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Heart as cold as ice

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Aurora Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Aurora Overview

Aurora was announced to join the list of Paragon Heroes on Jan-26 with the reveal trailer below and became available on Jan-31 with the .37 update. Aurora's code-name is Ice and here is her ice sword that was teased prior to the announcement trailer.

Aurora is an elusive, crowd control specialist whose abilities allow her to manipulate the cold. A powerful initiator, Aurora uses the cold to freeze her enemies and take control of the battle.

The main design idea for Aurora was to be a geometry and area control type of Paragon Hero so she has her kit developed around this idea.

The last updates for for Aurora

  • v40.0 (May-16 2017) - Cryoseism was reverted back to v38.3 (Mar-14 2017) state
  • .39.0 (Apr-04 2017): Ultimate was slightly buffed.

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Aurora Abilities

Aurora Paragon Abilities

  1. Frozen Sword - a standard melee Basic Attack with medium scaling.
  2. Frozen Simulacrum - Allows Aurora to leap in a target direction, leaving behind a solid ice clone of herself.
  3. Glacial Charge - An icy trail launches Aurora forward, dealing damage, pushing enemies aside and blocking projectiles from the front. Very versatile ability for both re-position and battlefield control.
  4. Hoarfrost - Creates a ring of hoarfrost around Aurora, dealing damage and rooting enemies caught in the ice.
  5. Cryoseism - A very impactful AOE Stun and damage dealing ultimate. The more enemies are hit the more devastating it becomes.

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Aurora Lore

  • Aurora is connected to Yin. They were in a gang together prior to Yin joined the Imperial Guard.
  • Insists that each visitor drink tea, exchange gossip and then fight her.
  • Her right arm does not belong to her.
  • Capsized the High Sorcerer's pleasure barge to see if he could swim.
  • Aurora's Master Skin hints some connection to mother Magus, who ate "your damned heart out"
  • Aurora can be connected to Feng Mao through Yin since they both were in the Imperial Guard.

Paragon Cards for Aurora

Aurora Paragon Cards

As an initiator Aurora relies on her cards to build survivability.

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Aurora Picks and Counter-picks

Aurora has a lot of potential to control the battlefield and disrupt enemies. She is also very elusive having two whole abilities for re-positioning. Read more about countering Aurora, about heroes working well with her and other synergies.

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Aurora Paragon Developer Live Stream

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