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Static Trap




COST | 5 Intellect, 2 Agility,

Power: 15
Mana Regen: 1.48

Immobility Trap: Place a trap that arms after 1s and lasts for 90s. The first Enemy Hero to step on trap will take 100 Ability Damage, and become Revealed and Rooted for 1.8s. (Cooldown: 15s
Mana: 25)

Static Trap is Recommended for

The Fey

The Fey excels in locking down targets reliably. Her ultimate Fly Trap is basically an AoE pull with a delay which makes it very easy to combo it with Static Trap. It will make a single target to remain in place for about 3 seconds.

Other cards recommended for The Fey


Static Trap is a play-maker. It makes a very good combo with Wraith's Back it up! ability. Rewind them back and place a trap right under that place your target is going to appear.

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TimReaper_0067's picture

I tried to use this card for wraith but coud not find it among the available cards. I do have this card as well.

George's picture

@TimReaper_0067 You might be willing to check if your deck has Intellect as one of the two selected affinities.

TimReaper_0067's picture

@George yes it is, I have the same issue with twinbast and knights of ashur. I see it for my other characters with the same affinities.

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