Godmother Vigilant




COST | 13 Vitality,

Power: 15
Max Health: 300
Max Mana: 190

Percent Health Increase: Increase Max Health by 10%.

ELEVATE: Increase Max Health by 1% per Attribute Point purchased.


Godmother Vigilant is a Mid game card for Heroes investing into Vitality. The main purpose of this card is to significantly boost your health pool during transitioning into the Late game.

Godmother Vigilant is an Elevate card. It means that it will have “elevate” effect only if there are no other cards equipped.

How it works.When Godmother is equipped then

  1. Health stat is added to the Hero’s health pool
  2. Then the result is increased by a percent according to “Percent Health Increase” effect.
  3. Then if Godmother is the only card the summary HP calculated in the previous step is increased to a percent according to “Elevate” effect. This happens as many times as Attributes are purchased.

A couple of tricky points:

  1. “Elevate” effect is applied separately for each Attribute purchased. In other words every next Attribute purchased will have slightly bigger HP increase than the previous.
  2. It does not matter when you purchase Attribute points. Before or after equipping Godmother Vigilant. Any time the card is equipped the effects are re-calculated based on your current stats and amount of Attributes purchased.


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