COST | 3 Vitality, 3 Agility,

Power: 10

Jungle Health: After 35 Jungle Minion kills, gain 200 Max Health.

Jungle Power: Gain 0.75 Power for every Jungle Minion killed. Stacks 35 times. All stacks are lost on discard.


Tyrant is a mid-game card granting you Power stat and enabling two quest-like effects. The main purpose of this card is to give a slight boost to a jungler as a reward for clearing jungle camps. After 50 stacks there is no added value from Tyrant. This card is not intended for any other role besides jungler.

Remember: a Jungle Minion is any minion except the ones in a lane.

Progress. As soon as you kill the first jungle minion you will see a stack indicator on your screen. It will allow you to monitor your progress and number of stacks. In parallel you will experience a slight damage increase from all your abilities (Jungle Power effect). This increase goes up until you reach 50 stacks (+ 20 Power). As soon as 50 minion kills is reached you get HP boost (Jungle Health effect). No more stacks are applied after this point.

Discarding. If Tyrant is discarded, then you immediately loose all the stacks and bonuses. Bonus Power and HP is gone. Equipping the card back will not restore the effects. You will have to kill 50 minions again.


  • Tyrant gains stacks from any Jungle Minion (white and green jungle minions, river minions, Raptors and the Prime Guardian).
  • After 50 minion kills there is no more benefit from this card.
  • Discarding Tyrant will drop all the stacks
  • Equipping the card back won’t return the stacks back



Tyrant is a standard mid game Growth card for jungler giving Power over time and Health upon completing a quest.

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