Cup of the Vampire

Cup of the Vampire


5 Lifesteal
4 Basic Penetration
[Unique Passive]: +12.5% Lifesteal against Bleeding target(s).

Has anyone used this card much? Is it 12.5% of your current lifesteal as a bonus or is it 5 card points worth, ie, 12.5 lifesteal? Gussing its the first, and that you therefore get:

5 lifesteal for 2 card points

16 physical pen for one card points

Leaving 12.5% lifesteal bonus for the remaining 2 card points

So, you need that 12.5% to be worth more than 2 card points worth of lifesteal, though preferably a little more since it won’t be active 100% of the time, even as Grux.

So… At 40 lifesteal, it breaks exactly even? So you’d need 35 lifesteal, THEN equip Cup to take you to 40, at which point your 12.5% is worth an extra 5 lifesteal?! Making this 5 cost card take you to 45 when enemies are bleeding.

Compare to Thirstfang though – assuming you’ve got the card completion bonus, it gives 4 card points worth of lifesteal – 10 – for 4 card points, with one point of physical dmg too. If you equip this card at the same existing 35 lifesteal then you’re on 45 lifesteal anyway, for one card point less, without the caveat that the enemy needs to be bleeding to get your full 45. Assuming the Cup#s penetration is just as valuable as the Fang’s Physical Damage then you’re getting an even better deal for fewer card points.

I wonder how much lifesteal you’d actually have to stack before Cup becomes worthwhile? I haven’t tested my Grux build yet but I only reckon I’ll be building as far as about 20 lifesteal max – combined with both damage resistances to increase the value of each hp restored.

Any other opinions please?

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