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Dekker is a ranged Support who uses her abilities to disrupt enemy movement. Using her abilities, she can split an enemy team allowing her teammates to isolate targets.

Focus on cards that increase your Mana and lower your cooldowns.

Early game, Dekker is a lane bully allowing her to punish her enemies. Stasis Bomb allows Dekker to stun a target while Slow Bubble allows her to slow enemy movement in a large area.

Dekker's Ultimate, Containment Fence, allows her to create an area that allies and enemies can't leave. Your Rocket Boots will allow you to escape if you find yourself in a bad spot. A well placed Containment Fence could separate enemies from their allies, allowing your team to go in with the upper hand.

Use your abilities to stun and slow enemies down so your damage dealers can get in position to finish the job.

Dekker Builds

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Dekker n sparrow are really good pushing n defending a lane.. especially at the start.. either of them can go back to base or help another lane while one stays dekker also can help sparrow level up faster n focus on (minyuns? hah) While sparrow damages the tower.

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@blindedbyedesire, hey there. Good tip to put at Dekker with Sparrow page.

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