Growth Totem





COST | 4500 Gold

Grow: Gain 0.75 Power and 20 Max Health every minute. This effect has no limit.


Growth Totem is an investment into the Late Game since it makes you stronger with time. Ii is a passive card and effect is applied only to your Hero. Growth Totem does not give any stats directly and applies the only Grow effect.

Growth Totem is a card of a trade off and commitment.

  1. It is a Cultivate card and therefore it will cost less with each Attribute you purchase. But it has effects increasing over time and the longer you wait to equip it the less effect you are going to have. However, purchasing this card earlier will hit your Attribute levels.
  2. Second thing is about commitment. Once Growth Totem is discarded, all the effects from it are gone. What is more, they are not going back if you equip the card back.

Discarding Growth Totem will remove all the stats.


  • The first effect is applied right upon equipping the card. You instantly receive Power and HP increase.
  • Every time stats are increased by Growth Totem you see a green visual effect around your Hero.
  • There is no limit on receiving stats increase.
  • As soon as you buy 9 Attributes the card is free.
  • All stats are lost when Growth Totem is discarded.
  • Stats are not returned back if you re-equip the card.
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