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Clarity in chaos.

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Dekker Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Dekker Overview

Dekker was one of the few Paragon Heroes available from the very beginning back in Dec 2015 when Open Tests started. She is a powerful Support hero with a lot of controlling, disrupting, zoning and peeling tools. One of the few Heroes who makes a good combo with nearly any other Hero.

The most recent updates to Dekker:

  • v41.0 (May-27 2017) - Containment Fence was slightly modified. CC effects were removed.

Explore Dekker Updates

Dekker Abilities

  1. Energy Orb - Energy Orb (Basic Attack) - a medium damage and low scaling ranged basic attack
  2. Rocket Boots - Rocket Boots (Alternate Ability) - a re-position ability of limited usage. Helps traverse terrain by climbing on ledges
  3. Stasis Bomb - Stasis Bomb (Primary Ability) - an AOE stun. The main ability of Dekker with the highest impact to the game. Can stun multiple enemies if they are grouped.
  4. Slow Bubble - Slow Bubble (Secondary Ability) - Zoning and peeling ability with low damage but significant Slow. Helps Dekker to control the battlefield and prevent enemies from certain movements.
  5. Containment Fence - Containment Fence (Ultimate Ability) - The Cage with no way out except of teleport. A perfect ability to lock enemies at one place for AOE damage bursting.

See more details on abilities in Dekker Build Guide.

Dekker Lore

  • Has connection to Gideon and suspects it is not his real name. See Gideon's lore for more details.
  • Holds the record for most entries in the Exotic Locales Codex.
  • Respected by all, feared by many, and loved by two.
  • Has a secret obsession with low budget holovids.

Paragon Cards for Dekker

Cards for Paragon Dekker

Coming soon.

See more about Dekker's Paragon Cards in Dekker Build Guide.

Dekker Picks and Counter-picks

Coming soon.


Dekker Emote - Prove It

Released on Apr-10 2017

blindedbyedesire's picture

Dekker n sparrow are really good pushing n defending a lane.. especially at the start.. either of them can go back to base or help another lane while one stays dekker also can help sparrow level up faster n focus on (minyuns? hah) While sparrow damages the tower.

George's picture

@blindedbyedesire, hey there. Good tip to put at Dekker with Sparrow page.

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