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Madspore Sash


1.4 Health Regen
8 Basic Armor
[Unique Passive]: Radiate: Deals 12 + (1.5 x Player Level) Ability Damage per second to nearby enemies. Radiate passive does not stack.

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The card is glitched and cannot be played in a game. You can add it to your deck and add upgrades to it, it will also appear usable when you hover over your decks in the beginning of a game, but it will disappears. Also this card doesn't do what the description says. It only does 30 physical damage to nearby enemies, not 50. Epic Games, if you read this comment can you make it so it does do 50 physical damage like you said and keep the cost of it the same.

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Can confirm this card is bugged, essentially immolation as physical damage per second. Tooltip on card says 30 not 50 like here. On top of that the wording should be changed on this site. It's not +50 physical damage to enemies, as in, it doesnt increase your damage by any amount but instead deals its own damage passively to enemies around you.

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