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Outlander Scout




COST | 1000 Gold

Max Health: 180

True Sight: Grant True Sight in a 1,500u radius around your Hero.

Outlander Scout is Recommended for


Outlander Scout is a counter to all Shadow ward cards. And Shadow wards are a counter to Kallari. So using this card in a Kallari's deck is a must. With Outlander Scout you will be able to de-ward any area and increase your assassination opportunities.

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PuChiNg's picture

Upgrades in this card seems to do that so?

George's picture

@PuChiNg, There are no upgrades to any card since Aug-08 when .42 was released.

PuChiNg's picture

i mean, when you lvl up this card, no stats of the card are improved...nor the gold cost nor the radius, nothing...

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