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Tainted Magick

Card Cost: 
7 Card Points
Card Slot: 
Card is Active: 

12 Power
0.3 Mana Regen
[Unique Passive]: Spell Burn: Dealing ability damage to enemy Heroes applies a damage over time effect that deals Ability Damage equal to 8% of the target's Current Health over 4 seconds. This effect cannot stack. Consecutive ability damage instances refresh duration.

Tainted Magick Mechanics

After recent re-work Tainted Magick works pretty simple. On ability hit it will apply a DoT (damage over time) effect that will tick every second. Each tick applied Ability Damage based on % of current Health Pool. You will visually see those tick if you look at the Hero you have just hit. Can be very effective on heroes with long lasting AoE abilities or with long ranged abilities.

Tainted Magick and Vision

While Dot is ticking you can "see" your enemy even behind any obstacles. You won't see the enemy themselves but you will see the direction where each DoT tick applies.

Tainted Magick is Recommended for


Tainted Magick is a good "upgrade" to Wraith's Alternate Ability Knock Knock. With its low cooldown you will be able to deplete enemy's HP very fast especially for tanky Heroes.

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I don't see any option to edit this card but with patch .33 the way it functions was changed a bit.

Damage application changed due to associated bug

Now only applies 1 stack of poison.

Damage increased to the equivalent of 3 stacks. 6 + (1.5 x Player level)

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