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Drongo Counters

Drongo is a Hero with very limited escape. The only re-position ability is his kit is his ultimate Shrapnel Cannon. Catch him out of position with a crowd control and he's in troubles.

Next, his damage dealing capabilities are dependent on Rad Rounds. If his shots are dodged, then he has spend time and Mana for nothing.

Countered by Drongo

Drongo has good tools to counter ability-based heroes. His Gag Grenade creates an area of silence which can disrupt everything except passives and basic attacks. It is not the easiest thing to master but in proper hands it turns the tides of fights.


Revenant is an ability carry. A significant portion of his DPS comes from Scar + Obliterate. With his Gag Grenade Drongo can deny Obliterate and his "Old Rusty" will help him to keep Revenant at a desired distance. Drongo is not a hard counter to Revenant though.

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As a combo-based Hero, Crunch relies on rotating through his abilities in a close combat. This is completely countered by Drongo's Gag Grenade. Of course Crunch is still a dangerous melee hero but he can't disable his target with a knockup and his DPS is much lower without abilities.

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Good with Drongo


Phase mitigates low mobility of Drongo and her Energy Lance makes a good combo with his "Old Rusty" and allows him to land all the Rad Rounds.

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