Tainted Magick

Card Cost:
5 Card Points
Card Slot:
Card is Active:

1.4 Health Regen
0.3 Mana Regen
[Active]: For 6 seconds, on hit with ability, apply Poison to target(s) for 6 seconds. (Cooldown: 120s)

Tainted Magick Poison Mechanics

Poison effect consists of two things:

  1. Damage over time that ignores any armor and scales only with attacker level and amount of stacks of poison.
  2. 75% decrease of any healing received by an enemy.

Since .33 Paragon Patch Tainted Magick poison mechanics has changed as far as stacking is concerned. Now the card applies only one stack of Poison but it worth of 3 normal Poison stacks. Normal means what other Poison Cards do. Actually Baneflesh is the only one “other card” at this moment but hopefully we see more cards of this kind in future.

Once you have Tainted Magick activated you have 6 seconds to apply Poison with your abilities. Any enemy you hit will be receiving damage of (6 + 1.5*your_level) each second for 6 seconds. Any subsequent hit with an ability within those 6 seconds will refresh Poison effect.

Damage done by Poison ignores any armor.

Note that Tainted Magick will apply only one stack of poison so it does not matter how many times you hit an enemy Hero with your abilities during that 6 seconds window after Card activation. However since subsequent hits refresh Poison effect you may have your enemies poisoned for whole 12 seconds: if you hit them with an ability right after you activate Tainted Magick and then right before the end of the card activity duration. The last ability hit will refresh that 6 seconds poison timer making your enemies suffer longer. Of course that is the perfect case that is nearly impossible to achieve.

As it was already mentioned along with damage Tainted Magick applies 75% decrease of any healing. So it can be a good counter to Rampage or Khaimera.

Tainted Magick & Other Poison Cards

Baneflesh works separately from Tainted Magick. If you activate both cards and force your enemies to receive Poison from both of them then it will be different Poison stacks. You will see them separated in the game UI and their stack will not sum up.

Summary on Tainted Magick

So basically if you have your Tainted Magick Card active any time you hit an enemy with your ability they will receive total of 36 + 9*your_level damage over 6 seconds with no way to mitigate that. In other words:

In late game when you reach level 15 Tainted Magick will do 171-342 total damage.

It is not that much of damage if we are talking about maxed out Heroes. However it still can be a valuable adder to your damage output.

Of course all that 75% decrease of any healing (Health Regen from Cards or abilities) is applied for that same 6 seconds.

Tainted Magick Change History

  1. Paragon Patch Notes 33.0 – Removed Poison stacking mechanics.
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