Red Zone




COST | 8 Intellect, 8 Vitality, 8 Agility,

Power: 29
Max Health: 410
Max Mana: 170

Red Zone: Nearby Heroes both deal and receive 50% Bonus Damage.


Red Zone is a Late game card that increases all incoming and received damage. Both Ability Damage and Basic Damage. The main purpose of this card is to increase damage output to your enemies when you are expecting to receive less damage. In other words, this card empowers ganks and focused damage to an isolated target.

Remember that it’s not only you who’s impacted by Red Zone, but your entire team (inside that zone). If you are standing near your carry, then they will receive more damage when being attacked. And you can’t switch this effect on and off.

Red Zone is a big investment that require coordinated play of entire team.


  • Red Zone impacts any Hero inside a big area of effect (AoE).
  • AoE has a clear red visual indication around the hero carrying that card.
  • The owner of Red Zone is obviously impacted as well.
  • The card increases both types of damage from any source.
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