Hunter’s Guile

Hunter’s Guile
Hunter's Guile
Card Cost:
4 Card Points
Card Slot:
Card is Active:

6 Power
60 Health
[Active]: Removes all debuffs from your hero. (Cooldown: 120s)

How Hunter’s Guile works

Does not counter hard Crowd Control like stun or knockup

Hunter’s Guile is a good card to counter any kinds of slow, blight (healing reduction), life grant (lifesteal to enemies attacking you) and so on. It will not help you against Stuns since when you are stunned the card is disabled and you simply can’t use it. For those cases you can use Divine Shield to mitigate Stuns.

This card is good to mostly counter any incoming Slow since it is the most effective way for your enemy to stick to you. Hunter’s Guile directly counters the following Paragon cards and abilities:

Hunter’s Guile is Recommended for

Any Hero who lacks escape abilities. One of the examples is:

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