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COST | 1 Vitality,

Wealthy: Gain 8 Bonus Gold every 10s. Increases to 16 Bonus Gold while Out of Combat.


Coinmaster is a card for the Early to Mid game. Its main purpose is to boost your economy early on to have advantage later. The card affect only the owner and makes dobule effect in case your Hero is out of combat.

Out of Combat means no any action except of movement. Taking damage, casting an ability, or even using a basic attack with no target around will cancel OoC effect.

For this reason Coinmaster works better for Support Heroes since they are the only ones who can possibly play this way. However any other type of hero can benefit from this card. Just slightly less.

Coinmaster itself does not provide any stats and only Wealthy passive effect is applied.

Coinmaster is Recommended for


Try this card if you want to give a slight boost to your economy early in the game. Remember that being Out of Combat means not doing anything else except movement. 

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