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The Fey

Heart of the Wild.

Hero Trait: 
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The Fey Stats

Based on matches of players from the top 20% internal MMR. All mirror matches are excluded from Win Rate calculations

The Fey Overview

The Fey was announced to join the battlefield of Agora on Jul-28 2016 with the reveal trailer below and became available on Aug-01 with the .29.1 update.

The Fey is a Support Caster (Growth, Intellect) who uses nature’s power in Agora to specialize in crowd control and harasses you in lane. Her Untamed Growth ability throws out a explosive plant that does AOE damage over time. Her Bramble Patch creates a line of thorny brambles that can slow multiple Heroes. Harvest Nettles refunds mana on successful hit while her Ultimate, Fly Trap, summons a gargantuan plant that drags you in and applies serious damage.

Recent updates to the Fey:

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The Fey Abilities

  1. ​ - Floret (Basic Attack) - standard ranged basic attack with low scaling factor like all casters have.
  2. ​ - Untamed Growth (Alternate Ability) - a long lasting AOE damage ability. Good for zoning, for wave clear and making different combo with other abilities.
  3. ​ - Bramble Patch (Primary Ability) - another powerful and long lasting zoning ability making an area of slow movement in a straight line. Very versatile. Peel, chase, split the enemy.
  4. ​ - Harvest Nettles (Secondary Ability) - A powerful poking skill-shot. Long range and 0 Mana cost if you hit a hero.
  5. ​ - Fly Trap (Ultimate Ability) - and yet one more zoning tool. Keep your enemies grouped while dealing damage and making them vulnerable for AOE bursts from your team.

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The Fey Lore

  • The Fey is from the forest Amyyrn on the moon Zechin.
  • Connected to Morigesh since her forest Bathuu is next to the Fey's one. The Fey and Morigesh are enemies. 
  • Believes that the purpose of all living things is to die, and feed the land.
  • More curious than the other Fey, thus she was chosen.
  • Loves all her "children".
  • The Fey might be connected to Narbash through Morigesh. For more details see the lore of Morigesh here.

Paragon Cards for The Fey

Cards for Paragon The Fey

Coming soon.

See more about The Fey's Paragon Cards in The Fey Build Guide.

The Fey Picks and Counter-picks

Coming soon.

The Fey Paragon Developer Live Stream

The Fey Media


The first picture teased about the Fey Hero prior to the announcement trailer

The Fey first teaser
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