPayne1 0
Find his guide and edit it? DrakEmono 1
Morigesh reveal trailer teaser George 0
Ability card scaling factor Hydroxyproline 2
Question on future of the ‘Watch’ mechanic McTravisSnipes 3
New player with some questions Silverfox0260 6
New to Khaimera, looking for advice on deck dartaz90 1
A question on cards Aenyone 1
New Skins Whitetrashfarmer 1
Balance issues/some bugs i’ve noticed (Near the bottom) JamesUbi 0
Let’s talk OP buff adjust and travel mode Dasilodavi 6
New streamer FaintE 0
Beginner-ish questions Dasilodavi 4
5 vs 5 Japanese team mischievousecho 0
*Looking For More* Ps4 – Tourney Team MysteryPayne1 5
Ginger Bierbauchchief 7
Streaming on Twitch MysteryPayne1 0
Guide Error MysteryPayne1 3
Group up King5teve 1
Crit, lifesteal, and heroes abilities King5teve 4
Color bars in deck preview yourself_14times 2
Getting old Spartan_ob 7
Cards Crafting Pls iMauZv2 5
Paragon and the future: Blockchain facho 2
Changing controls on console Maxterpiece 2
Sprinting and Cards Blackveiled 1
Greystone revives multiple times Broseph_Blaze 0
Banning System oh_switch 5
Looking for fun and cooperative players – PS4 NA Chillytime 1
Hydroverser Broseph_Blaze 4
Greystone fight at spawn Broseph_Blaze 3
Match Making Broseph_Blaze 4
No credit for Founders Pack??? Shaners 2
Änderungstipps Kupferbrot 2
Broken… Spartan 8
Gift Card Giveaway!!!! Azzeral.Rahl 6
For George MysteryPayne1 0
New update, a few steps forward, wayyy too many back LonGo_music 9
LFG *Suggestion* MysteryPayne1 4
Broken match making Spartan 1
Paragon German Comunity & NX Gaming NX_Dolrac 14
The Ranged Advantage and How it Creates Imbalance rev_pd 14
Build Guide save/publish/delete options resonantdrifter 2
To Admin Azzeral.Rahl 13
Wiki cards database ja785y 5
LFG issues Wildos 2
Looking for more PC Players! LagSpike 3 GMG Everpower 4
Group laning. Biddlestix 7
GRIM.exe & Glorius Leader George Kizr 6
Short-Codes issues Wildos 7
New feature for building deck ? Wildos 2
IN GAME CHAT Ryan Perks 0
Database issues for 2 cards Wildos 14
Patch 24.1 – Video version! SoutherNature 0
Reply notifications on guides Kizr 6
DMG vs. Attack Speed vs. Crit chance George 10 vs Stryken 4
Iggy & Scorch quick start George 4
Can we have this feature? Deevox 5
How Do You Beat Basic Attack Carries? Feenyx 6
In Game Groups OrangeDragon 16
Error When Editing Build Feenyx 3
Sweet Unique Passives Feenyx 1
Iggy & Scorch Announce Trailer – Available April 21 PaRappa_TM 1
Huge problem with player drop or quitting out! PaRappa_TM 0
Hero Scaling Deevox 3
What Does Unique Active: Cleanse??? PaRappa_TM 3
Servers down? 4/11/16 1:03 PM EST MysteryPayne1 5
Hey Guys, one of your Cards is wrong. Deevox 3
The devs seem to be listening so….. LonGo_music 5
Dmg update CR4ZY_PL4Y3R_187 1
Can’t equip any active passives? Defqon101 2
Focus on One-Stop Guide per Hero? George 12
Band App on mobile devices MysteryPayne1 0
Bug Report for Guides editing on mobile device MysteryPayne1 4
deck building help spreadedjam 12
iPhone/Android App Suggestion for Paragon MysteryPayne1 6
PSA on Character Auto attack Scaleing. Drage 1
Time to get Serious! Team recruiting! TheRealBroheim 9
Paragon Day And Week Reset? American Jesus 1
Need Help With Guide Coding for Muriel MysteryPayne1 7
Paragon PS4 Squad Meet Up American Jesus 24
Paragon Released ALL of the game stats, images, and Data. Drage 0
Add Universal to Affinity Sorting? OxThe5th 3
Charts For Guides Drage 6
Gameplay Guide (from the Official Paragon Community Kit) George 0
Font Colour for Guides Kizr 14
The Beginning of an Era theHoncho 1
Information on Paragon Early Access ChaiTeaNunes 1
Paragon MOBA – what do we know about it so far George
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