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The Chem Wastes became his new home.

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Drongo Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

Drongo Overview

Drongo is a ranged carry with a long range boomerang, stacking single target damage ability and an AoE Silence. Released on Aug-29 2017 with 42.3 update.

Drongo Abilities

  1. Pistol Shot - Basic Attack - ranged basic attack.
  2. "Old Rusty" - Alternate Attack - A long range boomerang applying damage and Slow.
  3. Gag Grenade - Primary Ability - An AoE Silence.
  4. Rad Rounds - Secondary Ability - Stacking single target damage ability that empowers Drongo's basic attacks.
  5. Shrapnel Cannon - Ultimate Ability - A wide arc damage with a knockback effect and Basic Armor Shred.

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Drongo Lore

  • Owns the largest collection of things on Omeda
  • Loved by his imaginary friends and respected by his imaginary enemies
  • Consumes a wide range of proteins
  • Iggy & Scorch once tried to steal from his junkyard...

Paragon Cards for Drongo

Cards for Paragon Drongo

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Drongo Picks and Counter-picks

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