Satori Cloak

Satori Cloak

Card Cost:
5 Card Points
Card Slot:
Card is Active:

5.5 Attack Speed
[Unique Passive]: On hit with basic attack, shred 50% of enemy Hero’s Physical Armor for 2 seconds.

How Satori Cloak works

Satori Cloak is a very useful card for melee fighters that build their own armor. What it does is a temporary decrease of an opponent’s armor any time you land a basic attack. “Armor shred” term means the following.

Armor decrease is valid for your entire team hitting that opponent

E.g. opponent has 88 armor, if you shred 22 armor then any damage incoming to that opponent from you and your allies will be calculated like if he had 66 armor.

Now the card description separates Energy and Physical armor. Here is the thing. Armor shred is calculated separately for each of the two armor types. If you equip Satori Cloak and have only Physical armor then be prepared that you won’t shred any Energy armor from your opponent.

Let’s take another example. You have 88 Energy and 44 Physical armor. Your opponent has 88 of both armor types. Once you land a basic attack he will have a shred (decrease) for 44 Energy and for 22 Physical armor. So the result will be 44 Energy and 66 Physical armor on your opponent.

Armor shred effect does not stack with each basic attack. You just prolong the effect by resetting that 4 seconds timer

Note that Armor shred applies after you land your basic attack. So your first basic attack will deal less damage then a subsequent one within 4 seconds.

Satori Cloak has Order affinity so the following Heroes are recommended to consider it in their deck:

If you build Dekker or Muriel tanky then you should consider having Satori Cloak in your deck.

Tips for Satori Cloak

  • When you equip Satori Cloak make sure you do build enough Armor. Otherwise this card’s passive will not be impactful.
  • Focus targets with armor prioritizing damage dealers. It can be a surprise for Sparrow with armor build.
  • If you have multiple enemies in your range during a fight, try to tag all of them with your basic attack. This way you will apply shred on more targets and increase total damage output for your teammates. Remember, shred effect lasts for 4 seconds.
  • When you play with a teammate that has equipped Satori Cloak card make sure you focus the same target as your fighter does. This way you may even consider not equipping any Penetration cards at all.
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