Sacred Alchemy




COST | 4 Vitality, 8 Agility,

Power: 18
Attack Speed: 20
Max Health: 240

Shielding Strikes: Gain Shield equal to 20% of Basic Damage dealt.


Purpose. Sacred Alchemy is a Late Game card. The main purpose of this card is to increase survivability of melee Heroes during team fights While they are able to stick to their targets. Once there is a gap between your Hero and enemies and you are no longer able to land your basics, then the effect of this card is useless.

How it works. Whenever your Hero lands a basic attack, a shield effect is applied for 2 seconds.Every effect is separate, it starts and expires independently. So the maximum shield you may have is your damage per 2 seconds multiplied by the Shielding Strikes effect of this card.

When it works. This effect works passively (does not require activation) and applies shield only to your Hero. It works with almost all targets not limited to enemy Heroes. Lane Minions, Jungle Minions, Raptors, River Minions will proc the card effect. Neither the Prime Guardian nor structures will grant a Shield stack.

Sacred Alchemy will also provide you with a power spike (which is expected from a late game card) buffing not only your DPS, but survivability as well.

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