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Unbroken Spirit




COST | 9 Vitality, 3 Agility,

Power: 10
Max Health: 360
Ability Armor: 30

Reactive Regeneration: Heal for 2.5% Max Health per second for 4s after being hit by Hard Crowd Control. This effect may stack.


Unbroken Spirit is a card designed specifically to counter CC. Any CC instance will proc Reactive Regeneration and therefore will help your hero to survive Crowd Control chains.

Unbroken Spirit is Recommended for


An essential card against CC-heavy compositions. Aurora can't always rely on her escape capabilities since at least two of her abilities makes her to stand still. Unbroken Spirit will help her survive and make impactful plays with her Cryoseism.

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Unbroken Spirit is a late game card for Khaimera to mitigate vulnerability to CC. This is a must-have card against CC-heavy compositions.

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Unbroken Spirit will work against CC-heavy compositions giving Kwang a significant sustain boost when caught in a CC-chain.

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One of the most effective counters to Rampage is Stun. Unbroken Spirit is a response to that counter it will help you survive long CC chains and still be healthy enough to terrorize enemy's back line.

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As any frontliner Sevarog is very vulnerable to Crowd Control. Unbroken Spirit is a straightforward counter to CC in the mid or late game.

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